Delta Hotel

A soldier Stationed in Afghanistan is thrown many miles from base camp and most now fight his way home.


2. Of Fire and Death

Same Date



My head was truly spinning when I woke up, and honestly, I wish I hadn’t.

As I tried to regain consciousness all I could see was the fire inside the copper and all I could hear were the screams of soldiers and the Taliban fighting. As I was lying in the chopper the only word in my head was “survive” and that I did… too long.


Finally I was able to get on my feet, it was time to get out and fight. It wasn’t long until it was all clear, or at least we thought so. “RPG!” the word went through the air like a cold breeze. Against all odds one of them survived. I think he was the one who shot down the chopper. The rocket from the RPG hit the ground hard and flung nearly us all up in the air. As far as I know he had fled by the time I once again got up. At least we got to right place, if only we had not lost so many people to get there.

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