The Racers

Ellie Blake might seem like a normal, chatty 15 years old teenager but in fact, in the motor racing world, she's Ellie 'The Demon' Blake, the best motor racer of Europe Under 21s. But at only 15 years old, people look down on Ellie. Determined to prove the people who though she was a kid was wrong, she took on the monsters of the Motor Racing Worldwide champions; Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik. Will Ellie succeed or will she crumble against the boys?


2. My Age Doesn't Matter, My Gender Doesn't Matter Either!

The picture above is me racing in my beloved go kart, nicknamed 'Demon's Assissant'. It's nicknamed that, I'm not being big-headed but it's nicknamed that name because I'm kinda of the champion of Europe's world of motor racing. My nickname is 'The Demon' so, you see the resemblance. Anyway, I'll get started on telling you about what's happened in my life so far.


"Name?" the man who planned the race today, asked.

"Ellie Blake," I reply, smiling.

"Okay, and your age?" he questions, looking up at me from the entry form.

"15," I answer, grinning confidently.

"Fifteen?" he chuckled, "A fifteen years old girl like you shouldn't be here. You should be down at the shopping center buying clothes and make-up and giggling over a bunch of teenager boys," he laughed, wiping away tears of laughter.

"Well, I'm here. To race and to win," I shot back, in a determined voice.

"I'm in charge, and I say you can't enter," he snarled, frowning.

"Age doesn't matter, it's the skill that counts," I smirked, crossing my arms swiftly.

"Fine, go that way," he gave in, pointing to a door on his left, "Get geared up and show me what you've got. Come below the first ten, you'll be banned from any motor racing events I plan," he smiled sarcastically, and he gestured for me to leave. Nodding, I turn around sharply on my heels, with Bailey gawping behind me.

"Bailey? Sign up quickly," I groan, looking over my shoulder. Bailey quickly closed his mouth and told the man his name, age and he jogged after me.

"Sometimes, I wonder..." he started but trailed off.

"Wonder what?" I elbowed his ribs.

"I wonder how you can be so sarcastic, while Carl's like a wuss," he laugh, but then his cheerful smile soon drained from his face as he added, "You're just like dad," I sigh. You see, our dad died last year, of cancer. Bailey was really upset, and he cried himself to sleep for two weeks in a row. Dad and Bailey were very close, unlike me and mum. I was more closer to dad than I was with mum. Dad introduced motor racing to me and Bailey, and he usually took Bailey and I to go karting lessons when we were younger. "Coming?" Bailey called, snapping me out of my thoughts and I nod.

"Good luck!" I yelled as Bailey slipped his helmet on. Pulling the white and red outfit up past my chest, I smile to myself as I thought; 'This is my first race. Win it'

"Hey! Your first time here?" a deep, thick Irish accent called just as I was about to leave the room. Turning around, I saw a guy standing there, his teeth showing in a toothy smile, his eyes a deep aqua blue colour. I could tell his hair was originally brunette but he dyed it blond. Nodding, I smile back, pulling my wavy brown hair back into a high ponytail.

"I'm Ellie," I introduced myself and he nodded once.

"I'm Niall," he grinned and it was my turn to nod.

"Nice name," I mumbled as the name rang a bell in my head.

"Ditto," he laughed, and I look up at him.

"Niall Horan?" I ask, frowning.

"That's me," he chortled, his head resting on one shoulder.

"I hate you," I mutter as I left the room. He was my number one enemy, the racer I was hoping to beat today.

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