Wrong Number

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  • Published: 26 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 10 Nov 2017
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Angel Harper admits to herself that she does have a crush on the school's player: Jake Bentley. Angel's best friend, Claire Adams, gives the player's number to her and told her to start texting him to spark up a relationship. What Angel doesn't know is that she had made the mistake of a lifetime.

Accidents do happen but this accident of Angel Harper will change her life forever.


15. Chapter 15

“Chris,” I breathed out heavily gazing at his dark eyes.


My eyes widened as I realized that I just said his name like a love sick girl, I put both my hands on his chest full of muscle and pushed him off of me. Fortunately, I was able to gain balance so I stood up straight and felt the blush rise up my cheeks. I bit the inside of my cheek and I started fiddling with my fingers, looking down at my feet. I have never felt so embarrassed my whole life and now I bet Chris thinks I’m some kind of obsessed fan girl. Congratulations Angel Harper! You are now the leader of the Chris Dennis FanClub!


Suddenly out of no where, I felt cold fingers on my chin and forced me to look up and there again, my eyes met with those dark ones that I could definitely get lost in. I swear I can never get used to staring at his eyes. His thumb and pointer finger held my chin tightly as his thumb slowly caressed my chin and that’s when the goosebumps ran down my spine and my legs were jello. I could not believe how unbelievably close we are…and that’s when I remembered that we were most definitely not alone right now. My eyes widened and as much as I didn’t want Chris’ fingers to leave my face, I pushed his hand away and turned around and that’s when I saw Claire with her arms crossed and her eyebrow raised. Holy shit. She’s going to go all crazy if I tell her that he’s Chris. No, she’s going to tell him that I like him. My eyes widened as I realized that there was a big possibility that she will say that. And I swear to God, I’d rather die than have Chris know that I like him…


I gave Claire a stern look and she smirked at me. She then walked to my side, placed her hand on my arm and turned me around so we were now both facing Chris who had a confused expression on his face. Why does he have to look so cute? It took my whole will and dignity not to pinch his cheeks right now. I bit my lip and dug my nails into my skin, scared to death that Claire will reveal my secret. There was an awkward silence and as I stare at my shoes I can feel Chris’ eyes on me and I felt completely naked. Jeez.


“So who’s your friend, Angel?” asked Claire in a sinister voice.


My head whipped up and I turned to look at her giving her a big fake smile. “His name is Christian”


Claire gave me a skeptical look then she turned to look at Chris, her eyes going up and down; checking him out shamelessly. I was so close to face palming myself. What will he think that I hang out with a bunch of weird friends? Once she was done checking him out she turned back to me and raised her eyebrow. Surprisingly, Chris didn’t say anything about me lying about his name and until now I can still feel his heavy gaze which I try desperately to ignore.


“Christian? Hmm? Where did you meet? In church? In the park? Or maybe in a text message?” said Claire, bombarding me with all these questions in a matter of seconds.


“We met in-“


“Hello, my name is Chris Dennis. Angel and I met because she accidentally texted me,” said Chris out of nowhere.


My head whipped to him and I glared at him and he returned to me his heart melting smile. Claire snickered and nudged me gently on my side. I bit my lip and decided to just go with it. If she tells him then oh well…


“Oh! So you’re the famous Chris Dennis! Angel talks very fondly about you,” said Claire excitedly.


Oh God no… please no…


“She talks about me?” asks Chris curiously.


I looked back down at my feet and right now I just wanted to punch Claire’s face. I don’t even know how but I can feel the big grin on Claire’s face and I just wanted to cower away because my reputation just ended.


“Well totes she does! She texts me about you all the time,” said Claire oh so casually like it was the most normal thing ever. “In fact, she does li-“


My eyes widened and I knew what she was going to say after that. I straightened up and slammed my hand on her mouth, covering it and successfully silencing her next words. I let out a deep breath I didn’t know I was holding. I was glaring at Claire and all she did was shrug her shoulders. I clenched my teeth knowing that if I didn’t have control she would’ve been on the floor with a broken nose, I turned my head towards Chris and his eyebrow was raised and he was giving me that sexy smirk that can make a girl’s knees melt.


“What was that, Claire?” he asked with so much amusement in his voice.


Claire put her hand over mine and pushed my hand away from her. She gave Chris a big smile and that’s when I knew that my life would just probably end now. I held in my breath, waiting for the words to escape Claire’s lips but fortunately it didn’t…


“Oh nothing,” she said then shrugged again then she looked at her watch, “Oh look at the time! I remember I have some stuff to do with Luke, bye bye Angel!”


Claire turned to me and gave me a grin and there was nothing more that I would want to do than wipe it off her face. He leaned in and gave me a friendly kiss on the cheek. She pulled away and winked at me and all I did was scowl at her. She walked over to Chris and whispered something on his ear. My eyes widened and I can feel myself about to pee my pants. I was about to shout at Claire but she already sped off, running on the other direction of the mall, leaving me alone with the one guy that I don’t ever want to be alone with. I only realized a few seconds later that my legs were shaking and I was fumbling with my fingers. I looked up at Chris and his dark eyes bore into mine and I have never felt so exposed. There was an awkward silence and it felt like it was just the two of us. I didn’t realize that he walked towards me until I felt the heat of his body that was so dangerously close to mine. The tension between us was intense and I can feel myself about to sweat. Suddenly I felt a warm hand wrap around my right hand and he tugged me. I snapped out of my reverie and i now realize that he is literally dragging me out of the mall. I swear, this is kidnapping. I stopped dead in my tracks which make Chris stop as well, he turned around to face me and I was giving him the pissed off look which never actually worked. He rolled his eyes at me and tugged on my hand again but this time harder, making me fall helplessly on his chest. My hands came in contact with his hard chest and his head lowered down to my ear and his hot breath tickled me.


“I’m taking you somewhere,” he whispered huskily on my ear.


A quick shiver ran down my spine and I swear I am so close to peeing. He got back up and gave me a big grin then he tugged my hand and this time I didn’t hesitate to follow him. I started walking by his side, with my hand on his hand and I couldn’t help but notice how my hand fit oh so perfectly on his.


A few minutes later we reached his car and I was about to open the passenger’s seat’s door but his hand got there first and he opened the door for me. I was shocked because a guy has never opened a door for me, I looked up at Chris and I couldn’t help but give him a smile. He bowed down in a gentleman like manner.


“You may enter the car, milady” he said in a fake British accent.


A giggle escaped my lips and I curtsied back at him giving him another smile.


“Thank you sir for your kindness” I said trying to mock his accent which completely turned out in a fail.


He let out a sexy deep laugh and rolled his eyes at me arrogantly.


“Sorry peaches, but you can’t do accents”


I growled at him and stuck my tongue out then climbing in the car and sat comfortably on the passenger’s seat. The first thing I noticed once I sat down was the scent of man, I could smell his perfume everywhere and honestly it was like a remedy for me. I smiled at sniffed again, taking in every scent of the car. I know I sound like a creeper but honestly if you were in my shoes, you’d do the same. Chris climbed in the driver’s seat and put on his seatbelt then he turned to face me and he gave me a stern look.


“What?” I asked, getting a little bit nervous and scared.


“Seatbelt,” he said coldly then he turned on the car.


What was that all about? He sounded so pissed off… I put on my seatbelt then shifted uncomfortably on the chair. Every now and then my eyes flicked over to his and the whole car journey he had a frown on his face. What did I do wrong? I sighed in confusion and just decided to stare outside the window. A few seconds later I heard him sigh as well and I couldn’t help but turn my head to him and he still had that frown on his face. This guy is completely bipolar. I bit my lip and tried to get use to this extremely awkward silence during the whole ride.


For what felt like forever Chris pulled up the car beside a sidewalk. I looked outside the window and I saw an abandoned mini park. There was a big playground but there were no children playing in it. I raised my eyebrows in confusion and wondered why the hell did he bring me here. There was a set of swings right across the playground and the memories of my childhood all came flooding back to me. I was thinking about the time when I fell down a slide until my reverie was broken when Chris knocked on the window. When did he get here? I guess I was too trapped in my own little world that I didn’t realize that he left the car. I straightened myself out and I was about to open the door until Chris opened it for me and I couldn’t help but blush hard. I looked up at him and he rolled his eyes at me again.


“Why you blushing, peaches? Has a guy never opened a door for you?” he asked.


“Actually, yeah” I said a little bit embarrassed with my lack of experience.


A hurt look spread across his face and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. He bent down and came face to face with me and he gave me a big smile that was so heartwarming.


“Well, now he has” he said before backing away and giving me space to go out.


I exited the car and he closed the door for me, I was about to turn to him and ask him why were here but then he suddenly grabbed my hand and started to drag me again. I didn’t even bother to ask why he was dragging me and instead I just went with the flow. We walked down a pavement until he stopped dead in his tracks and we arrived in front of a big old tree. He turned to me and smiled before pulling my hand and dragging me to the other side of the tree.


“What are we doin-“


I was lost for words.


What I saw right in front of me was absolutely extravagant…


I cant believe I have never seen this before…


I just realized at this moment that we were on a hill, giving us the view of the whole town which was absolutely beautiful. I cant help but admire the absolutely gorgeous sunset, the orange color illuminating the town and it was breath taking. I started at the view for what felt like ages. Right now, I just wanted to turn to Chris and hug him hard because he has absolutely changed my whole life. Before Chris, I was a mess. I didn’t have any fun at all; all I did was stay at home and read my books and study and eat. I didn’t know the meaning of fun but that all changed when I met Chris. He changed me. He made me know the meaning of fun. He brings out the best of me and that’s a part of me I have never seen before. He opened me up and that’s when I finally knew and saw the true Angel Harper. He saved me. Call me cliché or whatever but he’s too special for me. I turned to face him, imaginging his wide smile on his face but…once I came face to face with the boy that changed me, hurt was written all over his face. He looked sorry and regretful and I don’t understand why such feelings are felt at this wonderful time. We were having a perfect moment, staring at the beautiful sunset together and all his emotion was…hurt? I don’t understand. I raised my eyebrow at him and I was about to ask him what was going on until he said something that I never thought would ever escape his lips.


“We can’t see each other anymore”



I'm currently crying, are you? :c


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