Loved You First

Blurb- 5 girls...the 1D boys... This is a story about 5 best friends who went to see the boys at the concert, they had V.I.P passes which gave them the opportunity to meet the boys...but the only things they dont know was they didnt see the boys for the last time that night


2. what to do?

We went into ASDA, bought our tattoos, applied them to our faces and came out. We were nearly ready but it seemed like the concert was ages away, but it was 5 and we were driving to london at 5.30. We had half an hour to do what ever we want "c'mon girls what do you want to do?" I asked them. They looked to each other

"Why don't we go now?"Poppy asked. This brilliant I thought to myself.

"Yeah, let's go" I said and started to walk and they followed me.


*author's note*

sorry for the short parargraph ran out of ideas still more to come

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