Just a childhood friend to remember

Rose has just woken up in the hospital again. Her mind is completely blank. She has no idea how she got there or what exactly happened. They said that she was in a horrific accident and that she is suffering by amnesia. It's going to take a while for her memory to come back.
Then she notices this mysterious teenage boy sitting next to her. Tears were emotionally falling from his eyes...
"Who are you?" She curiously asked...
The boy slowly whipped his tears, sobbed, stared at her straight in the eyes and replied... "Just a childhood friend"


3. The reason


'Where am I?'

'Why is everything so blurry?'

'Who is calling out my name?'


Beep...Beep... Beep...


She felt very confuse when she woke up. Why, what was wrong with my best friend?

Why did she act as if she had no idea who I was?



"Rosie it's me! Your best friend... Isaac Crimson"

 She looked as if she was about to scream or panic because of some 'stranger' in her room. Rose, Rosie or 'noisy' as what I used to call her just to tease her, did not recognise me at all. Now that I've come to think of it, maybe it's because of the new freaky shirt I'm wearing or maybe I just stink from my natural, human, sweaty pits. Or maybe she's just mentally ill and thinks that she's talking to a stuff animal. Well... Talking to a stuff animal isn't so bad, I guess...

Whatever the reason is, it shouldn't sound too bad. I mean I am 'very attractively handsome and unforgettable,' how could she ever forget me and my sarcasms?


"It's me, your best friend, Isaac or Jack for short" I repeatedly introduced myself.

"Who?" She asks.

I was kinda hoping she'd remember... At least a little...

Ah this sucks... This is just the worst feeling I could ever feel inside...

"You don't remember me, huh?" I ridiculously asked.

Well course she remembers me. This is great, fantastic, muy bien, trabien! This was the best question I've ever asked so far. I shall now claim my reward for being world's biggest idiot. Yay!


She didn't say a word at all. She just sat there and sort of glared at me. It felt as if she was attacking me with her glare and it effectively made me feel really uncomfortable. Everything, even the creaky ceiling itself, went all dead silent. Oh no sorry, forgot we were in the hospital... Ah... I mean everything went 'really' silent, to the point where it actually made me feel even more claustrophobic then I already am.




Yes, yes! It's me Isaac! She remembers now doesn't she?

"I...Don't think we ever met..."



-Face palm-



No, I'm not gonna face palm myself in front of her, though it was really tempting but I knew that it's just gonna make me look like I need anger management.

I honestly too, was getting to the point of becoming confused and unfamiliar of who she is. I had no idea what sort of condition she's in or what's going on in her head. Maybe all this 'forgetting' has turned her into a completely differen't person. Maybe the Rose I knew back then, that I had the bad and the best moments with, have completely left. Maybe she'll think of me as some sort of freak now instead of her best friend.

No, I can't have futile thoughts now. I can't have any more of this talk and I certainly don't wanna start giving up now. I have to try and get my best friend back, no matter what it takes but how am I gonna do that?



"Oh... ok... Well let's start again... ah hi, hello! I'm Issac, what's your name?" I smiled.

I could see confussion and misunderstanding in her eyes.

"Are you stalking me?" She seethingly asked, crunching her hands into a fist.

Oh boy, this could be extremely bad...

I need to come up with something that'll get her to calm down a little but what?

Just when I was about to say something so ludicrous and pathetic, the doctor suddenly came in and interupted our wonderful 'get to know' conversation...



"Hello, sorry do disturb you but may I see Isaac Crimson for a second" she simpered.

I quickly stood up and went on my way to the doctor's office. It was quite small and brimful. The room was stuffed with medicines, fist aid kits, notes and boxes that was brimming with books and letters.

Like I said I'm cluastrophobic, I need space and can only give hugs that last for 2 seconds. So I just had to chat with her outside her office. She looked a bit offended when I refused to go in her room because of my case but I know I can't help who I am, so I don't really care what she thinks.



"So what's wrong with my bestfriend, doctor, why can't she remember me?" I directly asked.

"Yes um... well I'm not very sure what sort of condition she has, I'm afraid. I think she maybe be suffering from amnesia or short term memory lost but we'll need to double check. She should be ok for now. Her brain isn't fully damaged and she seems to remember who she is and who her family is. We'll need to take some xrays and scan just to check for any more damages" the doctor explains.

"How long will it take for her to fully remember everything, doctor?" I questioned.

"Hmm... I'm afraid it'll take roughly about 6  to 7 months for her to remember some of her experiences but there's an unfortunate chance that she may stay like this and not remember at anything at all"



My heart just sunked. I just couldn't move at all. 6 to 7 months, that's almost a year from now! And what if she'll remain like this forever?



I don't wanna lose my best friend and put up to having to act like strangers when ever I see her. That's it. I'm going to do everything I can to make her remember even if it's going to kill me.

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