People will save you

Sometimes when all you want to do is end your life and all of the sudden that one special person comes and flips your world around.......


2. the "other" new kids

today was a little different  we had two new kids today and they were a little lost at our school and just so happened that one of them had a locker next to me and i was now nervous and i have no idea why because i was used to not talking and avoiding people but..... this guy was different .... he said to me "hey" can you show me around i'm new here. i don't know why i said yes but i looked at him and immediately replied like there was no force in the world that could stop me from talking to him and i had longed for someone to talk to even though i had never showed it ...... the football team meet up with him at lunch and now i was nervous because if he got with the football team there was no chance of me talking to him now..

that was it and then in saw something interesting he was rejecting the football team saying that he doesn't play football ..he plays soccer and he came over to sit with me . he said "hey whats up " and now i was dying on the inside because he was looking directly at me and no one in the school ever did that before because they always ignored me . we started to eat our lunch when he came over to sit next to me instead of across from me and when he sat down  he sorta half hugged me like it was a accident and i knew it wasn't..... he want to be more than just friends and then i asked him unsure of what i felt... how does your friend feel about this and he said he doesn't care and i felt a little sense of relief and we became more than just friends..

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