Wrong Number

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  • Published: 26 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 10 Jan 2017
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Angel Harper admits to herself that she does have a crush on the school's player: Jake Bentley. Angel's best friend, Claire Adams, gives the player's number to her and told her to start texting him to spark up a relationship. What Angel doesn't know is that she had made the mistake of a lifetime.

Accidents do happen but this accident of Angel Harper will change her life forever.


8. Chapter 8


“Claire, what are you doing here?” I questioned her, trying so hard to keep my anger in.


How could she just walk in my house unannounced? I don’t even have the guts to just walk in her house without even asking her. I stood behind her with my fists clenched and my eyes narrowed. Her head twitched at the sound of my voice and a soft gasp escaped her lips. She turned her head around and we made eye contact. She looked so innocent right now; it was so hard to believe that she would ever get mad at me and call me names. I bit my lip as I fought hard not to go to her and just hug her and say sorry. She should be the one to apologize, my self-conscious’ voice said in my head. She gave me an apologetic look and tears started to well up in her eyes. My whole body clenched as I saw my best friend to the verge of crying, the last time I’ve seen her cry was when her ex broke up with her and to be completely honest, it’s heart breaking to see a strong girl like Claire cry. Right now, it feels like my heart is being hammered multiple times with a hammer and it hurts like hell to see her like this. Why am I feeling like it’s my fault? When a tear rolled down her cheeks that’s when I gave up, ran to her, pulled her up and hugged her tight like I have never had before.


“I’m sorry,” I whispered as I patted her back multiple times.


“No,” she said then hesitated for a second. “It’s my fault. I’m sorry”


She hugged me back tightly.


“Lets never fight again” I said then chuckled.

She chuckled back then pulled away and gave me a tight smile. She wiped a tear with her hands and straightened herself. I sat her down on the couch and sat crossed legged beside her. I was facing her and she was facing the television. Right now I wanted to know why she snapped at me at the mall. I know it will take time for her to open up to me. I dropped my hand and it landed on her right one, I gripped her hand in mine and squeezed it tightly. She shifted her position to me and now she was mirroring my position. She gave me a smile again but it was like a broken one.


“Why did you snap at me, Claire?” I egged her.


Her eyes widened as if I had caught her red handed then a few seconds later she shook her head.


“It was nothing,” she said then waved her hand dismissively. “What’s done is done and we should just move on”

I sighed heavily knowing that she won’t tell me anything more than that. I will ask her later.


“Did you go to school?” I asked.


“No, I couldn’t” she said, her voice cracking.


“Why not?” I asked then frowned.


She looked up at me then shook her head vigorously. Her grip on my hand tightened and she looked like she was about to cry again.


“I couldn’t face you. I was scared that you will unfriend me,” she said then took a deep breath. “I was scared that you would ignore me”


I frowned at her and engulfed her in another hug. I patted her back and I felt my stomach clench. I have never felt so guilty in my whole life. Seeing Claire like this…broken, it hurts a lot. I pulled away and looked her straight in the eyes. She looks so frightened…Terrified. I bit my lip as I fought a tear that is so close to falling down. I didn’t want to look weak in front of her.


“Don’t worry about it, I’m here” I said reassuringly. “Cant believe we fought about some stupid guy”


I chuckled as I said it and she chuckled back. I gave her a big smile and she returned it. I clapped my hands together then grabbed the remote from the coffee table in front of the couch.


“Now let’s watch TV” I said happily and she nodded back like a happy child.


We both shifted our positions and we were now facing the TV. I turned it on and went to Disney Channel.




I checked my watch and it was already 9pm. The TV was still on and Claire is sleeping on my lap. I looked down at her and she looked so innocent and gorgeous. How can people look so nice while they’re sleeping? I look like a freaking goat when I sleep. I laughed at the thought then I felt a vibration on my pocket. I pulled out my phone and I had a new message from Chris.


Hey Peach


I laughed softly, not loud enough to wake up Claire and replied immediately.


Me: Hello whale

Him: Stop calling me whale! I’m not fat -.-


Me: How should I know? I’ve never seen you


Him: Hah. If you’ve seen me, you’ll probably get a heart attack ;)


Me: You egoistic bastard -_-


Him: Take that as a compliment, sweets


Me: Sweets? Wtf? Really? -_-


Him: Yup, only came up with that name this morning. I was thinking who I should give it to and you were the first one that came to mind ;)


I couldn’t help the butterflies in my stomach at the thought of him thinking about me. I smiled like a bastard and bit my lip, trying very hard not to squeal. A thought came to my mind…


Me: Are you tall?


Him: Taller than you, duh


Me: How are you so sure? 


Him: Uhm. I’m a guy. Guys are taller than girls. Obvious fact.


Me: Well I could be like 6”5 you know :P


Him: But you’re not, are you?


Me:  No…..


Him: Aww, girls smaller than me is a turn on ;) What is your height anyways?


Me: I’m short -_-


Him: Just tell me in inches, sweets ;)




Him: I didn’t mean it that way -.-


Me: Whatever. I’m 5”2


Him: Cute ;)


Me: I’ll look like a freaking dwarf beside you o.o


Him: Nah, you’ll look like a pebble beside me B)


I was about to reply a mean comeback but another question came into mind.


Me: Hmm…I’m curious


Him: You wanna know what I look like don’t you?


What the heck? Did her read my mind or something?


Me: Yeah…


Him: Well I look like every normal person


Me: -_- yeah right, you keep saying your some Greek God or something


Him: You’ll have to find out for yourself, sweets ;)


Me: Ugh. Fine.


Him: Haha are you desperate to know what I look like? ;)


Me: What?! No -_-


Him: It’s okay, babe. You don’t have to lie for me ;)




Him: Lies. Lies. Lies. Lies. Lies.


Before I could reply to his annoying and irritating text, my screen changed and it showed that Luke was calling me. I checked my watch and it was already 10pm. Wow. I texted Chris for about an hour. I answered the call and tried not to move too much.




“Hey Angel. Is Claire with you?” he asked eagerly.


“Yeah, why?”


“It’s late and she needs to go home, says her mom” he says with absolutely no emotion in his voice.


Luke and I have never been close. I mean we talk sometimes but that’s it and the only thing we talk about is Claire and it’s extremely awkward. Luke is just way out of my league.


“Sure, I’ll wake her up”


“Be there in 5”


Then without even saying goodbye he hung up. I removed my phone from my ear and gave it a questioning look. I shrugged my shoulders and put my phone back in my pocket. I looked down at Claire and she looked so peaceful. Her blonde silky hair is messy but it still looked so darn perfect. Her face was absolutely flawless and her skin is extremely soft. I placed my hands on her shoulders and shook her slowly. After a few shakes her eyes opened slowly and once her eyes caught mine, she gave me a big smile. I smiled back and ran my hands through her hair.


“Luke’s coming in 5 minutes and he’s gonna bring you home” I said nicely.


Her smile widened and it turned into a grin. Oh Claire. She sat upright in a flash and stood up from her sitting position. I stood up as well and before she could even say anything, I hugged her. I seriously can’t imagine my life without her…she helped me with everything; the bullies, the sluts and just everything.  She is the bestest friend I have ever had and honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better one. She pulled away from the hug and gave me a wink.


“Gotta run!” she said, kissed me on the cheek and sped away.


“Bye!” I shouted to her as she opened the front door.


She whipped around and waved at me. I waved back then she left, slamming the door in process. I sighed heavily and slumped back down on the couch, actually wanting to just sleep here instead of my bed. I closed my eyes, feeling myself getting sleepier by the second but before I could fall into a peaceful sleep…I felt a vibration on my left pocket. A gasped escaped my lips as I completely forgot about Chris. I pulled out my phone and replied to him.


Me: Sorry for not replying! I had to do something :)


Him: Like what? ;)


Me: Nothing sexual, you manwhore -.-


Him: Angel, I’m not a sex-crazed gorilla okay. I just love flirting with girls like you ;)

I dismissed the thought of him flirting with other girls.


Me: Girls like me?


Him: Yup. Innocent but with a sexual side of them somewhere down there ;)


Me: I don’t have a sexual side! -_-


Him: Come on, Angel, I bet you have fantasies.


Me: Yeah, fantasies of me riding a unicorn


Him: Such a child :P


Me: You’re the immature one -.-


Him: Are you sleepy?


Me: Kinda why?


I sunk low on the couch and just relaxed, closing my eyes and waiting eagerly for Chris to reply to my message. Minutes passed and I haven’t felt a vibration yet, I check my phone every now and then but unfortunately, there’s none. This is odd. 20 minutes has passed and I suddenly felt heartbroken. What the hell is wrong with me? I sighed heavily and tried hard to erase the image of Chris texting some other girl. I was about to ask him if he was busy until my phone started vibrating again but it wasn’t a text or Chris, it was Claire and she was calling me. I answered immediately.


“Claire?” I said in a sleepy voice.


“Angel!” she answered back enthusiastically.


“Why are you calling me at this time?”

“I’m sorry for going against you on liking Chris” she said sadly.


I sighed heavily. “We’re done with the apologizing, Claire”


“So….” She said. “Tell me all the details!”

“What?” I said exhaustedly, “Not now Claire,”

“But I really want to-“


And she hung up on me. I looked at my phone awkwardly then shrugged. Luke must have hung up the phone begging to bring her to bed already. My eyelids started to fall slowly and I was getting sleeping. I don’t mind sleeping on the couch…I mean this couch is extremely comfortable. I looked at my watch for the third time and it was already 11:30pm. I sighed and decided to just sleep here instead. I laid down on my left side with my body facing the TV. I placed my phone on the side of my head for no apparent reason. I closed my eyes and fell into a blissful sleep.


Then suddenly out of nowhere, I felt a violent vibration. I screamed in shock and then suddenly I crashed into the floor. My shoulder started throbbing like hell.


“Shit” I hissed then rubbed my shoulder.


I rubbed my shoulder harder as I felt a stinging pain and my phone wouldn’t stop vibrating like crazy. I swear to God, I will kill Claire this time because I may have dislocated my shoulder. I know I’m sounding like im overreacting but right now I could really care less. If Claire goes all-innocent on me again I am so not falling for it this time. Claire Adams. I. Will. Kill. You. I answered the call and rubbed my shoulder harder.


“Claire, I swear to the mother of aliens and leprechauns and unicorns I will kill you. I told you a bagillion times, I will tell you everything so just lea-“


“Angel, Angel, Angel. Why do you keep getting my name wrong?” said a deep husky voice that I didn’t recognize.



HOLY. SHIZBALLZ. I’m getting the chills right now, are you?


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