My Best Friend's Brother

"I honestly don't understand why you dislike me so much," Harry smirked, backing me into the wall. I let out a gasp as his body pressed against mine. I could feel his body heat radiating against mine and I couldn't even mumble out an insult. "Do you still hate me?" he asked, his voice low, almost coming out as a growl. I nodded in response, not trusting my own voice. His eyes left mine, his smirk still perfectly in tact. I suddenly felt his warm lips sponging soft kisses up from the top of my chest, to the top of my neck, and up at my ear. I could hear his slow breathing as he opened his mouth. "And now?" It took me some time to respond, but I finally mustered out the word. "Always," I said, before he moved his face in front of me, crashing his lips against mine.



14. 14

That moment finally arrived. You know, the moment where we had practically just ran out of topics to discuss, and we were kind of caught up looking at each other for a minute or two. It was extremely awkward, but then again, extremely comfortable, too. Then she asked me a question that completely caught me off guard.


"Are you gonna kiss me or what, Styles?"


Audrey's P.O.V:


I did it. I pretty much breathed the question, my words slurred. I may have been intoxicated, but I was aware of what I said, and I didn't really regret it once it came out, either. It felt sort of natural.


Harry's eyes wandered from mine as, I'm guessing, he thought about my it. It was silent for a while, but I didn't take it as a bad kind of silence. A few short moments later, he glanced back down at me, and before I knew it, his hand was creeping up my side and slowly in the direction of my face. When it made it there, his thumb softly caressed my cheek and my body almost relaxed under his touch. I then felt his other hand which was rested above the top of my head playing with the waves in my hair, which was probably the thing I liked the most.


Over all the crazy things going through my mind, I managed the feel his hit breath fanning against my face. I closed my eyes when it hit me and I let him and the moment carry me.


I heard him let out a deep breath and I knew that his face was extremely close to mine. Suddenly, I felt his lips brush against mine, almost giving me an electric shock that it felt that strange. But strange in a positive and 'new experience' kind of way.


And then finally, he kissed me. I wasn't sure if it was because I was drunk, but my brain suddenly went crazy. My mind was a mess with insane thoughts and explosions. But it felt amazing.




Hey lovelys! Oh my god, how many of you were expecting that? Like ghjhgkdfj. But seriously, how many of you? ;) I'm REALLY sorry I haven't posted in a while but I have the most plausible reasons. They are very personal and I don't really wanna share them with the magnificent world of movellas. But please know, I've been through a lot this past week and it's been, ugh, insane.


If it's not to much to ask, I'd really appreciate it if you guys gave me a little o' feeeeeedback, please? I just really wanna know what you guys think. And oh my sweet baby lawd, I just realised how long these past 5 chapters are.... Enjoy, my babies. ;]


Mwah! <3

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