Wrong Number

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  • Published: 26 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 10 Nov 2017
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Angel Harper admits to herself that she does have a crush on the school's player: Jake Bentley. Angel's best friend, Claire Adams, gives the player's number to her and told her to start texting him to spark up a relationship. What Angel doesn't know is that she had made the mistake of a lifetime.

Accidents do happen but this accident of Angel Harper will change her life forever.


12. Chapter 12

Chapter 12


Words cannot describe the complete shock I am in right now. The second that I had his voice for the first time in real life, my phone fell from my hand and crashed on the ground, I heard a cracking sound but honestly, that didn’t matter right now. I can feel my own heart beating fast and the goosebumps running down my spine. I wasn’t ready to turn around and face the revelation. I know that I was going to see him one day but why now? I’m not ready. But I am going to have to turn around later or so. But was he really here? Or am I just dreaming it? But no, he has to be here; I heard his voice loud and clear. I took a deep breath. This is it. Before I turned around I tried imaging the many faces I thought Chris would look like and once I turned around I realized that I was completely wrong.


I imagined him to be your all American-boy-next-door guy, with the brown hair and blue eyes. Goody two shoes with straight A’s on his report card. With a proper family and all the girls chase after him. Wears polos and fancy brown shoes. His skin free from tattoos but instead has flawless skin. But no, I was all wrong…


Chris’ hair was jet black and extremely messy but it still looked good on him, it’s those kind of hairstyles that’s unique but only he can pull it off. He has dark black intimidating but sexy eyes. He has a strong bone structure with his jawline defined perfectly. He has white skin with some tattoos on his arms, which I’m pretty sure he has tattoos on other places, rather than his arm. He was wearing a black v-neck shirt which showed me his well defined muscles on his arms. He’s also wearing black pants and black converse. So technically he was wearing black from head to toe.  He was standing straight with both his hands halfway inside the pockets of his jeans. He had this sinister smile on his face that was kinda hot and nerve wracking at the same time. His fierce eyes were staring straight at mine and that’s when I started to get nervous. I bet he’s judging me too. I started to get weak on the knees because of his stare and I can feel his eyes raking down my body. I should’ve worn better clothes, jeez. My knees got weaker once he put on a big smirk on his face showing that he’s done judging the species in front of him. I started breathing heavily by the second. I have never experienced something so nerve wracking in my whole entire life. I bit my lip deciding if I should talk or just keep quiet…it’s just that the situation at the moment has kept me silent. His eyes moved down to my lip and there was something in his eyes that changed, I couldn’t decipher it. He shook his head and gave out a deep and husky chuckle that made me want to faint. He walked closer to me, making sure that each step was slow and his eyes never leaving mine. Every step he took, my heart started to beat faster and faster and I swear if he takes one more step closer my heart will fail. Once he has already inches away from me I realized that he was actually tall since he completely towered over me. My head tilted up and I looked straight into his eyes and he looked down at mine.


“Hi Angel,” he whispered.




Gosh Angel! Are you that weak?!


He licked his lips. “How are you? Truthfully”




“You’re nervous aren’t you?”


“No, im not” I said more bravely.


“Don’t lie Angel, I can see it in your eyes,” he whispered huskily.


I finally gave up. “So what if I’m nervous? Are you going to think I’m a ba-“


“Hush. I never knew you were so sensitive” he said placing a finger on my lips to silence me.


I never knew you were this sexy and good looking. No way am I saying that to him.


“Why are you here?” I said, ignoring his previous statement.


“To see you, of course” he said nonchalantly.


“Why are you here, Chris?” I said getting a bit annoyed.


“To see you. You didn’t text me or anything”


“And you care?”


“Yes I do, actually” he said calmly.


He cares. A small smile formed on my face as he said that. I couldn’t ignore the speed up of my heartbeat as the words sunk in. And that’s when I remembered… How can you trust a stranger?! How stupid can you get, Angel?!


I stared absentmindedly at his innocent face and thought; did this boy actually tell me this? Did this guy standing right in front of me with such an innocent and calm face tell me that im stupid? I didn’t believe it for a second but as I thought harder it started to become real to me.


“You said I’m stupid” I murmured.


“What? I didn’t quite hear you”


“You said I’m stupid, Chris” I said a bit more louder and clearer, my voice cracking.

A few seconds his face fell, showing me that he actually remembered what happened. A frown formed on his face and his eyes had so much sorrow in them that I didn’t believe it anymore. Regret was shown completely on his face and if he said, “I’m sorry” right at this moment then I would forgive him in less than a second. Suddenly I felt a warm hand on my chin and the goosebumps were everywhere on my body. He’s actually touching me. He lifted my chin up and I got a better view of his face…sad face. His thumb and pointer finger were grasping my chin rather hard and his thumb was caressing my chin slowly, which had actually felt relaxing. Before I can fully enjoy the moment we are having I felt his other hand on the lower part of my back and he pulled me closer to him, our chests now touching and our faces inches apart. His other hand was still holding my chin and the other was caressing my back. Jeez, this guy does know what he’s doing. He just made me extremely weak on the knees and if he wasn’t holding me so tight and closely I would’ve fallen on the ground. For a moment I actually thought that he was going to kiss me…


“Look me straight in the eyes, Angel and hear me on this one” he said softly, his voice soothing and relaxing.


“What is it?”


“I’m sorry,” he said loud and clear.


There’s no way in hell am I saying no to him this time.


“I forgive you,”


A small smile formed on his face that made me want to jump. His hand left my chin and instead it moved around my waist, wrapping both his arms around my waist and in that second he pulled me to him and he was actually hugging me hard and tight. I didn’t know what to do…I was never good in the whole “hug me back” situation. So instead, I wrapped my arms awkwardly around his back and hugged him, resting my head on his rather hard chest taking in his scent which actually smelled really good. I felt him nuzzle on my neck which made shivers run down my back.


“You smell good” he whispered deeply on my ear.


“Well you seem comfortable down there,” I joked.


He laughed a sexy laugh. “I actually am”


“Well you can’t stay down there much longer,”


He pulled away from the hug and raised his eyebrow at me. He gave me a sexy look and winked at me which made my heart melt.


“And why is that Mrs. Peach?”


I chucked at the name he gave me a few days ago. “Because Mrs. Peach doesn’t quite trust the whale yet,”


“Well I’m here. Not a 50 year old pervert from omegle” he said throwing his hands up in the air to show me that he’s actually not some old jeezer.


“Plastic surgery is quite popular these days, you know” I said then stuck my tongue at him.


“You’re cute when you do that you know,” he said truthfully.


I felt my cheeks heat up and tried not to smile. “T-thanks”


“Hah, you’re welcome but I’m cuter than you anyways so no need to blush” he said then winked at me.


I frowned at him and stuck my tongue out again.


“You’re such a sensitive baby-“


Ring. Ring. Ring.


For a second I thought it was my phone but I suddenly remembered that I dropped it out of stupidity. I looked at Chris and he gave me a regretful look, he pulled out his phone from his pocket and looked at it. I took a small peek and it said “Annoying Sister” on it. He didn’t answer the call but instead he put his phone back inside his pocket, he looked back at me and frowned.


“Sorry but I have to go, I remembered that I have something that my sister told me to do” he said in a sad tone.


“Oh,” I said. I was rather disappointed.


“We can meet up again cause I know you would want to see me again so badly” he said then smirked at me.


Arrogant asshole.


“Whatever whale,” I said then crossed my arms.


“You’re sensitiveness is just so adorable” he said in a cute voice then suddenly took my by surprise by pulling me into a big hug and this time he lifted me up in the air.


I giggled softly like an idiot and I felt him smile. A few seconds later he dropped me back to the ground and patted my back softly. He pulled away and gave me a big smile, a smile that actually showed that he was happy. A smile that made me happy.


“Farewell, Mrs. Peach” he said in a British accent that was extremely bad.


“So long, Mr. Whale” I replied in a fairly bad British accent.




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Yay! I updated :-) I'm so sorry if it took long, I had my exams and I really studied hard for it. I hope you like this chapter because I do :-) I'm the writer and even I feel the feels of Chris and Angel. GAH. I need a love life #hopelessromantic5evahs


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