The Dead of Winter

Summer and Autumn are twins. They're detectives. And they are investigating something that will change their lives forever.


2. 3 days earlier

The door bell rang, its chime ringing out into the silent house. It rang out again, echoing through the house like a wave of sound, bouncing off every surface like light to a mirror. There were four raspy knocks on the heavy oak door, loud and clear, banging, steadily, like a marching army ready for war. Soon, more knocks, more urgent and desperate this time, resonating, echoing through the house, an army of sound, advancing, nearer and nearer, louder and louder, stronger and stronger, a huge tidal wave pressing on towards an infinite, invisible goal, getting closer and closer, until finally...




The door was knocked down. Jade Winters shrieked. She was terrified. Terrified for her life. She ran to her bedroom and hid behind the door. Why she hadn't answered the door was a mystery. Fear?  Paranoia? She didn't know. A blackness from deep inside her heart was engulfing her, swallowing her and killing her, slowly but surely, a fear so tremendous it broke her.

But there was one thing that Jade did know. There was an intruder in her house. Unwelcome. Unwanted. Unknown.

She could hear the floorboards creak, screeching a warning to her as the intruder slowly walked up the stairs. She could sense the intruder walking up to her, like a lion stalking its prey, but the fear was so great that she could not move.

Jade could feel the intruder's breath on her shoulder. Cold. Unforgiving. Like a ghost. Her thoughts, muddled, confused, were a result of her fear. Suddenly, she realised. A chill ran down her spine. But too late. The intruder pulled the trigger.






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