The Dead of Winter

Summer and Autumn are twins. They're detectives. And they are investigating something that will change their lives forever.


4. The Surprise

Autumn and Summer slumped further down into their chairs, as relatives wept. Sorrow hung heavily in the air. The girls slumped further into their seats as they were called up to the front to speak. Eventually, the girls summoned the courage to get up. The tears steamed down their faces. They came down harder and faster, like a manic waterfall, as they walked past their parents' coffins. Summer began to speak.

"Our parents were good people," she managed to say as she cried. "They didn't deserve this. And now, all that is left of them, aside from memories, is this lovely sapphire and ruby necklace, property of our mother, given to us by the detective this morning." She couldn't go on any longer. SHe rushed to her seat and cried.

"All we want to know now is who killed - You ! At the back! Stop them!"

The masked figure that had once been sitting at the back of the room  suddenly got up and ran out of the door. A car engine was heard and the screeching of tyres.

"I-I-I-don't-know-what-to-say,"Autumn managed to stutter as she joined her sister and cried.


People walked past the coffins, paying their respects to the deceased couple. Finally, it was time for the twins to say their own goodbyes. They walked up to the coffins, Summer supporting a fragile, broken Autumn. They said goodbye, for the last time, to their beloved mother. Closing their mother's coffin, Summer almost dropped the lid on her fingers as Autumn let out a shrill shriek. SUmmer closed the lid and rushed over to her sister.

"What's wrong, Autumn?" Summer asked, worried.

"Well-I-I.... Look inside father's coffin!" Autumn cried in shock.

Autumn looked inside the coffin and gasped. Who was the person in there? And where was her father?

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