Wrong Number

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  • Published: 26 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 10 Nov 2017
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Angel Harper admits to herself that she does have a crush on the school's player: Jake Bentley. Angel's best friend, Claire Adams, gives the player's number to her and told her to start texting him to spark up a relationship. What Angel doesn't know is that she had made the mistake of a lifetime.

Accidents do happen but this accident of Angel Harper will change her life forever.


3. Chapter 3


Chapter 3


I woke up when I felt a vibration coming from under my soft fluffy pillow. I groaned loudly and inserted my hand under my pillow and pulled out my blackberry. I stared at the screen and I have gotten a text from…an unknown number? I looked at the time on the top screen, at 6am in the morning?!

I clicked the message button and then everything came back to me.

Fucking Chris.

How could I forget the jackass? And why is he texting me this early? I squeezed my phone hard, surprised that it’s not broken yet. And when I read the message I wanted to destroy myself right now.


Good morning beautiful


I know that girls would swoon if guys texted them this but not me, especially if that guy is named Chris. I narrowed my eyes at my phone. I just want to kill him right now and dance in front of his grave. I smiled at the thought. I only realized now that I was still in the position as I was last night before I slept. I shifted my position and moaned in pain because my whole body ached. I stared at my window and it was still a bit dark. Dang you Chris, waking me up at 6. I rolled my eyes and decided to get up early. I was still clutching my phone on my hand and for what seemed like forever I decided to reply to the jackass.


Well, it’s not a good morning since you woke me up at 6am in the morning. How do you know I’m beautiful?


I threw my phone on my bed knowing that he would take time replying but as I took one step forward I heard my phone vibrate. How the hell? I ran back to my bed and sunk on the floor beside it. I reached for my phone and read the message.


Him: Baby, you just admitted you’re beautiful


Me: What?


Him: Ugh, why are you so stupid. You said, “How do you know I’m beautiful?” clearly states that you admitted that you’re beautiful


My eye started twitching and my hands were shaking like never before. I muffled a scream and typed a reply back, I typed so furiously I was surprised the buttons on my keyboard wasn’t stuck on my fingers yet.


Leave. Me. Alone.


And so he didn’t reply and I was grateful. I left my phone on the floor and walked to my bathroom to shower. I had a hot, nice and long shower, I walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my body. There was still water dripping down my body and on the floor and I couldn’t care less if the wet marks were on the carpet. I walked to my closet lazily and changed for school. I thought of wearing a ‘chill’ outfit today and by chill I mean really chill. I was wearing a light blue v-neck and jeans and white converse. I walked over to my phone and the red light was blinking. I sighed and picked up my phone. I clicked the message button and saw the message that was sent 2 minutes after my last one.


Him: Okay baby girl. Talk to you later


Me: I will never ever talk to you later


Surprisingly he replied back in less than 5 seconds. I’m having theories that this guy is a robot.


Him: But you just did baby


I literally face palmed myself knowing that he was totally right. Maybe I should ignore him… But I didn’t, I don’t know why but I just cant keep my fingers off my phone.


Me: Why are you still talking to me? I’m not interested in your…stuff


Him: Stuff? What kind of stuff?

Me: Your player stuff


Him: You think I’m a player? :O Shame


Me: Whatever. So why are you still talking to me?

Him: I find you interesting.


Me: In what way?


Him: In a sexy way ;)




Him: Where’s The Food? Oh it’s in your ref, baby girl, need help guiding you there? ;)


Me: -____- your jokes aren’t funny.


Him: Whatever you say, I bet my Xbox you laughed.


I put on a straight face and I looked at the clock and it was 6:45am. I sighed and decided not to reply hoping that he would give up. I packed up my school stuff, placed my phone on my back pocket and left the room. I walked down the stairs finding my mother in the couch watching the news. She turned her head when she heard me going down the stairs.


“Mom, morning” I said with a straight face, recalling what happened yesterday.


“Morning,” she replied with a warm smile then brought her attention back to the TV.


“I’m going to school now,” I stated crossing my arms and walking in front of her blocking her view of the TV.


“Angelica” she whined and tried to push me away but fortunately I’m much stronger than my mom. She sighed and I relaxed.


She stood up and kissed me on the cheek. “Good luck in school honey”


“Thank you” I said then grinned.


I stopped blocking her view of the TV and headed for the front door. I pulled it open and I had to hug myself because the morning breeze was just too cold. My teeth were chattering as I walked over to my Beetle. I rubbed my hands together attempting to make it warm. As I reached my car, I placed my shaking right hand on the handle and pulled, unfortunately it wouldn’t open. This day is getting worse by the second. I will have a talk with my mom later. I pulled with both hands but it just wont open.


“Dammit!” I shouted then kicked my car rather too hard.


I whined and held my toe hoping around my car like a crazy girl. When it stopped hurting, I let go of my foot and looked around. No one was out yet, well obviously its around 6:55am in the morning. I put all the blame to Chris for waking me up at 6am in the morning and now I need to find a ride to school. Unfortunately my mom’s car isn’t home because she brought it to the repair shop since the air-conditioner broke. Chris, I will kill you. I typed a short message but it meant a thousand words and sent it to Chris.


I. Will. Kill. You.


Instantly, he replied.


Him: Why?


Me: Because of you for waking me up so early, I don’t have a ride to school!


Him: Its 6:55am in the morning, why the hell would you go to school that early?


Me: Either way, my car door won’t open and now I’m stuck here!!


Him: Well it’s not my fault your car door won’t open. Your loss


Me: If you hadn’t woken me up that early, maybe just maybe, my car door wont be stuck!


Him: You didn’t like my morning message? Isn’t that what you girls like?


Me: Well not me, especially if that person is named Chris


Him: Whatever silly girl

Me: -_-


Him: What?


Me: Nothing!!


Him: Then stop texting me. I’m busy.


I narrowed my eyes at the screen and fought the urge to throw it at my car. What is wrong with him today? He’s not so cocky and arrogant. He is such a bipolar ass! For some reason, I felt sad because he isn’t trying to get my attention like yesterday.

Wait, what? Me? Sad? I should be happy that he doesn’t want to talk to me! But-


Beep. Beep.


My head turned to face a black car that was parked in front of my house and I honestly didn’t see it passing by. Claire doesn’t own a black car and I don’t know anyone that owns one. The windows went down and there revealed the guy I liked, Jake Bentley. I

was smiling like an idiot inside thinking that he came for me.


I walked over to the car and hugged my shoulders.


“J-jake” I stuttered.


Damn! Why is it so cold?! Thank you coldness for making a fool of myself in front of Jake by stuttering.


“Hey Angel, got a ride?” he asked nicely.


I looked at my car then back at him then shook my head. Wait, he knows my name? Now my day is slowly getting better. He smiled and patted his hand on the passenger’s seat. I gave him a confused look and he smiled back.


“Hop in” he said.




“I’ll give you a ride,”


“You sure?” I asked then I felt my cheeks heating up.


He nodded then bent over and opened the door for me. I muttered thanks and hopped in. I was greeted with the scent of blueberry and men, which obviously was Jake. The smell of his car just made me feel so cozy and safe I wouldn’t mind sleeping here for the night. Once I got over the smell, I just stared at the road waiting for it to move any second. I felt so awkward just sitting in Jake’s car, saying nothing, doing nothing and that’s the thing about me…I can’t start a conversation. My thoughts drifted to something else… Why is he talking to me? Why is he being nice? And how did he know where I lived? We have been classmates with each other ever since and he only decides to talk to me now. Was it because of the incident yesterday? I continued to stare at the road and that’s when I realized that the car wasn’t moving; I turned half my body to Jake and gave him a confused look.


“Uhm, aren’t we leaving yet?” I asked, raising my eyebrow.


He chuckled and pointed at something behind me. I furrowed my brows and turned my body to the other side and that’s when I realized I forgot to close the door. Damn! I’m so stupid!

“Sorry,” I said, embarrassed, then shut the door as quick as I can.


“Sure” he said then laughed quietly then I felt my cheeks heat up.

God, that is the most embarrassing moment of my whole life. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat and rested my elbow on the window. He then drove off and the ride to school was extremely quiet. When we stopped because of the traffic light my phone vibrated and I know completely who it was, damn Chris. I ignored the vibration even though it was really getting on my nerves. It vibrated for 10 times straight and I wasn’t planning on checking on it. I rolled my eyes and just allowed it to vibrate more.


“Uhm, are you going to answer that?” said Jake.


Damn me! I completely forgot he was here. I turned to him and smiled warmly.


“Humm, no” I said flatly then faced the road once more.


He sighed then drove when the light turned green. When we were close to school my phone was vibrating again and honestly I wanted to throw it out the window. It didn’t stop vibrating for a whole 5 minutes and that’s when I heard a moan beside me. I looked at him on the corner of my eye and it looked like he was extremely pissed and annoyed.


Damn you Chris, now Jake will hate me.


“I should probably answer that,” I muttered while playing with my fingers.


“You should’ve ever since it started vibrating,” he said with absolutely no emotion shown.


I reached for my phone in my pocket and brought it out and there I saw Claire’s ID number instead of Chris’. I breathed out a sigh of relief and declined her call because I am still very furiously mad with her with a burning passion. I put my phone back in my pocket then nodded at Jake reassuringly, he returned the nod then drove off.


For what felt like a century, we reached school, he dropped me off at the entrance then drove off obviously going to park his car and he didn’t even say “bye” and I didn’t even say “thank you”. I was wondering if I should wait for him or he’s too popular that he has friends that come to school this early. I decided to go without him. I shrugged and walked my way to the doors of the school. Once I entered the school there was absolutely no one here yet, well obviously. I tightened my grip on my bag and walked to my locker that was not so far. Actually, it was really dark in the hallways. I put the code on my locker and opened it then all the memories hit me like cold water. A shiver ran down my spine as I recalled the events. I fixed all my school stuff and looked at my schedule that was taped on my locker wall. I had Biology first. I definitely hate Biology even though I want to be a doctor when I grow up. I sighed and got my Biology stuff and headed to the Laboratory that was down the hall and to the left. Even though it was really dark I was able to find my way to the lab. I pushed open the doors and saw my biology teacher sitting down on his chair behind the desk.


“Morning sir”



It’s finally the end of the day and I’m tired as fuck. Claire and I left the classroom not bothering to say farewell to our teacher. I haven’t spoken to Claire the whole day even in lunch and she didn’t seem to notice. We both exit the classroom and headed to our lockers which were both beside each other. We were both quiet as we walked and I was starting to get suspicious. Once I opened my locker door, not even 1 second passed it suddenly was closed and if I moved my hand and inch I wouldn’t have any more fingers. I turned to look at Claire who nearly chopped off my fingers and glared at her. She returned the glare then crossed her arms giving me the angriest pair of eyes I have ever seen.


“What is it?” I snapped at her as I reached out to open my locker door again but she grabbed my wrist and gave it a tight squeeze.


“Why are you ignoring me?” she whispered in an angry, I-will-kill-you-later tone.


Cause you’re such a dick!” I shouted at her then roughly removed her hand from my wrist.


She walked a few steps backward and gave me a confused look.


“What!” she shouted more than asked in a high pitched screeching voice.


Breathe. Breathe.


“You fucking gave me the wrong number!” I said to her slowly while closing my eyes in an irritated manner.


“What are you talking about Harper?!” she exclaimed and I swear we were getting stares.


“You heard me Adams” I said through clenched teeth then moved closer to her invading her comfort zone. “You. Gave. Me. The. Wrong. Number”


“What?! No I didn’t!”


“Yes you fucking did!”


She laughed a devilish laugh. Daughter of the devil.


“Prove it then missy!”


“Oh hell yeah I will!”


I grabbed my phone from my pocket, not breaking eye contact with Claire then shoved it in her hands and beckoned her to look at it. She chuckled then looked at my phone while I crossed my arms in a “show-off” manner then her laughter died away once she read the conversation. A smirk formed in her lips as she read on. Why is she smirking?! Once she passed my phone back to me, her emotions shifted once again and now she was excited as fuck.


“Why are you so happy?!” I shouted at her as I snatched my phone form her hand and thrust it roughly inside my pocket.


“He likes you!” she squealed then started jumping up and down.


“What are you talking about?” I said then sighed in exasperation.


Typical Claire. Thinking that every guy that texts me likes me. Wait, why am I being so normal around her? I’m supposed to be mad at her. But I guess that’s what best friends are, forgiving each other after a short fight about some stupid accident. Claire suddenly grabbed my shoulders then shook me hard enough to make me dizzy.


“Claire!” I demanded then pushed her away from me.


“He’s flirting with you, honey” she said, prolonging the flirting then she grabbed my arm and pulled me inside the nearest female bathroom.


She pushed me inside and pointed at the sink for me to sit on it and I didn’t hesitate. I sat down on the sink and she stood in front of me. She was tapping her index finger on her chin looking as if she was thinking. Oh Claire, if only you knew that I don’t care about Chris.


“What’s up Claire?” I asked as started pacing back and forth.


“The fact that someone likes Angel Harper” she said excitedly then walked in front of me, she held my hands in hers then looked at me with her most soft eyes.


“Stop it Claire,” I demanded then sighed heavily. I tried to pull my hands away from hers but she just held it tighter.


“Is he hot?”


“How am I supposed to know?! For all I know, he could be some fatso that’s 50 years old!” I shouted and that’s when I realized…what if he is a 50-year-old fatso?


“He doesn’t text like one!” she said then tried to grab my phone from my pocket but I pushed her away.


I pointed an accusing finger at her and shook my head. “No”


“Aww come on! I need to talk to the guy that has fallen in love with my best friend!” she said dreamily then tried once again to grab my phone.


“Claire, stop! You already ruined my life by giving me the wrong number!” I exclaimed then got my phone then placed it inside my shirt. “There! You wouldn’t dare get my phone that is currently in between my boobs!”


“Fine, Harper, but I will call him one day”


Then suddenly a thought crossed my mind…something that I have been dying to know ever since this whole thing started.

“Why do you have Jake’s number?”


“That, my lovely friend, is classified information” she replied then crossed her arms.


“Oh whatever” I muttered. “Give me your phone”


“What?” she asked with a worried look on her face, a face that tells me that she’s hiding something.


“Now! Phone!” I shouted in an angry way.


Without hesitation she pulled out her phone and I snatched it from her hand. I skimmed through her contacts and when I found my target I got my phone from my pocket and opened Chris’ number. I compared Jake’s number and Chris’ number and Claire really did send me a wrong number. She got the first few numbers right but the last number instead of a 1 she typed a 2. So Chris is only one number away from Jake. Rage started flooding my system once again as I recalled Chris and his annoying texts. If only Claire typed one number right I wouldn’t be in this mess right now! I whipped my head towards Claire and started to squeeze her phone with my hand. She squealed and snatched her phone and cradled it. I am about to whip her ass!


“YOU JUST GOT ONE FUCKING NUMBER WRONG?!” I shouted at her because I cannot contain my anger any longer.


She gave me a wry smile and put her phone back in her pocket.


“What were you doing?!”


“I was with Luke you know and-“



“I’m sorry, I promise I will make it up to you” she pleaded.


“Just one-“


I sighed knowing that she will keep her promise. I hopped off the sink and leaned on it instead. We both looked at each other and I bet we were thinking the same thing.


“Thinking what I’m thinking?” asked Claire as her famous devilish smirk formed on her lips.


“Definitely,” I said then we both left the bathroom.




I desperately need an editor for this story and for The Styles Twins, I’m not really confident if my grammar is okay so that’s why I need an editor. I REALLY REALLY NEED AN EDITOR. If you are interested please say so in the comments and tell me your name, age, where you live and how often you go online. If you are a good editor there is  a 99% chance I might add you as a character in the story *wink wink*


Anyways, not much of Chris in this chapter. So now we now how Claire got his number wrong tsk tsk tsk. There will be more Chris in the next chapter :)


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