My Summer Love

Katie is an average girl who's best friend happens to be Olly Murs when Olly introduces her to One Direction two of the members fall for her but unaware that Olly has also liked her for a while now, what will she do, and who will she choose?


2. The Limo

Harry P.O.V

I was quite looking forward to Olly's party. Me and Olly have been close since I meet him on X factor when I was on it, he's toured with us a couple of times he's such a lovely lad. I've been asking him for so long to set me up with that best friend of his. I've always been hesitant about it though since he set me up with Caroline Flack, there would be less pressure because she's so much closer to my age. Me and the boys were in the limo about 10 minutes away, I was quite shocked at how nervous I was. 

"I'm looking forward to finally getting to meet Katie" Niall saying this had disturbed my train of thought. 

"Woah dude you know I'm interested in her" I said defensively, a cheeky smile grew across Nialls face.

"We'll wait and see who she picks then" we both laughed.

I really do love Niall but seriously he knows how hard it is for me to find a genuinely nice, regular girl.

Niall P.O.V

Olly was like and older brother to me he always tells me how much he was like me at my age. We were about 5 minutes away from the club now, it'd had been to long since I'd seen him and I was genuinely excited for meeting Katie, Harry knows how long I've been waiting to find my princess why can't he just let be have her. 

"We're nearly there" I heard Harry say "it's not to late to back out you know Niall"

"If you think I'm going to back down you got another thing coming curly"

The limo came to a slow stop, this means we're here. I looked out the window to see paps everywhere, you can't get away from them.

"Alright boys, you two try not to kill each other" Louis said.

"I can't promise anything" me and Harry said in unison which made us laugh. Zayn opened the door and climbed out followed by Liam, then Louis then Harry and finally me. This is it I thought to myself. 

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