People will save you

Sometimes when all you want to do is end your life and all of the sudden that one special person comes and flips your world around.......


6. Symptoms



Chapter 6


i woke up with a startle Liam..... He.. He was gone again. I dropped my legs over the edge of my bed and felt my heart hit the floor, how could i not see this happening to me, everyone leaves eventually. I got up with the little strength I had left after realizing he had left too, put on and old pair of jeans and a shirt that had rips in the sleeves just too continue my normal day of solitude and I went down stairs hoping in the back of my mind that he would be down there waiting for me but he wasn't..which I kinda knew that already. as i was getting my stuff ready to go to school i noticed a note fell out of my jacket.. i was baffled  I shoved it in my pocket not bothering to read it.

I continued to go to school... Even though I had no reason or anyone making me go... Once again the pain of my parents taking over my body and I could feel the tears building up and start running down my face. It had been a long time sense they passed away and it still hurt like it was yesterday. 

I walked past some people in Pre-trig making sure they couldn't see my face, I was waiting just to see if I would see him again, I didn't see him.. this week or the following week ... or the week after that..

Some people would call a person like me desperate for affection but I know it's different for once in a long time I had a person..a single person who actually cared about me and actually not fucking with me just because they could like the rest of the people in this school.

I went through my normal day of being bullied and picked on... everyone calling me names and going out of there way to push me into lockers. My arms were on fire, I had made 36 new pretty little lines this morning, my old scars were starting to fade and all that was left was little orange-ish white lines. i guess old habits die hard...

My life was slowly unraveling ...again... let me ask you a question. tell me how it feels to be left alone your entire life have no family and no job ,with no friends , and out of 7 billion people in this world that hate me 1 person finally sees me and actually likes me... How would you take that...

after all day of being bullied i decided to take a break from life and go to the bathroom where i wanted to just end it all, i wanted to end all the pain and suffering i had gone through, I was about to finish it...

My life had run its course .. How should I do this, for some reason people say when your left alone with just your thoughts, thinking is one of the most dangerous things you can do. I reach for my blade in my wallet and realize that's it's not there .... where could it be then I realize that there is something there, it's a note it reads

"Jordan ,yes I'm gone again but only for a

short while I promise before you do anything

Stupid please please please read this .... I just wanted to say that I think I'm falling for you.

I know life is hard for you right now and i want to be the one to make it alright.

I want to be the one to hold your hand and make you feel safe and wanted 

I miss kissing you on your bed I really want to see you again so please hold on and don't let go just yet I beg you .."

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