Wrong Number

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  • Published: 26 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 10 Jan 2017
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Angel Harper admits to herself that she does have a crush on the school's player: Jake Bentley. Angel's best friend, Claire Adams, gives the player's number to her and told her to start texting him to spark up a relationship. What Angel doesn't know is that she had made the mistake of a lifetime.

Accidents do happen but this accident of Angel Harper will change her life forever.


17. Chapter 17


QOTC: Who is thiiiiiiis? :-)

Chapter 17


“Angel?” said Jake worriedly on the phone.


I took a deep breath and tried to sound strong. “I need a ride,”


“Of course, where you at?”


“Um…I don’t know,” I said as I face palmed myself. Damn you Chris. “You know, I’ll just walk home and yeah-“


“Don’t be such a stubborn baby, I’ll let my dad track your number and I’ll be there in a bit” he said quickly and I could hear walk outside his room. “But hey, are you alright?”




“Duh, Angel” he said then snickered.


I shook my head. “No, not okay. Can you just come here, please?”


I bit my lip and I hugged myself as a cold breeze came by. I wonder where Chris is… Should I look back and see if he’s still there? I think I should. I turned my head for a quick second and saw that yes, Chris isn’t there anymore. Seeing this broke my heart even more. He left me. And right now I just wanted to fall to the ground and cry my heart out. This pain was just too much.


“Angel, you there?”


I completely forgot that I was on the phone with Jake, I fought back a sob and said in a high pitched voice, “Yeah, I’m here. What were you saying?”


“Why’d you call me?” he asked like it was nothing.


Because I just need someone right now. “I honestly don’t know, I just really wanna get out of here. Please hurry, Jake” I said in a needy voice.


“I’m already here,” he said in his arrogant tone.


A gasp escaped my lips as I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I whipped around and there was Jake Bentley in his all sexy glory, his height over powering me and he wore that big smirk on his face. He was twirling his car keys on his finger and I couldn’t help the smile that formed on my face.


“Jake,” I exasperated and smiled widely.


What the hell is going on with me?


“Angelica,” he said teasingly then winked. “Are you just gonna stare at me or are we gonna go?”


My eyes widened and I nodded quickly, staring down at the ground as I fought hard not to slap myself. I felt a hand on my arm and Jake pulled me towards his car with me walking slowly behind him. I looked around the place and I was looking for his car. I know he’s still here, I don’t know why but I can just feel him and right now I want him to see me going inside Jake’s car. I want him to be jealous. I want him to feel my pain. Jeez I sound like a creeper. As I looked around for another minute I realized that yeah, he isn’t here anymore and so we reached Jake’s black car. I climbed in the passenger’s seat and he went on the driver’s seat. He turned on the radio and Call Me Hopeless, But Not Romantic by Mayday Parade was playing on the radio. Great. Way to describe my mood. I put on my seatbelt and looked straight at the road, feeling all the emptiness within me drown me slowly.


“Where we headin’?” asked Jake as he turned the steering wheel like a child.


I slapped his hand away and he stuck his tongue out at me. Such a kid. “Home, duh. Where else?”


“Dunno, you might want to go to a strip club for all I know” he said casually as he winked at me.


I scrunched up my face in disgust and moved away from him. “Jeez, maybe you wanna go there”


“Not without you, sweetheart” he said flirtingly as he started the car and drove away.

I looked out the window and stared longingly at the place where Chris and I were standing and I wouldn’t know that it would end up to this. I thought he would kiss me and tell me “I love you” but you know, things don’t always go the way you planned it. And I blame the universe for that. We drove farther away and the hill got smaller and smaller until I couldn’t barely see that tree anymore. I sighed heavily and leaned my forehead on the window. Why does he have to do this to me-




My forehead banged against the window and rocketed back, causing me to fall on Jake’s lap. I felt a sharp pain on the middle of my forehead so I moved my hand to touch it and I winced in pain. What the hell? And right then I completely forgot that I was currently on Jake’s lap. My eyes widened and I got up immediately, my body stiff and my eyes facing the road. Most embarrassing moment of my life. I knew that my face was as red as a tomato and I couldn’t hide that anymore. I can feel Jake’s smirk all the way from here and if I weren’t so embarrassed I would’ve slapped his face. For me the silence was completely awkward but I bet my life he was enjoying my shame.


“Woah, Angel, if you want it you could just ask” he said in his arrogant voice.


“Shut up” I said quickly, my hands balled in fists as I fought hard to punch his pretty face.


“I mean, you’re honestly not my type but I wouldn’t mind giving you a try,”


“I said shut up,”


“I didn’t know you were that eager, Angel” he said, his driving getting faster and faster.


“Fuck you, Jake”


“With pleasure,”


I growled in anger and my eye started twitching. Cats and ice cream. Cats and ice cream. Cats and ice cream. I took a deep breath through my nose and out through my mouth. Calm. Luckily I was able to gain my peace back and the ride back to my place was surprisingly quiet. We were driving for about a bagillion years until Jake pulled up on my porch. I sighed heavily and removed my seatbelt, I was about to jump out the car happily; thinking of my soft bed waiting for me and the countless scoops of ice cream I’m gonna eat until Jake grabbed the passenger’s door and shut it tight. I let out a puff and turned to face him and I crossed my arms angrily.


“What’s your deal, Bentley?” I hissed at him.


“Hah, I like it when you’re all fiery,” he said amusingly then started laughing.


“Shut up. I’m leaving” I said as I turned facing the door. I’m not in the mood for anymore fights, jeez.


“No stop! Gosh, Angel. I already gave you this ride and you’re not even gonna say thanks?”


I sighed and realized that he was right. I turned around facing him again and his face was serious and I bet he was close to getting pissed. Don’t do it Angel. Don’t do it. A part of me wanted to do it but the other part was like “if you do it, youre gonna die”. But Jake has done a lot for me today and I felt bad for him and no matter how much I hated him I had to do it. I gritted my teeth and leaned in closer to him and I couldn’t help the silence that was killing my ears. I leaned in closer and wrapped my arms around Jake’s body, I even felt brave enough to place my chin on the crook of his neck. I was scared for rejection that he might suddenly push me away but seconds passed by and he didn’t even move. I started to get scared because his body was so stiff but suddenly I felt strong arms wrap around my tiny body and he pulled me closer to him. His hair was soft on my cheek and he smelled nice. I felt him put his mouth on my neck and a shiver ran down my spine. He didn’t kiss it or anything but he just stayed there and I’m pretty sure he sniffed me or something but I honestly don’t care right now. I sighed heavily and he did the same. We stayed in this position for about a minute and I didn’t want it to end. There’s something about Jake that makes me feel safe, I cant quite explain it but I know that when I’m with him…I know that he’ll protect me even though he is a complete assface. Every assface has a heart. I was the first to pull away and when I looked deep into his eyes he was giving me some look that I’ve never seen before.


“Thanks for the ride Jake” I said, barely looking at his eye.


I opened the passenger’s door and ran to my house, not even looking back and I even forgot to close to frigging door. I bent down, got the keys under the mat and opened the door and stepped it. The same familiar scent of vanilla and furniture came and I embraced this scent. Seeing as the house was dark, I knew that mom was not home. I immediately walked upstairs to my room and jumped on my bed, hugging my pillow tight. So much things happened today.


I thought about Chris and how he broke my heart, tore it to pieces and thrown it to the trash. How could he do such a thing? It’s funny how when we were in the car, things were going perfectly and then it happened. Well isn’t that how life is? When things are good, bad comes after. I decided that I’m not going to cry about this anymore and that I’m not even going to think about him anymore except for the memories because that’s the one thing that cant escape your mind. You can’t erase your memories unless you get hit by a truck or something. I mean, later on you’ll realize that it wasn’t the guy that you fell in love with, it’s the memories.

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