My Summer Love

Katie is an average girl who's best friend happens to be Olly Murs when Olly introduces her to One Direction two of the members fall for her but unaware that Olly has also liked her for a while now, what will she do, and who will she choose?


3. First Meeting

Katie P.O.V

I heard so many loud screams come from outside in that moment, I felt my eyes widen and I squeezed Olly's hand so hard. Mark came over and said something to Olly, I didn't hear again damn. But I'm sure I knew what was coming.

"They're here" Olly whispered in my ear. I took a deep breath, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach, it was like something had just woke up.

"How do I look?" I asked, my voice was so very shakey.

"Perfect" Olly replied with his cheeky grin of a smile. God he makes me feel so special, and in that moment I looked up and saw someone I knew I recognised, it was Paul. My breathing was so off, I couldn't stop shaking, i'd met so many famous people before but this was different, this was the band that had literally saved my life. I saw this perfectly shaped and featured boy, it was Zayn, I honestly couldn't keep my excitement in any longer and this shrieked escaped my lips, Zayn was followed in by Liam, then Louis, then Harry, then finally Niall. I honestly felt like I was going to faint, then they came walking over to us.

"Ouch, ouch, OUCH!" Olly screamed. I suddenly realised how tight I had been squeezing his hand, I let go immediately.

"OLLY" Niall yelled. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! There they all were standing in front of us, Harry in particular caught my attention, he noticed me looking at him, looking at me, then he quickly looked away blushing. Well I'd just made Harry Styles blush.

"Hi" he said in his gorgeous, perfect raspy voice, "I'm Harry" he said putting out his hand for me to shake I presumed. I put my hang to his and he put my hand to his and he put my hand to his mouth and kissed it ever so gently. I couldn't help but giggle slightly. His lips were the softest thing I had ever felt.

"Hi" I just managed to get out "I'm Ka-"

"Katie, I know exactly who you are" Harry knew who I was, well I was absolutely speechless. My attention was then drawn to Niall who had coughed to get my attention.

"I'm Niall, nice to meet you Katie" his voice was even more perfect in real life.

"H-hi" that was all I could get out this time. I shook hands and said my hellos to Louis, Liam and Zayn all being complete gentlemen. I saw Harry lean over to Olly and could make out what I thought was

"You've kept her hidden away long enough now Murs, thank you for finally letting us meet" I could feel myself blushing, Harry then turned around and looked at me which made me blush even more but hopefully under this light he couldn't tell to much. 


Harrys P.O.V

"Do you mind if I take her away from you for a bit" I asked Olly.

"Of course, but make sure you look after her or i'll be coming for you Styles" he playfully threatened.

"I'll do everything to look after her" I grinned at him, I again grabbed Katies hand, she really was one of the prettiest girls I had ever met, and she kept blushing which I found so cute. I grabbed her hand and whispered in her ear "You're coming to sit down with me and the lads okay? And just so you know, you owe me a dance later" She just nodded i'm not sure why she was so quiet because from what I've heard she's a very out going person, I glanced at Niall who was cheekily grinning at me, I knew this was just a game for him but for me it was something more than a game, something i'd been looking for, for a whole lot of time. Before we walked to the back of the club some paps had managed to get a picture of me holding Katie's hand and whispering to her, damn there's going to rumours going around about us tomorrow, although if tonight goes well I hope they won't be rumours and will actually be true. I smiled down at Katie she was so much smaller than me which made me want to protect her. "Come on, we're going to show you a good time tonight babe" I said as we followed the boys away from Olly and the door. 


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