Double Life

Darren is the most popular guy in school captain of the Basketball team dating the hottest girl in school. But is he keeping a secret that he can't admit to anyone. Not even himself.


3. German

Prejudice is just Ignorence

~~Luckily when we reached German our teacher wasn’t there. Henry and I snuck in and quickly decided where we were going to sit. As Lauren did French and Nico did Italian, I sat with Dylan whilst Henry sat with Sami. I was sat behind Joe who was sat on his own as Elona did Spanish.
“Don’t Start.” I whispered to Henry as he sat down behind me. He gave me a look to warn me not to treat him as if he was a total idiot. I relaxed back into my seat.
“Where did you go after you ran off?” Dylan asked me, I slowly turned to face him. He actually looked concerned
“To tell Henry off and to calm him down, why?” I responded tagging a question on the end to address how concerned he looked.
“Why is there a red mark across your neck? Dylan asked analytically staring at where Henry had just had his arm across my throat. I attempted to cover it.
“Nothing, I just angry with Henry and tried to punch him and he retaliated by strangling me against the locker.” I said calmly to explain what had happened to Dylan but without causing too much alarm. Dylan looked like he was about to say something but didn’t get a chance to because our German teacher Mrs Evanna Jones entered followed by a boy. He looked a perfect friend for Henry except…
“He’s a Nigger, He’s a goddamn Nigger.” I heard Henry say behind me. I shot a look back at him.
“Don’t start anything.”  He smirked at the thought but conceded to my warning.
“Guten morgen meine klasse” Mrs Jones greeted us in an upbeat and flustered fashion. She turned to the new kid.
“This is Brian; he has just moved here and will be joining our class.” Brian looked nervous and asked where he should sit, she pointed at the seat next to Joe. Mrs Jones picked up the whiteboard pen and turned to the board.
“Darren, what is the date today?” Mrs Jones asked me. I looked down at my notebook to see the date. Monday the 3rd of September. I eventually looked up.
“Um… Montag, den 3. Septembre.” I said slowly as Mrs Jones wrote it up on the board. I felt Henry kick the back of my chair. I turned around as he mouthed ‘Nerd’. I ignored him. At least I knew the answer, that’s more then he would’ve done. Mrs Jones moved away from the board.
“Today to start you are going to tell the person next to you what you did over the summer using the sheets I gave you last term” She looked at Brian and disappeared out of the room. The room erupted in to random chatter again. Dylan and I leaned forward to talk to Brian, who was chatting to Joe in German.
“Brian?” I said to him. He finished his sentence and slowly turned to face us. Joe did the same.
“What?” Brian snapped at me with an unnecessary angry tone whilst analysing both Dylan and I.
“Are you trying out for the basketball team today?” Dylan asked him. Again his face hardened and the anger in his eyes got stronger.
“Yeah… What’s it to ya’?” He again unnecessarily snapped at us. I felt quite intimidated by his attitude. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to work with this guy.
“Oh… I’m the captain my name is Darren and that’s Dylan the vice-captain.” I said kindly to him and his face softened. Joe looked more relaxed too but that probably had more to do with the fact that Henry and Sami were talking amongst themselves. However just as Brian was about to respond, Sami let out a blood curdling scream and Henry and she stood up.
“You ignorant, arrogant, immature, homophobic, racist, woman-hating pervert.” I had seen Sami angry before but never this angry. Then she slapped him and ran out of the room crying. Dylan and I both texted Lauren and Nico to tell them what had just happened. Henry sat back down and rubbed his face but he still had a cocky expression painted all over his face.
“Henry this is the Brian who may take your place on the team.” Dylan said without thinking. Henry stared at Brian and Brian stared back at Henry. Henry filled with anger. Brian began to look scared as Henry slammed his hand on the table and stood up.
“There ain’t no way on this god damn planet that I would ever let a god damn piece of…” Henry screamed pointing at Brian. Brian tried to hide his fear but it riddled his face. I stood up.
“Enough!” I shouted at him. His eyes shot to me. Anger burned in his eyes as it did in mine. He sat down and scowled. I sat down without taking my eyes off of Henry. Henry analysed me to see how serious I was before groaning and flopping back in his seat. I turned back to Joe and Brian.
“That was really nice of you Darren, shame you don’t control him like that in every situation.” Joe said snidely as he turned back to face the front. Before I had a chance to challenge him on his comment. Mrs Jones re entered the room, gave Brian some notes and said.
“Right let’s get started.” she said clapping her hands together. This is going to be a long lesson.

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