The Dead of Winter

Summer and Autumn are twins. They're detectives. And they are investigating something that will change their lives forever.


3. Taking a bullet

Jade froze. The bang echoed through the room, bouncing off every surface, reverberating across the room like a wave destroying everything in its path. 

Why could she hear it? She wondered. Why wasn't she dead?

Suddenly, she heard a loud clang. The gun had been dropped. She turned around.

And screamed. Before her lay Chris, her beloved husband, a pool of blood flowing from his head, spreading across the once white rug and along the solid oak floorboards.

Her head started spinning. Why was he the one lying on the floor, dying? Why had he taken the bullet? 

All of a sudden her knees gave way. She sank down to the floor as the tears started flowing. She knelt at her husband's side as he lay there dying in her arms. The tears just kept coming and coming. Seconds turned to minutes in the eerie silence of the room, while Jade lay there, cradling her husband in her arms.

"Jade..." Chris whispered, his voice trembling and hoarse as he summoned all of his strength in the last seconds of his life.

"What is it, darling?" Jade sobbed.

But it was too late. He was already gone.

Jade stood up and looked at the intruder. Her sadness turned into anger.

"Why did you do this?" she shrieked, "Why did you kill my husband?"

The mysterious figure remained silent and picked up the gun.

Before Jade could think, she heard the ear- splitting scream of the gun, followed by a sharp pain in her stomach, The gun screamed yet again, but Jade felt no pain. She was already dead.

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