Wrong Number

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  • Published: 26 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 10 Nov 2017
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Angel Harper admits to herself that she does have a crush on the school's player: Jake Bentley. Angel's best friend, Claire Adams, gives the player's number to her and told her to start texting him to spark up a relationship. What Angel doesn't know is that she had made the mistake of a lifetime.

Accidents do happen but this accident of Angel Harper will change her life forever.


22. Chapter 22

“Jake,” I gasped out.



He walked towards me and I didn’t move an inch, which was surprising. I was too much in shock to even move an inch. I stared at his eyes and I knew that he wasn’t lying at all. He’s fallen for me. A few steps later we were now about 5 inches apart and he was already invading my personal space. He grabbed my shoulders with his hands and he wasn’t too rough. A shiver ran down my back and he looked at me with worried eyes, probably because I haven’t said anything relevant yet. I sighed heavily and shook my head slowly, which made him frown. I straightened my mind up and decided that I have to make things straight. Do I like him? Well, I did. But do I like him enough to spark up a relationship?


“I’m sorry, I-“


“I promise I’ll be good to you,” he whispered at me as he shook my shoulders hard.


I shook my head again and gave him a hard look. “You can’t fall for me! I’m nothing and you’re everything”


“No, Ange-“


“You’re Mr. Popular guy! The jock of the school! The girl everyone wants and the guy every boy wants to be” I exasperated as I threw my hands in the air.


“I want you. I don’t know why but I like you. I want you to be mine” he shouted out as he gave me a truthful look, “You have this innocence that makes me want to take care of you”


“I used to like you Jake but I don’t anymore-“


“Is it Chris? Don’t tell me you like that bastard,” he hissed out as his face hardened.


“He’s not a bastard!” I shouted at him as I backed away, walking a few feet away from him.


“So seeing him make out with some other girl doesn’t mean anything?” he snapped at me as he clenched his fists.


“Of course it means something-“ I shouted back at him as I threw my hands up, “Wait! This is none of your business!”




“Why cant you ever leave me alone, Jake?!” I shouted at him and did the most childish thing and threw a pillow at him.


He caught the pillow with ease and a playful smile formed on his face. He shook his head slowly and sighed heavily.


“You were the one who called me when you needed me that day” he whispered out as his hands fell to his sides, “You are the one who needed me so don’t tell me to leave you alone”


“That only happened once and will never happen again,” I said to him even though I knew that I was lying.


“You sure about that, Angel Harper?” he whispered huskily to me.


He took a few steps toward me which made me take a few steps back, this kept going on until finally my back hit my window and I was cornered. I took a deep intake of breath and looked down at my shoes, terrified of what he would do. Why does all the guys have to intimidate me? He took another step closer to me and we were now inches apart. I felt my knees get weak and I wanted to fall to the ground but I didn’t. I pinched my thighs to keep myself from being sane. The tension in my room is heated and if my mom walked in on us, there would be a hell of talking later on.


I thought about what Jake said and I knew he was right. He would be good to me and I knew that he would never hurt me. I don’t really know him that much but I know that he’d never hurt me like what Chris did. I honestly thought that Chris would never hurt me but I was all wrong. Everything about him was all wrong and it hurts like hell. It left a stabbing pain on my chest every time I think of him and every time I hear his name. All those sweet texts, sweet moments and heartwarming smiles was all a lie. But when I think of Jake, even though he’s an arrogant jerk in the outside but in the inside he’s one hell of an amazing guy. Chris on the other hand, him on the outside is amazing; he’s kind, sweet and funny but him on the inside… is dark and dangerous and I regret everything that happened between us. Jake would never hurt me. I don’t know why but I can feel it.


Suddenly I felt his thumb and pointer finger on my chin and he lifted my head up, making me face him. I looked straight into his eyes and I knew that he wasn’t lying one bit. Our faces were inches apart and his eyes went from my eyes down to my lips and back up. I did the same and I can feel the heat of his body on mine. I’ve been dying for this moment all my life and I don’t know if I’m doing it with the right person but it felt right. I don’t know what made me do it but my arms wrapped around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist. I felt safe in his arms and right now I didn’t wan this moment to end. He looked down at me and he smiled but he looked a bit nervous. No words were spoken and we just stared at each other’s eyes for about a minute. A few seconds later, he inched down and my lips brushed against his. I closed my eyes and waited…and in that second I felt his warm and sweet lips against mine and it felt right. I didn’t know how to kiss but I just went with the flow, I kissed him back and pulled him closer to me and he did as well. His sweet tender lips massaged mine and it was addicting. I ran my hands through his hair and I felt a smile form on his lips. We were kissing for about 2 minutes already and suddenly I heard a breaking sound outside of my room. I pulled away from the kiss and looked behind him and the door was open which I remembered a few minutes ago that Jake had closed it. I walked past Jake and towards the door and I looked outside. I heard my mom’s snoring and I knew that she wasn’t the one who caused the noise. I looked down at the floor and saw that the vase that was on the table outside of my room was lying on the floor; shattered to pieces. A gasp escaped my lips and I knew that someone else was in my room. Jake and I weren’t alone…someone else was here. I was staring at the broken vase on the floor and thought of all the people who could possibly be here. This day definitely turned out the way I didn’t expect it would be. A few seconds later after staring at the vase I suddenly heard the sound of a front door shutting. My eyes widened and I ran downstairs, desperate to know who came. It can’t be Chris. I was near the front door until I tripped on my shoelaces which caused me to fall face down on the floor. I groaned in pain as I tried to stand up.


“Angel!” shouted Jake as he bent down beside me and helped me up.


I smiled at him, and said thanks then I held on to his shoulder as I pointed at the door. He walked me to the door and eagerly, I pulled open the door and ran outside and looking far into the distance. Nothing. There was no sign of movement or a car. I let out a sigh and shrugged my shoulders. I turned to look at Jake and he was looking far off the distance as well.


“Who do you think it was?” he asked me as he stared absentmindedly at the sunset.


“Who knows,” I said more to myself than to him.

A/N: Yay i finally updated :--) Wew so i'm finally 15 years old last Monday and i feel so old euw :-( Soo what do you think about this chaptah? :--)


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