Delta Hotel

A soldier Stationed in Afghanistan is thrown many miles from base camp and most now fight his way home.


4. Final Four

Date unknown


It was my friend Daniel who got me back on my feet, most of my body was in deep pain by the time I woke up. We were only four left. We roughly knew in which direction the base was. Luckily I always had my compass with me. So we went south-east towards the base, we still had radio contact with command.


The road was long, and we knew that too well. About half an hour into the long walk we found an enemy camp, I wasn’t exactly optimistic about taking on at least thirty-odd Taliban worriers.

The sergeant was one of the survivors. He was convinced it was the only way, I knew it was, even though part of me screamed that it was a bad idea, it was, but we had no other options, too bad.

While scouting the camp we discovered a jeep, it could be vital to get a hold of this vehicle.  We planned to attack at night. The night vision goggles we were given still worked, this gave us a huge advantage over our enemy.


Date Unknown  


About 12pm and we were ready to strike. We snuck in quietly, and planted charges in four different places, when we had successfully planted the charges and retreated to a safe dissidence we detonated them. In the confusion we stole the jeep and drove off. What we didn’t know was that they had two cars, they set after us fast. Me, Daniel and the other soldier, Jason had to try to shoot the enemy vehicle, the sergeant drove. When we got up on a ridge going up a mountain the enemy got up beside us, it was a long way down. They started ramming us towards the edge, and then it all when wrong they hit us off course and down the mountain.

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