Loved You First

Blurb- 5 girls...the 1D boys... This is a story about 5 best friends who went to see the boys at the concert, they had V.I.P passes which gave them the opportunity to meet the boys...but the only things they dont know was they didnt see the boys for the last time that night


13. telling them as the concert starts

they sat down beside us. I was so happy my friends were here, i liked someone who actually liked me back, butb that guy was the problem it was Louis how was I gonna tell Addison. "Addison go on tell them" Poppy said.

"tell us what?" i asked her

"i seen her backstage ...." Addison cut Poppy off

"kissing.... Zayn" Addison continued. I kept quiet nad thought Zayn really?

i mumbled " I kissed Louis" Poppy looked shocked "and I hate myself for it" a tear ran down my face. My phone vibrates again but this time it was a text from Zayn 'Baby I'm so sorry I..I got jealous of you adn Louis spending so much time together and seeing you kiss him just made it worse so I kissed Addison but it meant nothing' i smiled and replied ' yeah but i felt something kissing Louis that meant something, but I'm stuck between you and Louis' after sending that text he replied straight away 'Baby I love you so much more than Louis and you'll find that out later' I giggled and replied 'Ok then ;)' I smiled and texted Louis ' I'm sorry i can't be with you, I'm in love with Zayn but i know you love Addison.

I don't get a reply but the lights go down and the boys come out, i grin at Zayn and he comes over, leans down and kisses me. i burst out giggling and hear Linz and Evie whispering "doesn't he go with Addison?" thay asked

" No he wants to be with me and Louis wants to be with Addison." i said smiling. I sat there watching Zayn sing when he puts his hand out to me and Niall reaches to Poppy and they pulled us up. i was happy as ever when i saw Louis pulling Addison up on stage with him and by half way through the concertme and the girls were on stage with the guys we fantisised about

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