Wrong Number

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  • Published: 26 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 10 Jan 2017
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Angel Harper admits to herself that she does have a crush on the school's player: Jake Bentley. Angel's best friend, Claire Adams, gives the player's number to her and told her to start texting him to spark up a relationship. What Angel doesn't know is that she had made the mistake of a lifetime.

Accidents do happen but this accident of Angel Harper will change her life forever.


32. Chapter 32

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She’s lying.


I forced the thought out of my head and ended the call before I could hear other accusations from Claire. I held my phone with a tight hand and threw it on the floor, watching it bounce from one side of the room to the other and I am sure I heard a cracking sound but that doesn’t matter. I bit my lip, trying not to break down and I diverted my eyes towards Chris and he was giving me the confused look. I can’t tell him. Not when our problem just ended. I shook my head slowly at him then he stood up and walked slowly towards me. Once he was right in front of me he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close, keeping me safe. That’s when I broke down. I started sobbing on his chest because I can’t take this weight of pain anymore. It’s too much and I too much for me to handle. He was soothing my back with his hands and he knew that no words would be better than bombarding me with a bunch of questions.


“It’s okay,” he said reassuring me and for a moment I believed him.

“How are you so sure?” I whispered onto his chest, feeling his heart beating fast.


“Because,” he said then pulled me away, looking me dead straight in the eyes. “I’m here”


And that’s what made me fully believe him that if he was here, everything was okay and nothing would happen to me. I chuckled then he raised an eyebrow.


“Why are you laughing?” he asked.


“Because we’ve been through so much and if we were to look back, it’s just hilarious” I said nonchalantly.


“You are the only person I know that laughs when she’s crying” he teased then poked my cheek.


I just smiled at him, not knowing what to say. His eyes sparked up like he had an idea in mind and honestly I wouldn’t mind just going out rather than staying here and think of all the things that Claire said. He grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the door. He opened it and I just let him do what he wants, we both ran down the stairs and towards his car outside. He opened the door for me like a true gentleman which made me laugh because it was so not him. He ran towards the driver’s seat, opened the door and jumped inside. Without hesitation, he grabbed the car keys and ignited the car. But before we drove away, he turned his head and looked at me.


“What?” I asked, feeling myself blush. I will never get over the fact that I blush whenever he looks at me.


“Want to tell me what was that about?” he asked slowly, like he was scared and he pointed his chin towards my house.


I want to. Trust me, Chris. I really want to. “No, I really don’t want to,” I said biting my lip.


And in that second his look turned from serious to excitement it nearly made me think of him as a child. He clapped his hands together and turned facing the driver’s wheel. I didn’t care that he wasn’t going to tell me where we were going, it’s the adventure that counts anyways.


“I think, we should escape all of this drama, don’t you think?” he asked me as he drove away.


“Yeah,” I said more to myself than to him as I kicked my feet up the dashboard, let the windows down and turned on the radio.


Open Season by High Highs was on the radio and it fit the mood perfectly as I stared out the window, letting the wind take me away. We drove as far and as far as we pleased. And I trusted him that he would take care of me. I looked at the side mirror and saw that we were really far away from home and I didn’t care. Escaping was a great idea. I looked up at the sky and wondered on how lucky I am to have this boy in my life and I hope he thinks the same thing to. As the song ended, I felt his fingers intertwine with mine and squeezed my hand, like he was assuring me that we are inseparable. I sighed heavily and threw away all the bad thoughts and things that Claire said and told myself to just enjoy the now because who knows when it will end. I turned my head to face him.


“I love you, Chris” I said like it was the most normal thing in the world.


It didn’t even take him 2 seconds to say it back, “I love you too”


And here we are, taking a ride to wherever life takes us. Peaceful.


 I looked at the side mirror again and saw a black car right behind us, the windows wasn’t tinted and I looked inside and saw a man about 3 years older than me, with a wide smile. I bet he’s happy too. It’s nice to know that the people around you are happy. A few minutes later, Chris pulled up by a sidewalk and walked outside, I was about to open the door until he opened it for me and bowed.


“Milady,” he said in a fake British accent.


“Oh please,” I said then rolled my eyes, getting off the car and kissing his cheek.


He grinned and grabbed my hand and pulled me. That’s when I realized, after looking at my surroundings that we were uphill and the view was absolutely mesmerizing. I took a deep breath and smelled the fresh air and I was fully satisfied. This was a perfect moment, not a perfect day but a perfect moment. He dragged me towards the end of the hill and we sat down, out feet dangling in the air. I looked down and then realized that we were more on a cliff than on a hill that one push would lead us to our death. I wasn’t afraid of heights and neither was him. We were looking at the sunset together, hand in hand and his other arm over my shoulder. I looked over the skyline and left all my problems away, I escaped them…with him. It’s nice to escape for once. Just once. The wind breezed through and whipped my hair and I couldn’t help the big smile that formed on my lips. And in that second I actually forgot about everything.


Maybe one day we could do this again.


I turned my head towards him and I stared into his handsome face and gave him a small smile that meant a lot of things. I honestly can't believe that this moment would actually happen; I'd never expect this. He smiled back at me; his smile sending chills down my spine. I leaned on his side, causing him to wrap his other arm around me and pull me into a heart warming hug. I hugged him back and took in his scent that I already loved the moment I met him. He pulled away and we stared into each others eyes. His grey ones into mine. This is the most romantic moment of my life and I wouldn't forget any second of it. The warm breeze swept past us and his eyes flickered down to my lips. My eyes also looked down on his and we leaned in closer. Closer. Closer. And we were now just half an inch apart. His lips lightly brushed against mine and I smiled and I know he felt it because he smiled back. My eyes were closed and i'm pretty sure his were closed too.


I love this boy. I said to myself as I thought about all the sad, fun, romantic and unforgettable days we had together. All of it - from the fights to the stolen kisses; it was all worth it. I love this boy. I said to myself again and deep part of me wanted him to read my mind and for him to tell me "I love you too". Our foreheads were touching and his hands were tight on my waist with my arms wrapped around his neck. I can feel my heart thumping and I just wanted this moment to last forever.


"I love you Angel," he whispered onto my mouth.


I smiled again and kissed him passionately, pouring out all my love to him because I know that I wouldn't be able to do that to anyone else.


"I love you too," I whispered back and then he pulled me closer to him and suddenly we both opened our eyes.


I stared deeply into his and yes, it's true, we both love each other. I closed my eyes again and he kissed me like he never kissed me before. I kissed him back, following his rhythm and we pulled each other as close as we can be; our bodies touching with no space in between. I can feel his heart thumping hard which made me smile against my lips. I savored this moment and tried to make it as slow as possible. I was the first to pull away and we stared at each other again. I can never get enough of his face. Who knew that this boy was just a number away from someone I thought I would love? I smiled and he smiled. I know that this day is going to end sooner or later but my love for him will never end.


Before this all happened I’ve always wondered on how one person can love another person will all her heart, that she can never love another man or that she will be his forever. I’ve always thought that forever was impossible and that one day it will just abscond into the wind like it didn’t happen at all or that one day it will all just end. But as I heard those three words come out of his mouth, it all changed. I believed in forever. He is my forever and I am his. And as I spent this perfect moment with him, I thought that one day, when I’m old and wrinkly, someone would ask me, “How did you believe in forever?”, at first I would laugh and reminisce everything then I would take a deep breath, think of the man I love and say, wholeheartedly, “It all started with a wrong number”.


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