Wrong Number

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  • Published: 26 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 10 Nov 2017
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Angel Harper admits to herself that she does have a crush on the school's player: Jake Bentley. Angel's best friend, Claire Adams, gives the player's number to her and told her to start texting him to spark up a relationship. What Angel doesn't know is that she had made the mistake of a lifetime.

Accidents do happen but this accident of Angel Harper will change her life forever.


4. Chapter 4

I pulled up the car in front of Claire’s house and I saw Luke leaning on the wall with his legs crossed and his hands inside his pockets. Luke’s light brown hair was messy but in a sexy way and when he crosses his arms his biceps flexes and all I wanted to do is lick them. He was wearing a white v-neck, jeans and white converse. How can such normal clothing can make a guy look so hot? He has this devilish smirk on his face and he looked like some male model right now and if Claire and him weren’t together I would definitely have my way with him. Claire stepped out of the car and Luke’s smirk widened as she literally ran and jumped on him, wrapping her legs around his waist and Luke snaked his hands down her ass, carrying her. I shook my head and thought of public display of affection. I rolled down the window and their heated make-out session started to get intense as Luke pushed her against the wall. Even from here I can hear Claire’s moaning and right now I feel bad for her neighbors.


“There’s this thing called a bed, you know!” I shouted at them and they pulled away and Claire’s cheeks turned pink and Luke just winked at me.


“Sorry I couldn’t help it” replied Luke as he wrapped a possessive arm around Claire and brought her closer to him.


“Take care of my car, Angel!” Claire shouted at me then waved.


I just gave her a nod then sped off. After Claire and I did our thing I told Claire about my car problem and the whole story with the Jake thing with him giving me a ride to school and she started getting giddy and all that and saying that her plan was going perfectly well. I know you’re all wondering why didn’t Claire just drop me off at my house well she just said “I can’t wait a second longer without being with Luke”. I’m happy that Claire has a guy in her life after what happened with Hunter. Hunter is her ex-boyfriend who took her v-card and dumped her the day after saying that “she wasn’t good in bed” and those 5 words made her extremely depressed and so after that she hooked up with Luke and you know what happens after that. Then my thoughts drifted to my ex-boyfriend and his name is Aaron. We were those high school sweethearts kind of couple, we were together for 1 year then a week after our anniversary I caught him sucking off the face of the school slut, Brittany. And he and she has been my enemies since then. Aaron still goes to the same school as me and I see him everyday in school but I usually ignore him or catch him making out with some other girls and it makes me want to shove worms up his ass then cut his balls off. The traffic light turned red and I stopped then turned my head to the left and the first thing I saw was a sign that said “The Christians”….Chris. My eyes widened as I remembered him. Good morning beautiful. I couldn’t help the small smile that crept up my lips as I remembered his text message. Why am I smiling?! I shook my head in disgust. You hate him. You hate him. You hate him. A loud beep from behind snapped me out of my thoughts and as a reflex I pressed hard on the pedal of the car then me being so stupid without even seeing what’s in front of me, hit someone. I screamed in shock as the man who I hit fell on the ground. I immediately stepped out of the car and ran to him. His face was on the ground so I couldn’t see if I knew him or not. I turned his body over which took me quite a long time since he was so full of muscle and when I got a clear view of his face a loud gasp escaped my lips. Jake Bentley.


“Shit, Jake!” I shouted then bent down and pressed my ear against his chest.


I heard his heart beating and I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. I can't believe I hit my crush....with a car! He could've been dead! And right now I wanted the earth to bury me with the dinosaurs. I pulled back up and saw that a crowd was surrounding us. Shit. I have always hated being in the center of attention. I smiled at all of them and put my hands up in the air and all of them suddenly backed away like I was going to put out a bomb or something. God, I'm not going to kill you...


“He’s alive, it’s okay! Go back to your driving and walking and stuff” I said to all of them then slowly one by one they left.


I was still in the middle of the road with an unconscious Jake on the ground. I still cant believe I just hit my crush with my best friend’s car. This day cannot get any worse. He's going to hate me and ignore me for life and my dream of having wonderful children is ruined. The memories of this morning’s drive to school came back to me and right now I wanted to kill myself. I have never been so embarrassed in my whole entire life. I started to shake Jake’s body and fortunately his eyes snapped open. I looked down on him with big eyes and I was so happy at this moment that I did not kill a human being. 


“Are you an angel?” he asked in a dreamy tone.


“Well my name is Angel” I said nonchalantly then he chuckled.


He tried to sit up but layed back down and a groan escaped his lips. He rubbed the back of his neck, I looked down at him and rubs my hands together. God I am such a bitch. I just had to have such bad eye sight. 


“I’m so sorry, the dude behind me beeped and I was startled then-“


“Shh it’s alright” he whispered, his tone a bit annoyed then he closed his eyes slowly.


“Don’t die!” I shouted then his eyes snapped open again.


“I’m not dying, idiot” he snarled.


My whole world crashed even more when he called me an idiot. Well I did hit him with a car pretty hard so he has every right to insult me but it was heart breaking to hear my crush call me an idiot. I bit my lip and fought hard not to snap back at him. I shook my head and thought of bringing him to my house. 


“Well let me at least take you to my house and you know, let you rest and stuff"


My words were so jumbled up and I felt my cheeks heat up. He turned his head to look at me and a smile crept up in his lips.


“Great idea” he said happily. 


He sat up and then tried to stand up and after a few attempts of him forcing himself up, I helped him by placing my hands on his biceps and yes they are rock hard and I pulled him up. I walked him to the passenger’s seat, sat him down and put his seatbelt on then I walked back to the driver’s seat and did the same. Without saying another word I drove off, heading to my house. The drive to my house was silent and awkward just like the ride going to school in the morning and when I finally pulled up in front of my house I let out a loud sigh. I had an awful hard time bringing him outside of the car and walking him up to the front porch. He was leaning on my side and I fought very hard not to fall down and break my bones, he was just so full of muscle. When we were finally inside the house which felt like hours I sat him down on the couch in front of the TV. When he sat down on the left side of the couch I walked and sat down on the right side. He was gazing at me dreamily and now i'm having a feeling he lost his memory or something. I wanted to go upstairs and call my mom then tell her everything that happened but a part of me inside has a bad feeling of leaving an injured Jake alone in the living room. I gave him an apologetic smile.


“Jake, I’m so so sorry. I didn’t see you and-“


“No need to explain, I forgive you. And you actually hit me pretty hard and I bet I have some broken bones here and there but I’ll be alright” he said then waved his hand dismissively and acting as if he just got hit by a stuff toy.


"Do you want to go to the hospital?" I asked him and that's when realization hit me.


Isn't it that the first thing you do when you hit someone with a car is to bring them to the hospital? And what I did was I brought him to my home which has no medical supplies in it. I face palmed myself and right at this moment I wanted to be gone forever because of my idiocy. Jake is right, I am an idiot. Out of all the people I would have a crush on it just had to be Jake Bentley. 


"No, no, I'm fine" he said and I saw in his eyes that he wasn't lying.


I breathed out a sigh of relief and I fought the urge to kneel down and thank the gods. 


“ But since you’ve almost killed me, you have to do something in return for me” he said seriously.


“I’ll do anything you want, I promise” I said then leaned in closer waiting eagerly for his request.


“Really?” he asked then his eyes lit up.

“Yes, anything”


“Okay, great. One: I need you to do ALL my math homeworks till the end of the school year. Two: since you are classmates with Laura and she's a math nerd like you and well, she’s hot and I want you to make her like me”


When he stopped talking at the same time I stopped breathing. All his math homework?! Get Laura to like him?! He put on a puppy dog face and I couldn't resist it. I was about to say something when I felt a vibration on my chest, I jumped up from the chair in shock. I completely forgot that I placed my phone in my bra. I am such an idiot. Jake raised his eyebrow at me and suddenly my cheeks heated up again. I turned around giving my back to him then brought my phone out of my bra. I checked the screen and I saw that it was Eric calling me. Who’s Eric you ask? He’s my childhood guy best friend and honestly, I couldn’t ask for a better one. I turned back to Jake and raised my finger at him showing him to give me a minute, he just nodded then I sped off to the kitchen. I was leaning on the kitchen island as I answered the call.


“Eric” I hissed at him.


“Angel” he hissed back copying my tone.


I let out a chuckle. He’s so childish.


“What do you want?” I asked him in an annoyed tone.


“I’m coming over” he said in an annoyed tone as well.


“Stop copying my voice!” I shouted then bit my lip as I tried not to laugh.


“No way!” he shouted back. “I’ll be there in 5”


“Bye loser” I said then smiled like an idiot.


“Bye jerk” he said in a high pitched voice then hung up.


I shook my head then put my phone back in my pocket then I walked back to the living room finding Jake still sitting in the same spot with the remote control on his left hand, his feet up on the coffee table and his eyes glued to the tv. Anger filled my as I saw him sit so casually in my home acting like it’s his own house. I stormed inside the living room and stood in front of the tv blocking his view. He narrowed his eyes at me and tried to shoo me away. His feet is on the coffee table and my mom hates it when people put their feet on the coffee table. Right now, I am disliking Jake by the second.


“Hey! Angel! Get out of the way!” he whined at me like a baby and then pouted again.


“Hell no!” I shouted at him then threw my hands up in the air. “This is my house, not yours so don’t just grab the remote of the TV, turn it on and put your dirty little feet on the coffee table!”




“Honey! Why are you shouting?”


I whipped my head to the sound of the voice and saw my mom walking down the stairs wearing sweats, a white tank top and her bunny slippers. Once her eyes landed on the back of Jake’s head her eyes widened. Jake turned his head and when he saw my mother he immediately stood up, walked over to her, grabbed her hand and kissed it in a politely manner. My mom giggled and Jake smirked at her.


“Hello Mrs. Hartley, my name is Jake Bentley. I am a friend of Angel” he said in a very fake tone.


My mom giggled again then I saw her blush. My mom is freaking blushing because of Jake freaking Bentley. I am so going to cut his balls off later. I clenched my teeth as I watched the scene and I couldn't help the tiny bit of jealously when Jake kissed her hand.


“Call me Jane,” my mom said in a different tone, her voice a bit higher than natural. She then brought her attention back to me and she glared at me. “Why are you shouting, young lady?”


I narrowed my eyes at Jake who was just smirking at me then I pointed an accusing finger at him. “It’s Jake, mom! He’s acting like he owns the place! He put his feet on the coffee table! The coffee table, mom!”


My mom just let out a big heavy sigh and turned around to face Jake, she placed her hands on both of his arms and squeezed him softly. “I’m so sorry for Angel’s attitude”


My eyes widened in shock and I clenched my fists. I was fighting hard no to attack them both. Jake turned his head to me and gave me a fake smile.


“I'm used to it" he said then gave a light squeeze on my mom's shoulder. 

He walked back to the couch, sat down and shooed me away from the tv and this time I didn't disobey. As I was walking back to the kitchen to grab a bag of chips my phone vibrated. I stopped dead in my tracks, pulled out my phone and it said that I had a new message...from Chris. I had completely forgotten about Chris.

Him: Hey beautiful Angel


Me: If you're trying to get in my panties with your cheesy lines well it's not working 


I placed my phone in my pocket then a second later it vibrated, I ignored it and left the kitchen with the bag of my chips clipped under my arm. As I passed by Jake who was still sitting down on the couch watching TV I decided to ignore him as well. I walked passed him and was surprised that he didn't acknowledge me or say anything. I let out a big breath then walked up the stairs going to my room. Mom must have went to her room. When i finally entered my room, i jumped on the bed and turned on the tv. Then I remembered that Eric was coming over. I pulled out my phone, ignored Chris' message and called Eric. He picked up the phone on the 3rd ring.


"Hey baby girl, sorry can't go anymore," he said in a sad tone.


I frowned and bit my lip. I was actually looking forward to seeing him…


"Okay, okay, see you in school jerk" 


"Bye bitch. I love ya" he said then hung up.


Bitch? I chuckled softly to myself then after what felt like forever I decided to open Chris' message and since I had nothing else to do, I decided to reply to him.


Him: Well I don't need to say cheesy lines to get in a girl's panties, all they need is a smile of Chris and I've got them wrapped around my finger


Me: You are so full of yourself -.-


Him: What color are your panties? ;)


Me: Figure it out yourself, player


Him: Really? You're giving me permission to check the color of your panties? ;)


My eye started twitching as I realized that he won the battle again. God, why am I so stupid?


Me: You are such a....


Him: Hot, sexy and badass guy? Yup


Me: No. You are mean, annoying, a pain in the ass and a jerk hole. If I knew where you lived, i'd go to your house, cut your balls off and shove it down your throat.


Harsh? Yeah, I know but this guy is seriously getting on my nerves and to think I was smiling like an idiot when I remembered his "good morning beautiful" text. 


Him: Wow, someone's in a horrible mood


Me: -.-


Him: You're cute when you're mad ;)


Me: You're annoying in every way


Him: That, my friend, is a compliment


Me: No we aren't friends -.-


Him: So what are we then? Lovers? Sex mates?


Me: Sex mates? Really? That makes it sound like i'm a slut and you're a manwhore.


Him: So we are sex mates! YAY! :D


Me: -.- i give up


Him: You're fun :)


After a few minutes of just staring at my phone I decided to be nice for a change.


Me: Thanks, Chris :)


Him: o.o


Me: What? :/


Him: Nothing :) So what are you doing?


Chris and I texted for the rest of the night and honestly, he did made me laugh and chuckle and smile like a rapist. I found out that we both liked the same bands: One Republic and Coldplay. Surprisingly, he isn't a player, he just acts like one and he did have a few girlfriends but none of them met his standards because I quote him "they're just sluts, they always want to have sex with me and that's not what i'm looking for in a girlfriend". He told me that he has always dreamt of having a real girlfriend and honestly, I'd help him look for his one girl and that girl will be the luckiest person to have Chris in her life. He also has a younger sister named Elle and he seemed like she was his everything and it was actually cute. I told him a lot about me and the things that I mentioned previously were the only things he told me about himself, he was being very mysterious and secretive and i found that kinda hot. He wasn't that open... Anyways, he flirted with me occasionally but i'm used to it. But the funny thing is, this was all an accident and if Claire hadn't put the wrong number…I wouldn't have met Chris and who knows what I would be doing right now. Probably drooling over Jake. Well, I still have a crush on him I mean I can't stand his looks. When Chris and I said our goodbyes I was kind of sad and disappointed, I wanted to keep talking to him and know more about him. I really wanna know what's in his mind right now. As I laid down on my bed wearing my pajamas, I stared at the ceiling and clutched my phone tight on my chest and here I am thinking about Chris again. I wonder what he looks like. If you're wondering what happened to Jake well after a few hours he said he had to go home and he actually was being nice to me. He thanked me and before he left he kissed my on the cheek which caused me to blush like crazy. I checked my clock and it was already 12am. I sighed heavily then felt my eyes closing. I tried to picture Chris on my head and when I tried to come up with some hot mysterious guy I fell asleep.



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