Just a childhood friend to remember

Rose has just woken up in the hospital again. Her mind is completely blank. She has no idea how she got there or what exactly happened. They said that she was in a horrific accident and that she is suffering by amnesia. It's going to take a while for her memory to come back.
Then she notices this mysterious teenage boy sitting next to her. Tears were emotionally falling from his eyes...
"Who are you?" She curiously asked...
The boy slowly whipped his tears, sobbed, stared at her straight in the eyes and replied... "Just a childhood friend"


2. Rose's Diary

29th July 1999

Dear DiarY, it has beEn the most bootiful day ever. Today is my bestfwEnd's 4th birFday and I shall be mAkiNg him a weally weally biG birfday cakE! MoMmy is goNna HeLp me make tHis cAke. She saId that if I used loTs anD lots Of cHokolaTe, it Will maKe the cAke tasTe so so nice. I can not wait to make this cake.  He will weAllY like it!

Well I sHall haVe to gO NoW. Bye bye!

Love Rosie Dolly 


1st September 2003

Dear diary, today mommy took me and my bestfriend to the park and took us to see a really pretty flower. It was very pink with pretty green leaves around it. She said that when daddy was still around, he would give her a pretty pink flower like this one, every morning. And every time the rain made mommy sad, daddy would hug her and make her smile.

And every night daddy would take me out to watch the stars. He said that if I work really hard and be a really good girl, I would visit all the plannets and stars someday and make mommy and him so happy.

We really miss you daddy...

I really really hope that you will come back home from the scary army and give as a big hug. 

Love Rosie Dolly

P.S Me and my bestfriend had a lot of fun today as well. He made me laugh a lot. Then when we got a bit tired from running, we sat on the grass and watched the sunset. It was soooo bootiful, it made me very happy. My bestfriend was acting very very weird though, his face was all pink like the flower. He slowly lift his hand and picked the pretty flower up. I was very confused. What was going on?

Then he gently pulled my hand and placed the flower in it. He said that I have to take really good care of it because if I don't and if the flower dies, I would have to give him one wish.

So I made sure that it was kept very well and made sure it drank plenty of water.


15 March 2007

Dear Diary, today I just had one of the worst day ever. He's just completely ignoring me! I mean is it too much to ask to get at least one phone call from him? Only 6 more days until I turn 10 and he's still going on about that stupid argument that we had 5 days ago. I said I was sorry and that it didn't matter anymore. This really just frustrates me!

You know, he can be really moony and demanding sometimes! All he does is moan and groan it really is annoying! And that's not all. He's just so full of himself, has such a big ego! I mean half of the things that he has bragged to other people, is so not true! It just makes me feel so embarrassed for him sometimes.

Oh you should also hear this. He finds it funny when people tell jokes about other people but when people joke about him, that's it for him, he just storms off like a wild animal...

Haa... Maybe I was a bit too harsh on him. Maybe I took it a bit too far and I was only thinking about myself probably. I really hope he'll talk to me again and forgive me, Diary. He still is my best friend after all...

From (Rosie) Rose Dolly.


21st April 2008

Dear Diary, today I had a pretty good day at school. I've passed all three of my exams and even won first place for the 3 mitres race! Haha! He on the other hand, just had another detention and failed 2 of his exams but did very well at swimming and won first place for the swimming race. 

I'm so glad that we're still friends. He really did surprise me for my 10th birthday when he blind fold me from behind and took me to this amazing party!

Haha! I should've known that'd he'd surprise me like that.

He really can be an amazing person. He's generous, loyal and has such a great sense of humour. I'm so glad I have a best friend like him. We really look out for each other as if we're siblings and we stick together like glue when we ever get lost. He's one of those people that just turn, one of those scary and worrying situation, into a comedy. Well maybe he's not trying to be funny but I can't help but laugh sometimes when he worries.

Like one time, when we were younger. About hmm.... Let's say... 5 or 6 years old. We went on a school camping trip and we were playing hide and seek. See, the last person that was found, would win a free bag filled with chocolates and toys. We had to go and work in twos and the rules were that we were not allowed to cross the white rope that they tied around the trees. The person that was found first (the loser) would have to clean the toilets for a week. 

So the counter was picked and we had to of course quickly hide but we had absouletly no where to hide at all. Everyone had took all the hidden places and we only had 10 seconds left. I knew we had to come up with something. Then that's when it hit him.  Maybe we could climb up that tree over there, he suggested. Both of us weren't afraid of heights and he was pretty tall for a 6 year old, so I didn't see why we shouldn't try it.

I quickly climbed on top of his back, though it was times up, we were still trying to get each other up. Then as soon as I got up, I quickly but gently pulled him up using all my strength. Finally I manage to get him up without getting caught. We both just stayed up there, without a word, cuddling each other and just looked down towards those people who unfortunately got caught. 

I didn't want to leave at all and the more I felt that way, the more I started to develope a strange new feeling inside. I had no clue at all, why my heart thud for a second...

Before we knew it, we suddenly fell a sleep. Everything went blank for us. It was very cold indeed as it got darker but we had each other to keep the warmth of our body.  I could still remember that moment as if it only happened yesterday. We were so high above the tree. I can't believe we didn't fall!

Anyway as soon as we woke up, everyone had left and packed they're bags. Well... That's what we thought... We were so worried and scared and shocked and surprised! How did we manage to fall a sleep!

I quickly made my way down the tree. As soon as I finally did, I just needed to wait for him. He was so worried as he never took his time to climb down, that he manage to get a branch stuck through his trouser and as he slipped... Well lets just say that he suffered from a pretty painful experience...

I tried my best not to laugh nor giggle as I try and help him get down. And just to make it worse than it already looks for him, unexpectedly one of our instructors found us along with our team. And of course, they all laughed including the instructor himself but he to had it coming to him as soon as the branch that was keeping my best friend hanging snapped, he landed directly on top of the instructor. 

The most amazing thing about it was that his pants manage to escape through his legs, so when he actually landed on top of the instructor he wasn't wearing his trousers, which left the other instructors and police very curious.


Hehehe... I still laugh at that a little, every time it randomly pops up in my head but don't tell him that because he'll get really mad and annoyed, Diary.

From Rose Dolly.


4th August 2010

Dear Diary, today I'm in a very scared and yet excited mood ever!

Me and my bestfriend is on summer break. And to just celebrate summer break, we're planing on going out to the beach with our other friends to have a barbie que party. So I was really busy, trying to find the perfect thing to wear. There was just so many summer clothes, hats and products, that I could not decide for myself what to buy.

Thankfully I had my mum with me to help me get over my undecided situation. She said that I just had to wear something casual or just a simple dress, with nice plain sandles to go along with it and a hat. She said that  I didn't need to wear anything pretty or stunning because I, me myself was beautiful enough. 

I'm glad to have someone like my mum in my life because without her, I just don't know what to do sometimes or where to go.

Anyway, I don't wanna sound cheesy hehe... I'm now sitting in my friend's car, who is about 2 years older than me, heading our way to the beach. We only have another 30 minutes left until we arrive. We have everything that we need...

Hmm... let's see, a towel... swim wear, sun glasses, sun cream, our hats, drinks, umbrellas and straws. That's all we really need to bring. My bestfriend already has most of the things that we need and we didn't really need to buy cups and snacks because most of my friends probably have brought snacks with them for everyone to share by now.

So now I just need to wait and relax in the car... Hmm... And I don't know why, and maybe this is just me being paranoid but I keep getting a strange feeling that something bad is going to happen. Maybe it's just the fact that this car is going a little too fast. Yeah I'll just ask if she could-

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