Right now I am dying and only one thing can save me. Belief. The belief in the fair folk, the belief in creatures like me.


4. Equal

One person with a belief is equal to ninety-nine who have only interests.
John Stuart Mill 

You may have found it odd that fairies get married just like humans but we were the ones who came up with the idea, just like we were the first to create music. The humans copy us so therefore without us the human race won't more on, won't improve. You need us just as much as we need you. Oh well, lets just continue. Well the King was visiting not because of me, we tried to keep that a secret, but for a yearly check-up on my glen.  While he was there he must have heard the rumors about how I'm going to have a baby boy. What other reason would he have to stay? His personal healer made a visit to me and questioned me about my pregnancy before he conducted some tests. Right now I'm replaying it all in my mind as I walk down the aisle. Well if you call a pathway leading from my old rose home to the big great oak in the corner of  garden, where the King stays whenever he visits.


At last I reach the end, but whats this? That's not the King. It can't be. He is the actual father of the child I'm expecting. Pinching myself I let out a gasp. It's not a dream that really did hurt but then what is he doing here. I give him a double take just because I might be seeing things, I'm not.  He does the same, he gives me a double take like I am not who he is waiting for. 

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