Right now I am dying and only one thing can save me. Belief. The belief in the fair folk, the belief in creatures like me.


2. About Me

Anyway I guess your bored about me going on and on and on about how you should believe. I'm mean let's face it there is only so many times I can say it before you get annoyed, and I've run out of ways to say it. Therefore lets move on and let me tell you about my life. 


Fact file:

Hair - a creamy chocolaty brown that hangs in loose waves just passed my shoulders.

Eyes - like almost all of the Fair Folk they look liquid gold in colour.

Wings - My wings are my pride and joy, in case you didn't know every fairies wings are like of the butterfly, mine are the same style as the Papilio Ulysses butterfly which are blue from by back going outwards but are then outlined in black.

I nearly forgot my name is Heather Frost and I'm a lucky one at the grand old age of 15 human years.

That's a drawing of me done by my friend Lindy. I think if she was a human she would be a wonderful artist. In fact if she was anything she would be a wonderful artist but now it's too late now she has already gone. Sh'es already dead.  No-one will be able to bring her back, no-one at all. To be truthful it wouldn't seem as bad, hurt so much, if she was pregnant when she died but she wasn't, she had given birth just seconds before she died. She died leaving her new born daughter alone. Just because at the time I didn't have any children of my own, and because Lindy was my best friend I adopted her daughter at the age of 12. Now I have 2 daughters of my own and I am expecting what is mean't to be the first male to be born within the last 300 years.

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