Wrong Number

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  • Published: 26 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 10 Nov 2017
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Angel Harper admits to herself that she does have a crush on the school's player: Jake Bentley. Angel's best friend, Claire Adams, gives the player's number to her and told her to start texting him to spark up a relationship. What Angel doesn't know is that she had made the mistake of a lifetime.

Accidents do happen but this accident of Angel Harper will change her life forever.


29. Chapter 29

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The one word that described every bit of what I’m feeling right now.


Right after I heard the unbearable sound of the gun, the three men ran away. Cowards.


And once they were out of sight, I ran to Chris and shook his body, trying to find some life in him. I searched his eyes but there was nothing. Nothing. I placed my left ear on his chest and nothing. Nothing. Could he be? No. I looked at his stomach and it was bleeding uncontrollably, I placed my hand on his stomach to apply pressure. My vision was blurry due to my tears and I told myself not to cry. I was pressing hard on his stomach, trying to stop the bleeding. I screamed and cried on his shoulder, begging him to come back to me.  That’s when I remembered and realized that there was a thing called 911. I growled in frustration and dialed the number on my phone.


“911, what’s your-“


“Someone shot him!” I shouted to the phone as the tears fell down my face.


My hands were shaking and I could feel the cold blood on my fingertips.


“Where are you ma’am?”


“Alleyway, near McDonald’s” I whispered on the phone then once the line went dead I dropped it on the floor.


I was pressing so hard on his stomach that my fingers started to get numb. I looked around me for help but there was nothing. I tried to slow my heart rate and get my normal breathing back but I wasn’t able to do it. I touched his cheek and he was starting to get cold. I screamed which made me start to cry even more. Nothing. Absolutely nothing can compare to what I am feeling right now. The hand that was not on his stomach went up to his face and I bent down and kissed his lifeless lips. I pulled away and rest my forehead on his and a tear fell from my eye, falling down on his cheek. I looked at his eyes hoping that I could see them one last time.


“Please don’t die,” I whispered and closed my eyes, bringing myself closer to him.


Even though I’m pretty sure he must be.


My whole body was shaking and I couldn’t even think straight anymore. I thought about everything we went through, from the accident text to the stolen kisses, from the fights to the sweet sweet moments…all adding up to this, with him in my arms…dead. Maybe unconscious. Who knows.


A few seconds later I heard the sound of an ambulance, I know I’m supposed to let him go but a huge part of me wanted to keep holding him. I knew he was safe in my arms but a tiny voice inside of me is saying that the doctors know better. I’m not letting go. I can’t.


“Ma’am, we need you to let go,” said a nurse who was hovering above me.


I looked up at the nurse and she gave me a tight smile, I took a deep breath and let go of Chris and watched as the nurses rushed towards him and carried him to lay him down on a stretcher. I watched as they dragged him towards the ambulance. I feel so weak. My legs started shaking and I let out a sob. I closed my eyes and thought about him. Just him. And now it felt like he was standing beside me again. Like home.


“Ma’am, would you like to go in the ambulance?” said the nurse.


“Oh yeah, of course” I said softly then she held my arm and dragged me softly towards the ambulance.


We arrived at the hospital a few minutes later and there was a bunch of doctors shouting and pointing and running. It was all going so fast and I wasn’t able to catch up. I was too tired to run with them, to follow him so instead I just walked. Once I found the place where he was being confined, I walked towards the doors but suddenly a nurse came in my way.


“Sorry miss but you can’t go in,” he said.


“Oh whatever” I snapped back at him then switched directions and walked towards a bench.


I was tired. My eyelids were falling. My body was shaking. I completely forgot that I was beaten up but that didn’t matter. I ignored the excruciating pain on my body and instead thought of him. I hope he’s okay.


“Miss, are you alright?” said a man who was sitting beside me. I didn’t even notice him.


“Yeah,” I replied, not even looking at his face but instead I was looking at the marble floor.


“You’re bleeding, are you sure?” he asked with a concerned voice.


“I don’t care about me,” I whispered, trying hard not to think about his lifeless body. “It’s him I’m worried about” I said as I pointed to the doors where Chris was laying inside.


“Don’t worry, he’ll be alright” he said assuring.


“How are you so sure?” I snapped back at him, this time looking at him in the eye.


“Because he’s got an angel watching over him,” he said then went back to reading the newspaper.


And if he dies? I’ve got nothing left to lose.


After a few minutes, the pain on my stomach was getting worse but I just ignored it. Luckily, the man left already and I didn’t want him talking to me about life and stuff. I placed my hands on my head and looked at the doors and nothing changed. I stared at the doors until my eyelids fell and I went inside a peaceful yet painful sleep.


“Angel,” he said as he wrapped his arms around my waist.


“Chris,” I replied as I rested my head on his chest.


“Goodbye,” he said. “I will always love you”


“What?” I said as I pulled away.


He lifted his hand up and he was holding a gun. My eyes widened and I reached my hand to stop him. He raised the gun to the side of his head and was about to pull the trigger. I screamed at him to stop and I was about to jump on him until I heard the loud bang and the bullet shot across his head and blood spurted everywhere. He fell on the ground with his eyes wide open.


My body jolted upwards and I screamed. I looked at my surroundings and saw that everyone was gawking at me. Just a dream. Just a dream. My body started shaking as I recalled the vision of seeing him dead on the ground. I started hitting my head with my fist then a few minutes later everyone stopped looking at me. I looked towards the door and it stayed the same. I growled in anger and stood up then walked towards the door. I pushed the doors but unfortunately they didn’t open. It’s locked. I screamed in anger and ignored the eyes that were pinned on the back of my head. I thrust the door with my shoulder but nothing happened. I started to kick the door and punch the door and did everything I can to try to open the door.


“Why wont you open dammit!” I shouted at the door.


I looked left and right and everyone was staring at me. Suddenly a nurse ran to me and held my arm hard and squeezed tight.


“Ma’am, I need you to come with me,” she said slowly like I was a crazy person.


“No!” I shouted at her face. “I need to see him!”


I pushed her away and pushed the door again and again. The pain on my knuckles was unbearable and I started to cry.


“Please let me in,” I whispered to the door.


“Ma’am please come with me” the nurse growled.


I snapped my head towards her and pushed her causing her to fall to the ground. Suddenly a bunch of guards started running towards me and my eyes widened in panic. I stopped banging the door and looked to my right and there was also a bunch of people running towards me. With adrenaline in my veins, I wiped my eyes and turned around but unfortunately a guy in black wrapped his arms around me, making me go still. No! They’ve caught me!


I thrashed around and fought hard to make the man let go of me.


“Get off me!” I shouted then started to punch his hard yet soft chest.


 I screamed then I felt myself about to cry, I held back a sob and took a deep breath and that’s when I realized something different.


Everyone was quiet. Everyone was staring at us.


No more guards trying to kill me.


My eyes widened and when I took in another deep breath, something was familiar.


I will never forget this scent from anywhere. Ever.


I tilted my head up and despite my blurry vision I was able to see the face of the man I love with his arms wrapped around me. No matter how blind I was I know if it’s him. He was looking down at me with the biggest grin ever which made me laugh. His eyes silenced me and I don’t think I can ever speak again. He's alive. I leaned my head on his chest and I was not wrong. Thinking about all this makes me want to cry, I sniffed back a sob which made him run his hand up and down my back. He's alive. Oh my god. He's actually alive.

“Don’t worry, I’m here” he whispered to me. “And I’m never leaving

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