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  • Published: 26 Apr 2013
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Angel Harper admits to herself that she does have a crush on the school's player: Jake Bentley. Angel's best friend, Claire Adams, gives the player's number to her and told her to start texting him to spark up a relationship. What Angel doesn't know is that she had made the mistake of a lifetime.

Accidents do happen but this accident of Angel Harper will change her life forever.


5. Chapter 5

A/N: Edited by BriBReading! Now be a good person and read her story cuz she's amaziiiing: http://www.movellas.com/en/book/read/201305202249296356 <3 Do it for Chris ;) haha. 

Enjoy, sexay people!


I woke up peacefully with a smile on my face.




Am I falling for him? But why would I fall for him? I don’t even know what he looks like and I only met him like days ago.


I placed both my hands on the sides of my head and shook my head hard.


“Angel, Angel, Angel. What on earth is happening to you?!” I said to myself in an annoyed tone.


I remember our conversation the other day and the endless things I learned about him. But he’s not an open book. He didn’t even tell me much, I was the one blabbering so much about stupid things like my crazy mom and my sex-obsessed best friend. He did tell me he had a cat named Shamu because when he was a kid he loved Sea World so much. He also told me that he has tattoos but he didn’t tell me where it is, he even told me: “That’s for you to find out ;)”. He’s such a flirt, even flirtier than Jake Bentley and that’s saying something since Jake practically flirts with any person with two sets of boobs and a vagina. I usually hate it when people flirt with me, people meaning Jake and Chris. But when Chris flirts with me I can't help the tiny butterflies in my stomach. I try to ignore it but it just comes and goes. I couldn’t help the blush that went to my cheeks when he told me: “It is fate that a gorgeous angel like you waltzed into my life ;)”. I bet he was just flirting and that it didn’t mean anything to him but it did meant a great deal to me. If only he meant what he said. Well it is fate that we met, if Claire didn’t miswrite that 1 number then I would be ended up with Jake and no Chris. No Chris…I honestly cant imagine what I’d be doing right now if I didn’t meet Chris. I shifted my position in my bed then I felt something land on my hand. I looked down and saw my Blackberry phone with a red blinking light which meant I had a text message. I don’t know what made me do it but then I squealed like a child and I said in a sing song voice “Chris”. Chris, what the fuck are you doing to me? You’re turning me into a love sick, horny teenager. I opened the message in a flash and frowned when I saw that it wasn’t from Chris but from an unknown number.


I stole your bag of chips the other day.


Jake. Jake. Jake. Jake has my number. Holy fuck, Jake has my number. I couldn’t help but squeal again at the thought of Jake begging some person for my number. I even ignored the rage that filled me when he said that he stole my chips because if there’s anything in the world that I love dearest it’s the chips. This day is turning out great. I smiled to myself and typed a short reply to Jake.


You’re gonna lose your precious tiny balls when I see you.


In not less than a second, he replied, and I wondered if he and Chris were both robots.


FYI, my balls aren’t tiny. You’ll see soon ;)


Now Jake is flirting with me. What is going on with the world? I was going to reply to him when I felt another vibration on my phone. I closed my conversation with Jake but I saved his number before I did and opened a new message and I saw that it was from Chris.


Good morning, my angel


That’s when I felt the butterflies in my stomach. I couldn’t help but giggle at the thought that two guys were flirting with me at once. Oh god, that makes me sound like a slut, but honestly, I don’t really care.


I’m not your angel, weirdo


I smiled to myself as I rolled around in my bed practically fangirling like crazy. Then I stopped rolling when my phone started vibrating again. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes slowly. I’m gonna have a freaking text marathon.


Jake: I bet you’re dreaming about my balls


Me: Well I bet you’re dreaming about me dreaming about your teeny weeny balls


Jake: It’s an inception! :O


I shook my head in disappointment. Such a child. I was about to type a reply when someone started to knock vigorously on my door. I gritted my teeth in annoyance and knew exactly who it was.


“What do you want, Mom?!” I yelled at the door as I stare absentmindedly at my feet.

“Your principal called and he said that school’s cancelled today,” she replied with so much glee in her voice.


My eyes widened in surprise and I screamed happily then I started jumping up and down on the bed with my phone still on my hand. I started doing some crazy dance. My school has never cancelled a school day, announcing on the day itself and because it’s not a special occasion. I wanted to call Claire right away and beg her to go out with me for the day cause I haven’t really been spending much time with her because she has been spending time with Luke’s popsicle and his mouth. And now I’m wondering how she managed to get through grade school and 3/4 of high school. Oh wait, I know how she managed to pass, she was able to pass because of me. Claire was on top of the school chain years back, she was the head cheerleader and the most popular girl of the school, well only because of her looks and attitude. But when second year of high school came she just started to talk to me and we became best friends since then. Then when the pops (that’s what they call the popular people) found out that a hot and sexy girl like Claire became friends with nerdy and unattractive girl like me, they immediately kicked Claire out of their group. My thoughts were broken as my phone started ringing. I picked it up and saw that it was Claire calling. I immediately pressed the green button then jumped on my bed, laying down lazily.




“ANGEL! ANGEL! ANGEL!” she shouted and I had to back the phone away from my ear.


This is Déjà vu.


I put the phone back on my ear once she stopped screaming and I couldn’t help the smile that crept up my lips. “Heya Claire.”


“NO SCHOOL TODAY!” she shouted again.


“YES I KNOW!” I shouted back at her, the excited filling my voice.


“I have an idea for the both of us today!” she said in a singsong voice and I chuckled.


“What is it this time?” I said exasperatedly then I sighed heavily.


“You already know, babe! Shopping, malling and boy hunting!”


“Boy hunting?” I asked in a oh-here-we-go-again voice. “Is that a new term?”


“Hell yeah! Wear something smexy, babe and I’ll be there in 10,” she said in a serious tone.


“Yes ma’am!” I replied to her and fought back the laugh that was trying to escape my mouth.


“Euw! That makes me sound old!”


“Whatever Claire, you are old. See you in 10. Buh bye!” I said then hung up before she can start jabbering about Luke again and start lecturing me about calling her old.


I got up from bed and the red light on my phone was blinking mad. I knew that the boys texted me but right now, I wasn’t in the mood and that’s saying something. I threw my phone on the bed then head to the bathroom.


Once I finished taking a shower and drying my hair; making it fall down over my shoulders in soft curls, I walked over to my closet and opened it wide. I brought my finger up to my chin and tapped it like some detective person. I pulled out a cream collared knitted sweater, my denim studded high waisted shorts and brown oxfords. I know this isn’t the “smexy” look that Claire asked for but fashion is really not my main priority. We all know what my main priority is and that’s studies. After fixing my hair and straightening myself out I grabbed my slingbag and left my room. I made sure to tell my mom where I’m heading off to and saying that I wont be long. I went to my front porch and sat down on the stairs, waiting for Claire to pull up in front of my house. I swear I didn’t notice the black car in front of my house when I went out and that’s when realization hit me in the face. Claire doesn’t have a car cause I have hers. I slapped my forehead with my hand and gave Claire a text saying that I’ll be going there instead. I didn’t bother to wait for her reply so I walked to her car and luckily the keys were in my sling bag.


I pulled up in front of Claire’s house and I found her leaning on the wall. I took in her clothing and she was wearing a light pink corset, a floral print skater skirt, a cream colored knitted cardigan over her corset and the same oxfords as mine. She really did go for the “smexy” look. But she did look decent. Her head went up and she smiled as she literally ran down to the car. She opened the door and in a blink of an eye she was seated comfortably on the passenger’s seat with her seatbelt on. She turned to me and grinned widely then pulled me in for a tight hug. When we pulled away she looked down at my outfit.


“Angel! I said smexy!” she whined.


“I didn’t want to!”


“If you want, I have clothes in my-“


“No Claire. I’m fine” I said reassuringly then gave her a tight smile. “Where we heading?”


“To the mall bitches!” she shouted loudly and my hands flew to my ears.


She rolled her eyes at me and motioned me to move the car. I pulled out of her house and drove to the mall. The ride to the mall was silent since Claire was too busy using her phone, probably texting Luke and I bet my phone she was sexting him. I rolled my eyes when I read one of his messages to her secretly. “Wear my favorite bra of yours tonight babe”.




“Come on, Angel! Try it on!” Claire shouted from outside the fitting room.


Right now I am holding a floral printed bikini and Claire was forcing me to put it on. At first she was the one picking out bikinis for herself and she was the one trying it on but once her eyes landed on the floral printed bikini she immediately thrusted it on my hands and pushed me rather harshly to the fitting room. I stared at the bikini and shook my head in disapproval. This is so skimpy. I am Angel Harper for god’s sake, I don’t wear skimpy bikinis. I crumpled the bikini on my hand and was about to throw it back at Claire once I get out when she said whispered something that made me freeze.


“Angel, if you don’t try it on I will tell your mother what you did on my birthday” she whispered on the slit of the door of the fitting room and her voice was threatening.


I gritted my teeth and took a deep breath.  I know deep down that in the end, I will be fitting this bikini because whenever I’m with Claire…she always gets what she wants. I sighed again and fought hard not to break down the fitting room door and shove this bikini down her throat.

“Fine!” I shouted at the door then I heard her squeal.


I clenched my fists and looked at the mirror in front of me. Oh well…


I removed my clothes and put on the bikini and it didn’t really take me long. I looked at myself in the mirror and actually I didn’t look bad at all. Right now was the time that I realized that my body was extremely thin, but not the creepy skeletal thin but the model kind of thin. I was mesmerized…I can actually look this good. Wow. I’ve been hiding for ages.


“Angel! You done?” Claire hissed.


“Yeah…” I replied still checking myself out.


I would actually marry myself.


“Come out then!” she squealed in an excited voice.


I sighed heavily and opened the fitting room door then stepped out. Once Claire’s eyes landed on my body, she froze…like literally froze. I started to get nervous by the second as Claire still didn’t say anything. What if she hates it? What if she runs away from me? I wont have any friends anymore. What if-




Those were the words that Claire said after minutes of staring at my body. I started to get self conscious as people passed by us, staring at me like I was some celebrity or a crazy person, I think the latter is the right one. Claire looked at me in the eye and her face was so bright. She immediately ran to me and hugged me tight, tight enough for me to lose my breath.



“Ahh! I’m so proud of you!” she shouted excitedly.


I chuckled softly and Claire pulled away then she pulled her phone out of her pocket and replied to a message. I was about to say something back when my eyes landed on a pair of black ones. I squinted my eyes trying to get a better look of the guy who was staring at me but he was too far away. He was outside of the shop and he seems to have stop dead in his tracks once we had eye contact. His eyes raked down my body and then back up at my eyes. I was broken out of my reverie as Claire grabbed my shoulders and her eyes raked down my body again. She twirled her finger, telling me to turn around and so I did.


“Is it really that…wow?” I said in a soft voice.


“Angel, it’s super wow. Why didn’t you tell me you have a freaking model body?!” she hissed but in a happy tone.


I smiled at her widely and shrugged my shoulders. “I really don’t know...”


My words trailed off as I remembered creepy black eyes. I looked back outside of the shop and he wasn’t there anymore. I bit my lip and wondered why he stopped at just stared at me shamelessly. I shrugged my shoulders and allowed it to let it pass. I mean, he’s probably just some pervert.


I left the fitting room, finally dressed in my comfy normal clothes again. I had the bikini in my hand and Claire was sitting down on one of the arm chairs and once she saw me leave the room she stood up and walked over to me. Her mouth opened and she was about to say something but her eyes widened when her eyes moved to something, maybe someone, that was behind me. I gave her a questioning look and turned around and there I saw Jake Bentley in all his sexy glory leaning on the wall of the fitting room with his arms crossed. He looked like he was posing for some Calvin Klein thingo. He was grinning at me like a Chesire cat and I started to panic. What if he saw me in that skimpy bikini? His eyes trailed down and landed on the bikini and then back at my eyes. His grin grew wider and right now I was blushing like crazy. He did see…


“That bikini didn’t quite work out for you, Angel”


And that’s when my whole world crashed. My crush just insulted me for the second time and it was absolutely heart breaking. I felt the tears coming up my eyes but I fought them hard. Why is he so mean? Does he know I have a crush on him? Is he using that as his advantage to being mean to me, knowing that it would break my heart? I took a deep breath and wondered why did I like him in the first place…oh right, I fell for his stupid looks. Honestly, I was disliking him by the second. I took a deep breath, walked in front of him and punched him hard on the stomach. His eyes widened and his hand moved to his stomach as he crouched down on the floor and groaned. He looked back up at me with shaky eyes and smiled.


“You can punch, Harper,” he said in a broken tone.


I smiled widely at him, turned around and Claire’s eyes was wide again. I rolled my eyes and dragged her to the cashier.


“You just punched…Jake freaking Bentley…” she said in a dreamy tone.


I sighed and handed the cashier lady my bikini then gave her my card. She swiped it then told me to punch my pin on the buttons and once I was done and she handed me a paper bag with my bikini in it, we left the store. We then decided to eat in the food court and on the way there she wouldn’t stop jabbering on what I did and saying that I am changing into someone else and that was just preposterous. I am still nerdy Angel Harper and always will be. We both sat down across each other and that’s when a new conversation popped up.


“So tell me about Chris,” said Claire in a serious voice.


I sighed heavily then couldn’t help the idiotic smile that crept up my lips. I felt my cheeks heat up at the thought of him and I stared at the fries instead of Claire’s face. “He’s….” my words trailed off as realization dawns on me.


I like him.


“I think I’m starting to like him…” I said then I peeked up at Claire and surprisingly she was giving me a cold look. “What’s wrong, Claire?”


“You can’t like him”




“What do you mean I cant like him?”


“He’s stranger, Angel! A fucking stranger! You cant like a stranger!” she hissed at me angrily.


Why is she angry at me? I gave her a confused look.


“Claire, I like him. I cant do anything about it,” I said then shrugged my shoulders.


Her eyes snapped to mine and she gave me a hard look…something that Claire would never do.


“You cant like him that fast, Angel! That’s stupid. You haven’t even seen him!” she yelled at me then shook her head disapprovingly.


I clenched my fists as I started to get pissed. Claire has never said that what I was doing was stupid, well she has, but it was unintentionally.


“You cant choose for me, Claire. My life not yours,” I hissed at her and I returned the hard look.


“You cant like him, Angel. YOU CAN'T”


“But I do! It’s like fate, Claire. It’s fate that made me text him!”


She laughed sarcastically. “Ha! If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t even be texting him! You should be thanking me like crazy right now! It’s not fate, Angel. It’s a fucking accident that was never ever meant to happen”


I was going to talk back but I didn’t. This isn’t Claire. I shook my head and I felt the tears come up my eyes. I fought back a tear but it managed to escape. This cant be happening. I stood up from the chair and walked away, leaving Claire all alone. And each step I took I wanted her to call my name, run to me and give me that bone breaking hug she always gives me but as I reached the entrance of the mall I realized that she wasn’t going to fight for our friendship. I exited the mall and the wind whipped my face and my hair started flying everywhere. Shit! I don’t have a car! I couldn’t go back and beg Claire for a ride home. Luckily there was a taxi stand nearby.


Here I am, sitting on the back seat of a taxi, crying my heart out. My own best friend…I shook my head angrily and sniffed back a sob. Suddenly I felt a vibration on my pocket, I pulled out my phone and saw that it was a text message from Chris. Chris…


Fucking stranger…


An accident that was never ever meant to happen…


Claire’s wrong. He isn’t a stranger. He is Chris.

I opened the message and chuckled softly as I read it.


Yo mama’s so fat when I hung a picture of her on the wall, it fell.


I wiped the tears from my face and decided to reply back.


Me: Yo mama’s so fat she had to buy two tickets to watch a movie.


Him: Not bad, Angel, not bad


Me: Ditto

Him: What is Beethoven doing in his grave?


Me: What?


Him: He’s de-composing ;)


I started laughing like a maniac which caused the driver to give me a worried look.


Me: HAHA omg that cracked me up. The taxi driver is looking at me like crazy person xD


Him: You’re riding a taxi?

Me: Yeah…


Him: Taxi’s are dangerous, be careful. That driver might take you to a hotel instead of your house then rape you.


Me: Calm the fuck down, I’m fine


Him: Just be careful, please.


Me: Are you worried about me? ;)


Him: What? In your dreams


Me: You want me to be safe


Him: Shut up


Me: You’re protective over me


Him: Shut up, Harper


The taxi pulled up in front of my house, I handed him the money and left the car. I walked up to my door and opened it, I immediately headed for my room not even bothering to say hi to my mom. Once I entered my room, I jumped on the bed and turned on the TV but I was even watching it because I was too concentrated on my phone.


Me: You’re praying to the gods that I’ll get home safe


Him: I said shut up


Me: You want me to text you where I am every minute so that you’ll know if I’m safe or not


Him: I said fucking shut up


Me: You care for me


Him: ……


Me: HA! You do care for me


Him: I don’t care for anyone


Me: What? Yeah right


Him: I’m not kidding


Me: You care for your family


Him: I don’t have a family


Me: Then how are you alive hmm?


Him: Drop it


Me: What about your parents? You don’t care for them?


Him: I said fucking drop it, Harper


Me: Oh, so you’re just one of those boys who don’t care about their parents but they only care about their dicks


Him: You’re crossing the line


Me: You wish your parents would stop treating you like a baby and you’ll just run around putting your dick in every hole you find




My eyes widened, and right now I wanted to commit suicide.


I’m such a fucking bitch.



A/N: AWW poor Chris </3 Honestly, I'd slap Angel on the face for being such a meanie weenie loljk

Tell me what you guys think about this chaptah! 

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