My Best Friend's Brother

"I honestly don't understand why you dislike me so much," Harry smirked, backing me into the wall. I let out a gasp as his body pressed against mine. I could feel his body heat radiating against mine and I couldn't even mumble out an insult. "Do you still hate me?" he asked, his voice low, almost coming out as a growl. I nodded in response, not trusting my own voice. His eyes left mine, his smirk still perfectly in tact. I suddenly felt his warm lips sponging soft kisses up from the top of my chest, to the top of my neck, and up at my ear. I could hear his slow breathing as he opened his mouth. "And now?" It took me some time to respond, but I finally mustered out the word. "Always," I said, before he moved his face in front of me, crashing his lips against mine.



7. 7

Gemma's POV:


"So wait a second," I began, walking speedily after my boss, Gale, as he stormed behind the counter, opening up the cash register and carefully placing some money into its allocated spot. "You want me, to train her?" Gale smiled sarcastically and nodded, "Glad you finally understand, Gem," he replied, his tone more than rude. I rolled my eyes at how he was acting. "Well, who is she? What's her name?" I questioned him, curious as to who this girl was. I was really good at meeting new people, so I was more than content with getting to know her. Gale turned to face me as we both stood by the kitchen bench where the cooks were making the weekly special; Chicken Hamburgers and Fries. Something simple and that has always been one of my favourites. He let out a sigh and glanced over the top of me at absolutely nothing. I figured he was attempting to recollect all of the new girl's qualifications and personal attributes.


"Her name is Audrey," he began, looking back at me. "Audrey Brooks. She only recently just turned eighteen and she's from Manchester," he added. "Now," he said. "What'd I come into her for?" I huffed a laugh, "You tell me," I replied and he rolled his eyes, turning on his feet and walking back out of the kitchen. I thought over how he explained Audrey to be and I nodded my head, only to myself, of course. So she was my brother's age? I suppose I could work with that. But then again, I have never really got along with my brother a tremendous lot when under pressure. It's just going to be sharing a job with him. Oh, shit.




"Gemma, meet Audrey," Gale said, introducing me to the new girl. She smiled shyly at me, but I could instantly tell that underneath that timid exterior, she was just as insane as I was. I had a gift for picking out people like that. "Nice to meet you," she spoke up, extending her small hand, with perfectly manicured nails in my direction. I looked down at her hand and smile, getting a grip on it which slightly startled her. "I love your nails!" I exclaimed, causing Audrey to let out a giggle and for Gale to sigh. "Silver palm trees," she simply stated, her small, Manchester accent echoing in the back of the kitchen, where Gale had brought us to meet. "Lovely," I replied, letting go of her hand as she placed it by her side, a huge grin present on my face. "You girls are going to get along just fine," Gale spoke up, making his way around the two of us and strolling out of the kitchen, his tall figure having the ability to dominate practically anything and everything that would get in his way. A lot of people thought that he was terrifying, but as I knew him, how the rest of the workers here did too, and how Audrey would soon learn him to be, he was just a big puppy dog who was just really good at acting angry.




"Oh my god," Audrey whined, a more annoying and sassy alter ego radiating from her. It was her second day, and it was just after closing time. I suggested that we both stay back and I could teach her how to learn the till, and she was having absolutely NO luck paying attention and learning. "I don't get it!" she added, pouting and folding her arms over her chest. I rolled my eyes playfully and nudged her arm. "Audrey, you just need to concentrate," I encouraged her. "I'm here to help you out, but if you're not willing to listen and take my assistance, you're not gonna get very far in this job." She nodded her head, her expression partially glum. "Now," I began, inhaling and exhaling slowly, indicating for her to copy my actions. I knew she could do it, she just needed a little reinforcement. She took those couple breaths, closing her eyes as she did so. When she  re-opened them, she nodded slightly, letting me know she was ready. "Okay, just point out which food is what, but you're not allowed to look at the tags on them," I reminded her, my instructions reasonable.


She pointed towards the first one; I knew all of these off by heart, so whenever she fumbled up, I wasn't even allowed to prove my skills. She'd see them soon enough, I reassured myself. "Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake." she spoke up, looking at me for approval. I smiled and nodded my head, motioning for her to continue. I was only making her do the front row for tonight, the entire thing would have been way too much for a beginner; traumatising even. "Sweet Pumpkin Scones," she said, following by her gliding her hand in the direction of the next one. "Poached Apple Pie," she added. "Coconut and Raspberry Dazzle Muffins," she said, giggling at the name, causing me to, too; sort of like a chain reaction. That dessert was probably the one she knew the most, since it had such a whacky name. "Lemon and Orange Brittle Slice," she slightly stammered a bit on that one. I nodded my head, grinning like an idiot at her success. "And.." she began, looking like she had almost forgot it. "Tangy Banana Tarts," she finally added, it coming out as more of a question than a statement.


She looked at me hopefully and I smiled, "You got it," I simply stated. I knew how difficult it was to learn everything in the till, because I had done it all before. When I first started at the diner, it took me about, five days at least to learn the first two rows. Gale ended up getting sick of helping me, so he just left me alone to memorise them. It was a tough process, but I got there in the end. And so did Audrey. Now all she had to do was learn the other rows. An immense grin grew on her face and she celebrated by doing some kind of demented, one-timer dance move that looked like it belonged in a 1970s disco floor. It even almost resulted in her slipping over; all I could manage to muster out were multiple laughs.


And from that day forward, I knew our friendship would just grow and grow, and turn into something tremendous.

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