Just a childhood friend to remember

Rose has just woken up in the hospital again. Her mind is completely blank. She has no idea how she got there or what exactly happened. They said that she was in a horrific accident and that she is suffering by amnesia. It's going to take a while for her memory to come back.
Then she notices this mysterious teenage boy sitting next to her. Tears were emotionally falling from his eyes...
"Who are you?" She curiously asked...
The boy slowly whipped his tears, sobbed, stared at her straight in the eyes and replied... "Just a childhood friend"


4. Reputation

Tuesday 17th February. 5:30am.


'Ohh... This alarm is so annoying...'


"Ok, ok, I'll get up..."

As much as I wanted to smash my alarm, I slowly pressed the button to switch it off and of course, stop it from giving me a heart attack every morning. It thankfully worked.

I was in such a messy state when I woke up. My eyes could barely see anything. My hair was all shaggy, my pyjamas hasn't been washed yet and I was only wearing one of my indigo coloured sock. I had no idea where the other one went.

I walked around like a zombie as I tried to make my way through my unwanted junk. And I don't know why but whenever I'd wake up way too early in the morning, I'd get a sniffed nose and my eyes would tear up. It's not that I have hay fever or anything, it's just one of those unexplainable things that I get in the morning.

I finally made my way through the kitchen after 3 minutes of trying to get down the stairs. For breakfast I had nothing more then a plain old cereal with milk and one of Havis's bread. If there was one thing that I hated the most, it'd be mornings. My morning has always been so dull and boring. Literally. There is no one around but me.


My parents are on vacation for 2 weeks, so I have to wake up very early and take (Milo) our husky out for a 30 minutes walk, until we get to Tim's (our trustworthy friend) house, to look after the dog.

After that, I have to change into my 'Paper boy' uniform and you get the rest. I walk around in those weird, sky blue, long sleeves, polo shirt. Along with those grey shorts, indigo socks and black boots, that almost look like Doc Martens, but I wear my white converse shoes instead. I also have to wear this black and blue stripped tie with a blue cap on my head. Oh and that's not all, I have to carry this freaking heavy, gosh darn, luminous green bag. And yes, it is packed with nothing less, but a bunch of futile newspapers.

I only get 14 quid a week for this. Well it isn't so bad but they could at least pay me 14 quid once every 2 days, especially when it's pouring with rain outside and you've got nothing but your damn shorts on...

Then after all my hard work in getting all the newspapers around and making sure that I didn't miss anyone out, I head on to school after I got changed.


I have arrived to prison oh no I mean school. My mistake. Everyone was busy doing they're thing, chatting and meeting up with friends before school starts. High school basically looked like a morning lounge. Some people were chilling and relaxing, others were teasing the poor nerdy victims, the popular girls were being full of themselves again, the popular guys were flirting with the girls, the 'emos' were in they're casual place called 'the corner of the school' and the 'goths' were casually reading their poetry books and painting their nails black.


Can't I get a way from this place for at least 3 days or something?


I tediously sat in class for 4 minutes waiting for it to start. Nothing seemed to interest me at all except for the clock that kept moving every minute. I've got no friends in class 6A. They were all hypocrites who never shut up about gossiping and the drama that's going on.

I admit, I'm not so popular in this class because of how I appear to them and because I want to keep my 'reputation' quiet and cool but outside of class... Well I'm pretty... Ok...I'm not popular at all...


Yes that's the sad and heartbreaking truth about me. I'm completely invisible to everyone. This is my true mode indeed...

Enough talk about me, anyway as soon as the bell went, everyone magically sat still and the classroom magically turned into yeah, a normal, boring, class. I sat for about 35 minutes listening to Miss McCardle talking about her life and how 'sheet' it is to be her. It was like watching paint dry. She was lifeless and always had that dreary and tiresome look. I could tell that she didn't get enough sleep because of her saggy eyes.  I just honestly wanted to get out and have P.E instead, where I can go swimming or play sports.


"Right class, we have a new student today" she sighs.

A new student?

"Be nice to her"


"Please welcome... Rose Dolly..." Miss McCardle lifelessly welcomed.

'Rose Dolly! It can't be her! Surely it can't'  I thought to myself.


Indeed it was her. I just couldn't believe what I saw in front of my eyes. It was really her! Noisy, I mean Rosie, no wait that's not her proper name it's-

"Rose?" I cried.

She glanced at me for a moment, then avioded me like the plague.

 No one said a word, in fact everyone was acting really strange around her. From the moment she stepped in and sat in front of me, the whole class was vacantly looking at her. Every single one of the individuals, pupils or whatever, just completely lost their focus. It was as if they've all just seen an angel or took a glance of a celeb.


Oh what am I saying?


I'm being paranoid again. I've known Rose for almost 17 years now and never once seen anyone, stare at her like this before.

I tried to start a conversation with her but there were just too many interuption going on.


For insistence, there was this one time when she sat alone, all by herself during break, with no one around at all. So I tried to make a move and say hi but then someone had to barge in.

"Hello, you must be the new student, hehe... I'm Sarah Lawrie and I'm the class rep. If there's anything you need, just ask and I shall try my best to help and answer all questions. And um do you wanna hang with me and my friends?" She intrude.

Rose didn't seem too delighted to see her but just when I thought things were gonna get dreadful, Rose unexpectidly smirked, then smiled and replied "course, why not?"

I seriously did not see that coming...


Then another time, Rose got lost in the hall way. So I tried to make another pathetic move but the hall monitor stopped me as soon as I stepped forward and asked me all sort of dumb questions...

"Why are you carrying that bag?" He anxiously questioned.

Uh... 'cause maybe it had my books and notes init...

I just couldn't be bothered with answering his fatuous questions. I was endeavoring escape moves from him but nothing worked. Rose was about to walk away now and find her class. I had no time left.


"Hey I'm talking to you!" The hall monitor cried, gripping on to my sleeves.

His voice echoed through the hall way. It was so loud that it manage to grab Rose's attention. I was filled with joy when she began to walk towards us, then again there was another issue.

The head teacher also herd us.

"What's going on here?" She seethingly asked.


It wasn't long until she gave me dention for skyving and missing out my imporatant exams for this. Well according to Steven (dumb hall monitor) I did. I silently sat outside the head teacher's office, waiting for my parents to arrive. I just felt so annoyed and fustrated that I didn't even get a chance to say hello to my bestfriend. I just can't believe that this was happening to me.

Am I ever gonna get a chance to meet her?


I sighed and placed both my hands, on my face.

"Um... Are you ok?" A mysterious voice asked.

I had no idea who it was and I just couldn't be bothered lifting my head.

"No..." I replied.

Yeah, you can call me a stubborn ass but I just felt as if I wanted to just sit there and do nothing at all.

"Oh... Well what's wrong?"

"Detention" I mumbled.


"Aw well um... I'm just waiting for my parents"

I could tell, just by the sound of her voice that she was getting nervous but how was I suppose to formally reply when all my tiresome fustrations were taking over?

I kept my head down.

Suddenly I could hear foot steps coming towards us.


"Well... Um that's my mum, I better go now. Hope you don't get into too much trouble next time" She said.


That's when I slowly began to raise my head. I couldn't believe it... I just couldn't believe who I was talking to just there... It was-


"Rose!" I yelled but she couldn't hear me. So I made the most ridiculous move ever. I ran up to her and grabbed her hand which of course made her turn around. You could've seen the way she stared at me. Her expression was all flustered.

"Rose" I cried again.

"I-it's you..." She reclaimed...



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