Delta Hotel

A soldier Stationed in Afghanistan is thrown many miles from base camp and most now fight his way home.


3. A Long Way Home

October 23rd 2008



It was my birthday and we had been unable to get EVAC out here. Luckily we had taken over an enemy camp, we had shelter and food. It felt sad to not be home on my birthday; probably the best gift I could get today would be survival. The only other thing I got would be “Happy Birthday” from the other soldiers.


After hours the sergeant came with news that an LZ had been designated 100m north of our position. But it was going to be much harder to get home than we first thought. The way was crawling with Taliban. I was never a fan of killing, but if it was the only way, then so be it.



October 24th 2008


When we finally got to the chopper the pilots told us how long they had been waiting, no one explained what we had been through to get there.


Almost a quarter of the way back we got hit once again. The rocket somehow hit us almost one or two miles off course.



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