Wrong Number

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  • Published: 26 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 10 Nov 2017
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Angel Harper admits to herself that she does have a crush on the school's player: Jake Bentley. Angel's best friend, Claire Adams, gives the player's number to her and told her to start texting him to spark up a relationship. What Angel doesn't know is that she had made the mistake of a lifetime.

Accidents do happen but this accident of Angel Harper will change her life forever.


41. Finale


I allowed countless seconds to pass before I had the courage to open my eyes. I can feel my chest rising and falling at uneven pace and the hot sweat trickling down the back of my neck. The silence was deafening and I was too scared to open my eyes and face the truth. I kept my eyes shut tight until I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. I screamed in shock, open my eyes and whirled around to face the hand that touched my shoulder. My eyes met with his dark ones and I couldn’t believe it. I felt the tears well up in my eyes and I was rendered speechless. Relief swept over me and he mirrored my reaction. My shoulders relaxed and I allowed the tear to escape my eyes. Suddenly, his hand that was on my shoulder went down to rub my arm up and down. He gave me a reassuring look and a tight smile, I still wondered how he found me. My breath hitched and out of instinct, I turned around only to find a limp body on the ground. Ryan’s body lay lifeless on the ground with eyes full of shock and blood slowly trickling down his mouth. There were too bullet wounds on him, one on his chest and another on his stomach. I recall hearing two gunshots and I’d have thought that they’ve killed each other. I stared at his body, feeling guilt wash over me and I shed a tear for him, the man that has kidnapped me and tortured me. I sniffed back a sob and felt Chris’ muscular arms wrap around my waist, pulling me towards him. He lay a kiss on the side of my head and I wasn’t crying for Ryan’s death but I was crying for tears of joy. It’s all over now.


“It’s okay, my angel” Chris cooed on my ear, his fingers running through strands of my hair. “You’re safe now”


I was speechless and couldn’t find the perfect words to respond to his. Instead I gave him a stiff nob and he tightened his arms around me. I stared at Ryan’s body for god knows how long, it was like I believed that if I stared at him long enough his body would disappear but we all knew that that was impossible. I didn’t know how much timed pass but suddenly, Chris’ arms left my waist and I heard him shuffle away from me. I snuck at glance at him and he pulled out his phone from his pocket. He looked tired and I felt guilty for it. I stood there, traumatized with the recent events while hugging myself as the cold wind swept past me.


“Hello, 911?” Chris said on the phone as I overheard him.


My eyes bore into Ryan’s and for some reason I feel extremely guilty.


“Yes, this is Chris Evans. Someone assaulted my girlfriend and I and the suspect has been shot. Yes, he is dead” he said then sneaking a glance at Ryan’s body. “5 minutes? Perfect. Thank you”


He hung up on the phone and sighed heavily. I was still staring at Ryan’s body as he walked towards me, I felt his warm hand on mine and he tugged me towards him. My head shot up and I looked at his face, actually looked at him. He had dark shadows under his eyes and his lips were dry. It was like he was the one imprisoned instead of me. He tried to smile but obviously, failed.


“Angel, the police are coming here any time. I don’t want you staring at this fucker’s body, so we’re going inside” Chris said and before I can say anything, he tugged my hand and walked me back inside the house.


Just as expected, the police arrived exactly 5 minutes later and they disposed of the body. Chris and I were sitting on the couch inside of the house, hand in hand, as we watched the numerous investigators running around the house, shouting orders at each other. I leaned my head on Chris’ shoulder and he squeezed my hand reassuringly. I was staring into space, with the image of his dead body encrypted in my mind.


“Angel Harper?” said an unfamiliar voice.


I snapped out of my reverie and opened my eyes slowly to find a man in about his thirties sitting down on the couch opposite ours. He was wearing a black suit with white medical gloves on. He looked smart. Really smart. He wore glasses and with dark eyes behind them. Surprisingly, he looked a bit muscular and could probably take down some guys at once. He gave me a skeptical look and sighed heavily. He brought out a notebook and a pen and I knew exactly what this meant. I let out a heavy breath then when I was about to say something he cut me off.


“I know you don’t want to talk but we have no other choice and we need to know every detail,” the man said in a sharp voice.


“And who the hell are you?” Chris snapped beside me.


“Agent Carlos and I’m here to investigate your case” he said in a business like tone.


“I’m sorry but Angel is quite unstable at the moment and I wouldn’t suggest it to-“


“I know that what Ms. Harper has gone through can be quite traumatic but all I’ll be asking is quite a very very few questions and it’ll be over in a flash” said Carlos with his lips in a grim line.


He looked like the guy that shouldn’t be fooled and eventually, Chris gave up. He straightened in his seat but still kept his hands wrapped in mine, it was comfort for me. And then the interrogation started and honestly, it was hard, thinking of the right answers made my brain hurt. After all, I was drained and I wanted so badly was to fall asleep in Chris’ arms. The questioning ended about 20 minutes later and I have never wanted so badly to be quiet. After Carlos thanked me for my time all I gave him was a smile then he ordered Chris and I to go home.


I have never been so happy my entire life when Chris and I went inside his car. I inhaled his sweet scent when I sat comfortably in the passenger seat. He turned on the ignition and I kicked off my shoes, bringing my knees up to my chest and staring absentmindedly out the window as Chris drove away. I still had no idea where we were but I knew Chris would take us right back.


I didn’t know how many minutes must have passed and then I felt his hand on top of mine, I forced a small smile and wrapped my fingers around his. He squeezed my hand and I reciprocated. I didn’t know what my life would be without him. He changed me. Everything.


“Chris, I-“


“Don’t say it. Don’t say thank you. You’ll get tired of it” he said cutting me off midsentence.


“What do you mean?” I asked then turned my head to face his and he was smirking.


“No matter what, angel. No matter what happens to you, which I remind you that a lot of hell will happen to you, I will always be the one to save you. You don’t need to thank me, it’s my duty” he said truthfully then squeezed my hand.


I scoffed. “Geez you’re making it sound like you’re some kind of bodyguard”


He turned his head towards me for a brief second and gave me one of those rare smiles that made my heart flutter.


“Oh are you suggesting some roleplay?” he asked me then bit his lip.


I felt my cheeks heat up then before I knew it, a laugh escaped my lips. I lightly hit his chest and he laughed as well. I pointed an accusing finger at him.


“What the hell? Of course not, you kinky bastard” I snapped at him, feeling myself grin from ear to ear.


“Oh baby, you have no idea” he said huskily then his hand moved to my thigh.


I giggled softly then shoved his hand away. “Jeez. You men are so horny”


“Only for you baby” he said humorously. “Anyways about that bodyguard thing…”


“No, don’t even try”


“We can do a kinky roleplay scene with me as your bodyguard, hell that sounds sexy with just me saying it” he said then laughed.


I dabbed a finger at him as he kept driving. “Hell no. It’d be sexier if you were some McDonald’s cashier dude”


“Oh, getting more ideas? You’re very imaginative aren’t you?” he said then stole a kiss on my cheek.


I felt my cheeks heat up and I bit my lip from blushing too much.


“I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve,” I said, playing along with him for once.


He stole a glance at me and smirked. “You’re starting to think like me now. I like that,”


“No fucking way am I going to be a crazy horny girl”


“You wouldn’t survive me for a day, baby” he said. “And I’ve got a friend that works in McDonald’s I can borrow a uniform”


“Don’t please, you’ll kill me. I’d laugh my ass off,” I said then rolled my eyes.


“Did you just roll your eyes at me?” he snapped with a hint of humor in his voice.


“Why yes I did, Chris. Got a problem?” I said then scoffed.


“Oh you have no idea” he said. “I can be quite a mini Christian Grey if you ask my past admirers”


“Past admirers?” I asked then laughed. “That list must be short”


“Actually it’s quite long and I’ve still got loads in line” he said then winked at me.


I rolled my eyes again. “Sure, whatever”


I couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealously at the mention of his past girlfriends. What did he mean by he’s still got loads in line? Does that mean he’s going to break up with me and I’m just going to be in that long list? I looked out the window and nearly jumped out of my seat when I felt his fingers on my chin, making me face him.

“But those girls in line are going to wait a lifetime because that’s how long my love will last for you,” he said truthfully and leaned in and gave me a swift kiss before facing the road again.


I smiled at myself then looked out the window again. Conversations with Chris can last a century and I could never ever get bored with him. Who knew that my life would turn down this route? A few months ago, I was locked in my room studying for some crap math test and obsessing over Jake Bentley. And if someone had told me back then that in a few months I would runaway with some hot emo dude, I would think that person was absolutely crazy. But this hot emo dude that’s sitting beside me right now, I love him. I have never felt this way before and every sweet word that comes out of his mouth makes me love him more.


Some people consider the big things in loving a person, like their looks and their abilities and talents. But honestly, I believe it’s the small things that add up to make something bigger. Like the way he opens doors for me, the way he holds my hand out of instinct, the way his eyes light up when I laugh, the way he kisses me out of no where, the way he takes care of me, the way he holds me perfectly in his arms; those are what makes him perfect for me. It’s like the universe planned this, making each event in history lead up to this and I couldn’t be grateful enough.


My life has changed and I have never felt so alive.


“So where are we headed?” I asked after a few minutes when I realized that we were definitely not going to the route going home.


“Away,” he said then grinned mischievously.


I smirked at his answer and felt the excited rise in my system. Hell, whether it’d be car chases, shootings, running away or breaking and entering, I don’t care. As long as he’s by my side, I wouldn’t care what we’d do.


I recall Chris telling me a while ago that it was all over when in reality, it's only just begun.

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