Loved You First

Blurb- 5 girls...the 1D boys... This is a story about 5 best friends who went to see the boys at the concert, they had V.I.P passes which gave them the opportunity to meet the boys...but the only things they dont know was they didnt see the boys for the last time that night


9. time to go!!!!

*lily's POV*

i smiled at them. My phone vibrated in my pocket "guys it's only an hour to the concert shouldn't you be there by now" i asked them. they looked to each other while Zayn looked at his watch.

"yeah c'mon guys" he replied. Louis was to busy kissing Addison to notice so i whispered in his ear

"time to go handsome"i giggle, he looks at me and smiles and winks as he gets up

"bye guys!" i yelled as they left but Zayn and Louis stood outside for a while and talked

*Louis POV*

"do you think we should give Lily and Addisona ride" I asked Zayn although he was to busy staring at Lily through the window "Zayn?!" i shouted

"huh?"he said

"do you think we should give Lily and Addison a ride?"i asked again. Zayn smiles "yeah we should" Louis and Zayn came back in.

*Lily's POV*

"the boys are coming back in" I whispered to Addison

"hey, do you's two wanna come with us?"Louis asked us. I looked to Addison and then the girls

"well we'll meet the rest of the girls there then"i replied

"well c'mon then" Zayn said grabbing my hand and pulling me up.I chucked my car keys to Poppy

Addison just giggled at Zayn and smiled at Louis.Louis pushed his way past me and Zayn to Addison "C'mon then hunni"Louis said to Addison. she stood up adn walked off leaving me and Zayn in the middle of Nando's kissing, slowly his tongue found it's way into my mouth and mine into his.We continued till we heard Louis shouting "get a room"


i giggle and shout  back "your just jealous it's him and not you."i winked and he smiled flirtatiously at me

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