Loved You First

Blurb- 5 girls...the 1D boys... This is a story about 5 best friends who went to see the boys at the concert, they had V.I.P passes which gave them the opportunity to meet the boys...but the only things they dont know was they didnt see the boys for the last time that night


1. today's the day

Today was the day. We couldn't wait! We were so psyched to meet the boys there was me in my baseball jacket,green ginos, converse and my nirvana tee shirt (, then there was Addison dressed in a red and white cropped stiped top with her red shorts with black braces and blue and red hightops, Poppy in her skinny jeans, red polo shirt and her red hightops, Linz was there too in a white t-shirt with a blazer and here white ginos and hightops, and then there was Evie in her check shirt with white gino and high tops we were the prefect match to the boys. "I cant wait guy's this is gonna be amazing" I told them with a giant grin  on my face I was gonna meet my faveriot star in the world Zayn Malik.

"c'mon were going" my mum shouted up the stairs.I looked at the clock it was 5 hours to the concert why did she want us ? I thought I looked to Addison, "mum I can drive I'm takeing us to the concert"I yelled down the stairs to my mum.

"were goin out first"she yelled up the stairs once again.. I sighed

"c'mon girls we have to go now"I said to them dipleased, we stomped our way down the stairs to my mum's car.

We all got in the back while she sat in the front and started the car "we're going to buy the tattoo's now" mine and the girls faces lit up when my mum said that.

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