Wrong Number

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  • Published: 26 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 10 Jan 2017
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Angel Harper admits to herself that she does have a crush on the school's player: Jake Bentley. Angel's best friend, Claire Adams, gives the player's number to her and told her to start texting him to spark up a relationship. What Angel doesn't know is that she had made the mistake of a lifetime.

Accidents do happen but this accident of Angel Harper will change her life forever.


14. Chapter 14

I woke up with a painful throbbing feeling on the side of my head. I squinted my eyes the second I tried opening them because the light was just too bright for me this morning. I covered my eyes from the light and sat upright, letting my blanket fall down to my waist. I leaned on the headboard of my bed and rubbed my eyes vigorously; trying so hard to let all those flashy lights get of my head. I opened my eyes once more and finally my eyes were able to adjust to the sunlight. I shook my head slowly and that’s when the painful throbbing came back. I grabbed my head with both of my hands and squeezed them, trying to make things better, which obviously just made everything worse. The memories of what I did yesterday all came back of me in a flash and I immediately regretted everything.



What I did yesterday was too much…I shouldn’t have done it.



I got up from my bed, not bothering to fix the bed sheets and walked over to my door. I opened the door in a very slow motion since I was too weak to even move. Once I opened the door I walked out heading down to my living room. The way I walked is the kind of walk you on zombie movies and once I reached the last step of my stairs which took forever a loud gasp escaped my lips when I examined my whole living room.



There were bottles everywhere; in ever part of the living room. The coach was turned over and the armchair had a knife stabbed on it. Ripped chairs everywhere and the rugs were torn into pieces. The coffee table was broken in half and the vase that once contained beautiful roses was on the floor…dead. The whole living room smelled like alcohol and it was absolutely disgusting. I covered my nose with my hand and examined the whole room once again. Then something caught my eye, right in the middle room…something lay there. It was a big picture and it was torn to pieces. I looked over to the far right side of the living room and something was missing. I then looked back at the picture that was torn to pieces on the floor and a tear rolled down my cheek as I realized what I had done. The only picture that I had of a happy family was torn to pieces…because of me. Because of my demons, I tore it to pieces. I stared at the picture…that was the only picture where everyone was happy. We were at the beach, playing on the sand. My mom was carrying my baby sister and I was splashing water at my dad. Smiles on every one of us and that’s when my aunt decided to take a picture of us. And that picture was the best picture I have ever seen because right after that day, everything…chaos.



If you saw my living room for the first time you would think that there was a huge party the other day with teenagers grinding against each other, a group of people playing spin the bottle and maybe another group of people playing beer pong. You would think that there was more than 300 people in this house the other day but in reality all this damage, all this mess and all this chaos was made just by one person…and that person is me. Chris Dennis.



Angel’s POV



I woke up the next day with a huge smile on my face, the memories of what happened yesterday all came back to me in a flash and I couldn’t help but blush. I immediately got up from bed and I felt my phone drop on my stomach. I remember breaking my phone the other day because of Chris but luckily it’s still functioning properly. I leaned on the headboard of my bed and scrolled through my phone looking for that one conversation that always makes me smile. I couldn’t help but frown when I realized that Chris hasn’t sent me his usual “good morning beautiful” messages. I started fumbling the buttons with my fingers and having a debate with myself if I should text him something. Maybe not. I re-read our conversation yesterday and I couldn’t help but smile like an idiot when I read the parts when he was so sweet. Who knew an arrogant guy like him could be so sweet? Gosh Angel are you falling for him? Well maybe I am and I cant help but feel excited. But thing is, does he like me too? This is all so new to me so I don’t really know the cliché things that might happen. I wonder what he’s doing right now…






I furrowed my eyebrows as I realized that that voice was definitely not my mom’s but rather a higher pitched one. Before I even had the chance to answer back, my door flew open and there appeared my one and only best friend, Claire, grasping the door knob hard with an angry look on her face. Her appearance was so much different to her usual beautiful self, her hair was all over the place so I assumed that she just woke up. But why would she go all the way to my house this early in the morning? A second later, my mom appeared behind her with a worried look on her face. I returned the look and then Claire snapped her fingers trying to get my attention. I gave out a sigh and honestly I’m too good of a mood to be dealing with Claire right now.



“What do you want?” I asked annoyed and placed my phone on my left side then crossed my arms trying to show her that I was definitely not in the mood for this. “Oh and mom, you can leave…please”



My mom didn’t hesitate to follow me which left me alone with my best friend glaring viciously at me.



“What’s happening between us, Angel?” she said in a tired tone.



“ What do you mean?” I asked shifting my position and sitting on the edge of my bed.



“You’re not telling me anything anymore,” she said her voice trailing away as if she was too shy to say it.



What?! That’s it?! I literally face palmed myself and fought the urge to shout at her face for ruining my perfect morning. I let out a heavy sigh and beckoned for her to sit beside me on the bed which she did not hesitate to do so. Once she sat down on my bed, I turned my head and faced her and tried very hard to show her that I was currently furious. She raised an eyebrow at me acting all confused and that’s when I gave up.



“IS THAT ALL?!” I shouted at her, annoyed.



She laughed. “You’re funny when you’re angry”



I growled at her and crossed my arms. “I’m trying to get some sleep here!”



“Well too bad so sad, no sleep for you” she said bossily as she walked towards me and sat down beside me on the bed.



I groaned in annoyance and threw a pillow at her which she caught impressively in one hand and threw it back at me. I growled as it hit me straight on the face and I immediately gave up because if I didn’t a violent pillow fight will occur. I glared at my best friend and gave her the leave-me-alone look which she returned with a sinister smile.



“Come, we’re going to the cinemas” she snapped at me as she got up from the bed and clapped her hands excitedly.



Oh God, please save me.



* after the movies *



“Wasn’t that movie absolutely hilarious?” Claire asked me in a high pitched tone as she jumped up and down.



I rolled my eyes at her childishness. Well The Internship was actually pretty funny…



“Yeah, it was” I admitted to her annoying and stuck her tongue out at me.



“See?! And imagine if I didn’t go to your house this morning I bet you’ll still be sleeping like a 50 year old pervert” she said proudly as she winked at me.



I scrunched up my face and pointed a finger at her. “Don’t you ever wink at me ever again”




She rolled her eyes as she said, “Sure sure whatever-“



Before she could continue her sentence there seemed to be something that caught her eye as she turned her head a bit to the right. Her eyes widened and she seems to be dumbfounded as she stared at the thing that was behind me. She turned her gaze back to me and her eyes were so bright.



“What is it-“



“OMG. Hottie alert! Behind you, like right behind you” she whispered hurriedly.



I rolled my eyes at her. Gosh, she is so boy crazy. I crossed my arms together and decided to take a look at the “hottie” behind me. Before I could turn around myself, Claire put her hands on my shoulders roughly and spun me around quickly causing me to get dizzy and lose my balance and that’s when I tripped on my own feet and fell forwards. I screamed as felt myself stumble over and I was waiting patiently to come in contact with the hard cold marble ground and so I closed my eyes waiting for that moment but for what felt like forever I never felt any pain in my body. Instead, I felt something warm wrapped around my waist and I could smell a familiar perfume… I lifted my head a little bit and opened my eyes and that’s when I saw the grey intimidating strong eyes. His eyes were staring down at me and I have never felt so bare in my whole life. My breath hitched and that’s when I realized that our bodies were so close that we were practically chest to chest. It was so quiet…it felt like it was just the both of us in this scene even though there are about a hundred people in this room right now. His lips were parted and he was breathing heavily, I could feel his heart beat thump fast and hard and I wondered why. His grip on my waist tightened and that when realization dawned upon me…I don’t ever want him to let go of me.


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