I Don't Know Why

Annie is a fun-loving girl who everyone loves. Lily is also loved everywhere but when a new guy comes to school they find themselves fighting for his love. But what they don't know is that soon another girl will come and that Andrew is madly in love with one if them. (This is my first movella so please feel free to give your opinions!!)


2. Ready to Go

Lily's POV:  I can't wait! In just a few hours we'll be getting to Camp Hoblitzelle for Outdoor School! It was about time we got there we have been planning this trip for 6 months and now the moment has come! We were told to expect other schools there and to be kind to everyone there.  But what  our school was worried about was our school rival... STCA. As VGAA students we were taught that STCA was our enemy and the girls could not fall for someone there but knowing Annie she probably already has a plan to secretly date one of them.  Annie's POV: 5 hours till we get there! Can't wait to meet a ton of cute guys! Many people say this and it is true I can be a really big player. But the thing is this is the first trip without Lily ... YES! What that means is that she won't be nagging me not to get close to them. I believe that STCA guys are alot cuter than our guys so judge me but I like them better. Andrew's POV: The STCA bus is so crowded we didn't bring alot of kids but I still think it's crowded. Waiting to get there but what I fear the most is that I might not be able to control myself with all the girls from VGAA! Yes I am a VGAA girl fan. But i like the girls who play basketball better. IDK why I just do but today I will control myself. I hope.... Cecil: Heck yeah we're almost there. Last year the STCA guys tried hooking up with us VGAA and we all just started laughing but I'm not really like Annie who throws herself at every guy she sees and likes so yeah.  Andrew's POV: We are finally unloading the bus and I was stepping down when I saw the best sight ever it was .........

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