Invisible Angel series: Cassidy Mae

For a competition I'm in!


1. Spread your wings

Cassidy. That's her name. The girl I'm supposed to guide to heaven. My name is Samuel. I am an angel, I am sixteen years old, and the girl who is supposed to die today is thirteen. Cassidy Mae. her name means clever. Which is why her death isn't going be an accident, it's actually going to be suicide. it's written in my book. She's going to hang herself at 5:00 pm today. It's four, so it's only an hour 'till she dies. I am sitting in the room she will die in, her bedroom. I wring my hands impatiently, as I wait for the time to pass. I haven't ever had a soul this bright, or young to guide before. I open my book again to see if she had any mental disorders. She had Bipolar symptoms, and anxiety. I sighed. She is such a young girl. it's tragic really. Looking at the clock in the room I am in, I see it's four thirty. I hear yelling from downstairs, I see Cassidy's mother shaking her, screaming at her "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" And yanking at her right arm. I walk downstairs and take a look at Cassidy's arm, looking at the scars that line it in every direction. Poor kid, must have had it rough.

"They're from you, you know." cassidy whispers to her mother, and I wince. harsh.

"What did I do Cassidy? I've given you everything you wanted, a phone, millions of books, even a computer. What did I do?" Her mother yells at her, and I see a tear fall from Cassidy's right eye.

"It's not what you did mum, it's what you didn't do... You didn't understand me, you didn't pay attention to me... you didn't even notice when i first started getting depressed months ago. You just weren't there. You were too busy with your boyfriend to notice that your daughter is not there. I'm not the girl that I was." Cassidy yelled, before she ran upstairs. I followed her after looking at the clock. 4:45. It's almost time. The reaper will be here soon, to seperate the soul from her body, So I can guide it to heaven. I reach her room, and see she's setting up the hanging loop. I place my hand on her shoulder, and whisper in her ear.

"Spread your wings and Fly." And she looks around. Shrugging, she resumes her work, and I sigh. I'm invisible. I'm the invisible angel. I'm never seen by humans, only heard. Exept for when I'm guiding them, then they see me. it's hard. But it also means I can learn more about the victim than any other angel. I feel something run down my cheek. It's been a while since I spoke to a human, let alone cried.

"If an angel is here, I want to let them know. I lost my older brother, and he was what kept me from depression. He died last year, from a car crash, on december 24th. I want to know If I can see him again. His name is Sam Hughes, and he was seventeen." She says, before breaking down into tears. I was the one that guided that soul, and I felt the pain, and he told me that he wished he was alive, so he could be with his sister. Cassidy Mae Hughes. That's her name. I felt a tingling sensation as I remembered. I heard a gasp, as Cassidy looked at me.  I flicked my chocolate brown hair out of my face, to reveal tears, flowing steadily down my face. She stared, then smiled, for what could possibly be the last time in hr life.

"You're here to guide me aren't you? To heaven?" She asked, and I nodded. She smiled for the last time, before she killed herself.


I felt the reaper come in, and I nodded. It's time. He went up to her, and pressed his hand against her chest, and I saw the spirit of the girl, the new embodiment of her soul, emerge from the lifeless corpse. It drifted towards me, and spoke five words.

"Spread your wings, and fly."

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