People will save you

Sometimes when all you want to do is end your life and all of the sudden that one special person comes and flips your world around.......


5. mysteries

 chapter 5


i was walking down the hallway i kept hearing noises and i started to get creeped out.The lights started to flicker now i was getting scared. As i walk down the hallway I started to hear people talk I didn't know who it was at first but it seemed to be coming from both directions from behind me and in front of me ..... I crouched down put my arms around my self and hid my body as best as I could . I stated to hear foot steps I almost started to cry I was so scared I buried my face in my legs waiting for them to go away.... They stopped , the foot steps were gone then I realized they stopped right in front of me.... I started to cry when he touched me it was Liam he look into my eyes and ask if I was ok?.. How could you let them do that to me Liam, you just stood there ...and did nothing ..I called your name didn't you hear me?! You just looked away .... I got up and hugged him . He pushed me up against the dark wall so to make sure if any of the boys walked by they wouldn't see us hugging. It had to of been 10mins before I could let him go. We started to walk slowly he said follow me and he held out his hand and I wasn't sure if I could hold his hand everything was slowly falling into place....

I grabbed his hand and we slowly walked down the hallway his hands were soft and fit in my like it was meant to be. We almost got down to the end of this very long and dark hallway when.. He let go of my hand I felt as if I ha just lost my shield my protection from all the evil in this place then I knew why we saw the boys in this room at the end of the hallway.... They said oh you finally made it did you, I was lost and I didn't know which way to go....

Something was different about all of them but not Liam I had seen him like this earlier when the boys beat me up.. They were bigger and there eyes were the same as Liam's earlier .they asked how my arm was this was the first time I had look at my self I make sure I was ok I didn't see anything them they told me to lift up my sleeve Liam stepped back I lifted up my sleeve an I found a bite mark.... It was all bloody. Harry said your welcome and Liam said you did this to him..!!! How could you ........I thought we were friends Harry .... Why would you do this to him this is what you thought when I said come to this place I just wanted you to meet him ya know in person  and NOT turn him... (Harry) well it's not my fault maybe you should be more specific when you say things Liam  well kid now your one of us.(Liam) NO no he's not he will never be one of you, (me) Liam? What are they talking about ,one of them? (Liam) ill tell you later ok? Let me take you home 

We walked out the door finally it was like a maze in there well as we were walking I felt it again the feeling I get when being with him I reached over and slid my hand in his he didnt object to me doing it so I was thinking to myself ill try something later but as we were reaching my house we sat in the stairs just talking about the night and what just happened so I asked him if he wanted to come and lay on the roof with me and watch the night sky.

he said sure I grabbed his hand like I had done it for my whole life and leaded him upstairs an out my window to lay on the roof it just before I got out the window he pulled me back in and wrestled me onto the bed we were laying face to face when he said it ...... I love you..... My eyes were glistening I leaned forward and slowly kissed him I let go and opened my eyes he said my turn he leaned forward and kissed me ever so passionately  his lips were so soft they felt like Angels had kissed them. He turned over and later on my bed I wrapped my arms around his waist this is how my life was starting to be unforgettable. We fell asleep together with our body's pressed against each other. I knew from that moment on that my life could not get any worse and he would be there to protect me if I needed it and when I needed it.<3   




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