Loved You First

Blurb- 5 girls...the 1D boys... This is a story about 5 best friends who went to see the boys at the concert, they had V.I.P passes which gave them the opportunity to meet the boys...but the only things they dont know was they didnt see the boys for the last time that night


10. almost time for concert

i thought in my head did he really just do that? Zayn took my hand and we walked towards the door and stopped.I hooked my finger through one of Louis belt loops and I giggled hearing him giggling slightly.I looked up at him smiling I unhooked my finger and walked out the door with Zayn leaving Louis giggling.

*Louis POV*

I thought only Addison liked me turns out Lily does to. I opened the door and walked out with Adddison to the car.I got in the back with Addison with Zayn driving and Lily in the passenger seat.i smiled at Lilly and she smiled back.

*Lily's POV*

he's kinda cute i thought to my self winking at him, teasing him and giggling.

*Addison's POV*

I feel Louis arm go around my back and i smile flirtatiously  at him adn kissed his cheek adn hugged him. Lily puts her hand a little to high on Zayn's leg and he starts giggling. i hear him giggling so i stat giggling but i am soon shut up by Louis kissing me and his tongue found it's way into my mouth and mine into his.I heard Lily giggled so kissed Louis harder. The car stopped and Zayn honked the horn making me jump "we're here guys... Louis, Addison? get a room" Zayn joked. I giggled. Louis got out the car as well as Lily.I looked at Zayn, smiled and got out with him

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