The Racers

Ellie Blake might seem like a normal, chatty 15 years old teenager but in fact, in the motor racing world, she's Ellie 'The Demon' Blake, the best motor racer of Europe Under 21s. But at only 15 years old, people look down on Ellie. Determined to prove the people who though she was a kid was wrong, she took on the monsters of the Motor Racing Worldwide champions; Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik. Will Ellie succeed or will she crumble against the boys?


1. The Racers

Well, let me tell you a bit about myself to start off. My name is Ellie Blake, and I'm 15. I do motor racing, which, basically, is go karting but not for fun, motor racing is for winning. I don't do losing. At all. My mum would describe me as a 'Ambitious, confident and outgoing girl that is a slight bit difficult to control'. Well, nobody every controls me. And I literally mean nobody. Above this short paragraph, is a picture of me. I hate my eyes. They're a light shade of cyan, and I hate them because when I'm feeling happy or excited, my eyes gets really bright and sparkling, also when I'm feeling sad or depressed, my eyes turns to a turquoise colour. I have two older brothers, which probably is the reason I do motor racing. Bailey is my oldest brother, at 19, and he's the one who's responsible. Although he doesn't live up to his responsibilities. He's usually out training football, either that or perfecting his technique to turn sharp corners in motor racing. Yes, you heard right, he does motor racing too. My other brother, Carl, is 17 and he's a computer nerd. My friends tells me he's a sexy computer nerd, with his messy brown hair and big geeky glasses. Yeah, right! Well, let's get on with my life shall we?

Basically, I'm Ellie Blake, 15 years old, with two brothers Carl and Bailey, and I'm a motor racer.

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