Wrong Number

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  • Published: 26 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 10 Nov 2017
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Angel Harper admits to herself that she does have a crush on the school's player: Jake Bentley. Angel's best friend, Claire Adams, gives the player's number to her and told her to start texting him to spark up a relationship. What Angel doesn't know is that she had made the mistake of a lifetime.

Accidents do happen but this accident of Angel Harper will change her life forever.


25. Chapter 25


“What?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“They all died because of me, Angel,” he whispered, “Me”


“Don’t say that,” I said then placed my hand on his back.


“I can’t escape the truth, Angel,”


“Fine, fine, whatever. But what happened?” I asked in a worried tone.


“Come,” he said then placed my hand in his and pulled me towards the staircases.


I walked behind him, with my hand still in his and as we reached the second floor I realized that all the doors looked old and ruined except for one which I believe belonged to him. We both walked to the undamaged door and he pulled out a key and opened the door. I was the first to step in and the only thing I saw was black. Everything was black, from the curtains to the carpets to the bed, everything. He’s so dark is he like this because of his family? I was pulled out of my reverie as he pulled me towards the bed, the only thing I was feeling at the moment was that I was a bit scared and nervous. What if he kisses me again? I’m a terrible kisser. He sat me down on the bed and he sat across me. He looked me dead straight in the eyes and I stared right back at his, gosh, I can never get enough of his eyes. I didn’t have time to examine his room and surprisingly it was neat and organized, but it was just too dark then he spoke slowly.


“You see, my family, we were once so happy,” he started slowly, “So so happy,”


I forced a smile, not knowing what to say and he continued.


“Then one day, I was 13 I think, I had a fight with my mom and dad because they didn’t allow me to go to my monthsary with Blaire, my ex-girlfriend,” he explained, “So I got furious because Blaire meant the world to me…well she did”


I couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy as he mentioned that she meant the world to him. He went on.


“Then my father slapped me and I punched his stomach, rather hard” he said but this time a bit with a lower voice.


“Oh,” was all I could say.


“Anyways, I got furious and I left with my car, driving to nowhere” he said, “Then when I came home I found 3 lifeless bodies on our living room. Dead.”




“Wait. So I found out days later that it was my girlfriend’s boyfriend that killed all of them,” he said, “Blaire used me and apparently she was cheating on me as well. You see, Blaire isn’t the rich kind of girl so when we started dating she knew how rich my father was and so the week before everything happened…”


“She asked for everything,” I finished his sentence.


“Yeah, she got my address, my dad’s safe code when we were making out, everything…”


I was in utter shock. How can he? I would never ever say family stuff to anyone, even him and even Claire. I stared at him, a bit disappointed that he would actually do that.


“How can I be so naïve? How can I be so stupid?” he said to himself as he placed his hands on the side of his head and growled in anger.


I shook my head and pulled him into a hug. “You cant do anything about it anymore,”


“Yeah, I know,”


“All you have to do is move on from it,” I whispered on his ear, “Your family is watching you from above and they’ll be disappointed when they see that their son is doing nothing but mourn for his wrong doings. You have to face them, to fight them and to move on”


He pulled me in the hug tighter and wrapped his arms around my waist. He kissed my neck which caused chills to run down my spine. It suddenly got so quiet and the only thing I could hear was the sound of his breathing and the sound of his heart thumping against my chest. It was a comfortable silence and I didn’t want it to end. I felt him smile against my neck and suddenly he pushed me down on the bed, pinning both my wrists on the sides of my head. My gosh, this is the most sexual thing I’ve ever done. He was looking down at me, smirking his annoying smirk with his weight pushed down on me. This is the closest I’ve ever been with him and it felt nice and weird at the same time. Gosh, I’m so new at this. I started chewing my bottom lip and he realized it.


“Why so worried, my angel?” he said as his smirk widened.


“I’m not worried…” I said, my voice cracking.


“Yes you are, you’re nervous aren’t you?” he whispered on my ear as he bit my ear lobe.


“Did you tell me that sad story just to get in my pants?” I said then stuck my tongue out at him.


He grinned and took the chance to kiss me, he bent his head down and slammed his lips on mine. He licked my bottom lip which made me gasp and his tongue went down my mouth. We were now kissing heatedly and I kinda got the rhythm, he let go of my wrists and instead, place his hands on the sides of my head and I placed my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. I was playing with his hair when he pulled away to get air. We were both breathing heavily and he was looking down at me with glowing eyes. He looks so happy.


“Angel,” he said, his eyes not leaving mine.


“Yes, Chris?”


“I like you,” he said with a smile on his face, “A lot”


I couldn’t help the blush that formed on my face and this time I wasn’t afraid to say it either.


“I like you too,” I said as I brought my head up and kissed him on the cheek.


He frowned down at me which made me giggle out loud.


“You have the most sexiest laugh ever” he grinned at me.


“Most sexiest? That’s wrong grammar,” I said then stuck my tongue at him.


“Who cares, as long as it’s more than just enough,” he said then kissed me again.


The day ended with us just making out on his bed, nothing more than that and it was just perfect. This was the most romantic day of my life, he and I took my car going home which he commented, “What kind of car is this?”. He drove going home and the whole time we were holding hands and listening to indie music. When he dropped me off, I was about to walk up the front steps till he pulled me and hugged me tight. He told me that he didn’t want me to go and that I should spend the night with him instead and we wouldn’t do anything sexual. I just laughed then pecked his lips and walked up the stairs. When I closed the front door, I ran to the window and peeked outside and there he was, leaning on my car with a huge smile on his face. He waited for about a minute then he walked away. I ran up to my room, ignoring my mom asking me why I was home so late and once I reached my room, I jumped on my bed, hugging my pillow. I couldn’t stop smiling then a few minutes later my phone vibrated. I pulled it out and it was a message from Chris.


Him: Stop being so beautiful.


I couldn’t help the huge grin that formed on my face and I started getting chills everywhere.


Me: Stop being so sweet.


Him: Never ;)


Me: Ugh. You still annoy me -.-


Him: That’s my plan in making you want me ;)


Me: I already told you that I like you, what more do you want? :P


Him: Something


Me: What is it? :)


Him: Nooo it’s too early for that


Me: Is it….the three letter word?


Him: NO NO NO NO NO Gosh, Angel, maybe you want it more than I do ;)


Me: Shut up, Mr. Sexcrazy


Him: Never, Ms. Hard-To-Get


Me: I am not hard to get!


Him: Yes. You. Definitely. Are. Anyways, what are you thinking about?


Me: Unicorns floating and chickens swimming on clouds. How about you?


Him: Your smile.


Me: :)


Him: Your beautiful eyes. Your perfect body. The way you put your hands on your stomach when you laugh. The way you look down when you are flattered. The way your cheeks turn pink when you blush. The way you smile when I say something sweet. The way you fiddle with your fingers when you are feeling awkward. The way you bit your lip when you are nervous, I swear one day, I’m going to bite that lip. Anyways, all in all, I’m just thinking of you. Not just the big things but the little things about you.


That has to be the sweetest text I have ever gotten in my whole entire life and right now I regretted not staying the night with him. I could be just laying on his arms, watching a movie or something.


Me: You never fail to make me smile :)


Him: I just sent you the sweetest text of all time and all you say is that? -.- Jeez, you are hard to get :P


Me: Meh, whatever. I’m used to you and your….annoyingness :)


Him: Psch, you love it.


Me: I dunnnoooo maybe I hate it with a burning passion >:) Anyways, you never answered my question :P


Him: What is it?


Me: What’s too early for something?


Him: Is this the one where you said what more do I want?


Me: Yuuuup


Him: Nope.


Me: Come on.


Him: -.-


Me: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease


Me: Pretty pleeeease




Me: Yay


Him: I want you to love me, Angel Harper. I don’t want you just to like me, I want you to love me.


Me: Yup, I think it is too early for that bu


My message was cut off because apparently he sent another one. I closed my message and opened his.


Him: It’s not too early for you to love me, Angel. Nothing’s ever too early because, I know this sounds cliché, but I fell in love with you the day I laid my eyes on your text. Yes Angel, I love you. Believe or not. But I do.



A/N: I would like to say that this story is about to end soon :--( really really sad huhu anyways, thanks for all the support <3

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