Wrong Number

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  • Published: 26 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 10 Jan 2017
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Angel Harper admits to herself that she does have a crush on the school's player: Jake Bentley. Angel's best friend, Claire Adams, gives the player's number to her and told her to start texting him to spark up a relationship. What Angel doesn't know is that she had made the mistake of a lifetime.

Accidents do happen but this accident of Angel Harper will change her life forever.


11. Chapter 11

A/N: sorry for the grammar mistakes <3


Enjoy, all you Chris lovers ;) xx


“No, you shouldn’t” said my best friend on the other line.


I took deep a breath and thought for a moment, closing my eyes and thinking of the possibilities. Eric is right.


“Yeah, I wont” I said more to myself than to Eric.


I smiled to myself as I made the greatest decision of my life. I cant wait to tell that bastard that I don’t forgive him so that he’ll know how much it hurts now.


“That’s more like it!” shouted Eric and I can feel him grin on his voice.


I looked at the clock and saw that it was getting really late and we still have school tomorrow. God, all this happened in a matter of hours only? I shook my head vigorously. I can’t believe I wasted so much time on this when I could’ve decided myself earlier. That’s when I remembered that I had a maths test tomorrow…Shiz balls.


“Hey Eric – I, uhm, gotta go” I said, my voice shaking because Eric really doesn’t like it when I just suddenly decided to stop talking to him.


“Why?” he said, his voice sharp and hard.


“Because we have a maths test tomorrow,” I said trying to hide my shaking voice while praying to the Gods that he wouldn’t get mad at me.


“Fine, I’ll see you tomorrow lovely” he said then hung up.


I took a deep breath and breathed out. I dropped the phone from my hand and it landed on the bed. I sighed heavily and looked down at my phone. I’ve been so obsessed with my phone lately, gosh. When I pressed the middle button of my screen there appeared Chris’ message to me. I read it countless times and I could feel the tears rising up again. Don’t be weak. It’s just that his screaming voice calling me stupid cant leave me head. It hurts too much and since I have feelings for him…it hurts even more. Forget about him. It was all just an accident. I cant believe I actually fell for him. I will literally facepalm myself soon for being such a stupid girl. I checked the clock again and it is getting really late and I’m too lazy to study, let alone, lazy enough to even walk to my study table. The test is just about factorization, no biggie. I bit my lip, making a hard decision once again. This is all Chris’ fault. I swear if I fail this test I am blaming this all on him. Yup, that’s it I’m definitely not studying tonight, not even for maths. I shrugged my shoulders and let my body fall to my bed lazily. I grabbed my other pillow and wrap one arm and leg around it and hugged it tight. Slowly, my eyes started to close and realization dawns unto me…Chris, you are changing me into a different Angel Harper and TI do not like one bit of it.




The whole entire day my phone was off. Why you ask? Well once I woke up in the morning I received 15 missed calls from the one and only Chris Dennis. That’s not it, 15 missed calls with 15 different voicemails with him telling me that he’s sorry and all that stuff. I know I’m supposed to tell him that I don’t forgive him but honestly, I couldn’t do it early in the morning; too much explaining to do. I just can’t wait till he leaves me alone so that my life can go back to normal.


So the maths test was pretty easy even I was surprised. I was able to finish it in 15 minutes and every person in my class, even Claire, is wondering how it’s mentally possible. Well, it’s just math, all you have to do is study and that’s it. Gosh, some people need to read books.


I rolled my eyes as I was walking down the hallway alone when one of my classmates passed by me and said, “Daughter of math”, I usually say thanks for the compliments and stuff but right now I’m definitely not in the mood because right then and there I thought of Chris. The whole entire day, Chris was in my mind, even Claire noticed my sudden “spacing out-ness”. During lunch while I was eating my apple, I suddenly just spaced out and thought of Chris, trying desperately to figure out what he looks like which is pretty impossible since he never ever told me what he looks like. Finally, I reached my lockers, I opened it and out of no where a piece of paper fell to the floor. I gave it a confused look, bent down and picked it up. I placed my maths books inside my locker then I leaned on it. I crossed my leg over another and eyed the letter curiously. After realizing that this letter is definitely not a bomb, I opened it and there I saw the most ugly handwriting the world has yet to see and that’s when I knew who gave this to me in a blink of an eye. Jake Bentley. Even though he didn’t write his name which I’m pretty sure he was trying to make this letter anonymous. But no one can ever mistaken Jake’s handwriting for someone else’s because it’s so ugly that you can never forget it. Mean? Yeah, well I’m sorry I blame only one person. Chris. I gritted my teeth in anger as I thought about him again. I began to crumple the paper as the sexy and husky voice of Chris Dennis found it’s way back into my brain. I shook my head and put my attention back to the letter from Jake. I stared down at it and I completely ignored the sound of students rushing out of their classrooms and heading out to the doors going to wherever on earth they plan to go to. I opened the paper slowly, dreading to see the contents but actually once I opened the letter….it was actually really short which is relieving.


Meet me in the park at 5pm.


I rolled my eyes. What the hell is this? I brought out my phone and was so close to turning it on until I thought of Chris again.


“GAH!” I shouted.


“Something wrong?” said an unfamiliar voice nearby.


I immediately jumped of shock and turned around and saw my classmate, Ryan, leaning on Claire’s locker with a big grin on his face. Ryan used to be part of Jake’s gang back in the days but Jake caught Ryan making out with his girlfriend in the park one day and that’s when they had this huge fight that was all over the school for ages. Ryan is your typical high school badass student with the crazy tattoos, crazy bed hair but can still look good and he always wears a leather jacket. He rides a motorcycle, of course. And he has this signature smirk that usually make’s the girls ‘panties drop’. I always try my best to keep my distance from him because from what I heard last year, Ryan has banged all the girls in our batch except for one girl which is me. I don’t believe this is true though because no one would ‘bang’ me. I mean, I’m Angel Harper, the most innocent and virgin-like girl on earth.


“What do you want, Ryan?” I said in an annoyed tone, opening the door of my locker to cover my view of his smirk because it intimidates me.


I thrusted the letter inside of my locker and pulled out the things that I needed for tonight. My hands were shaking as I pulled out each of my books and as I pushed them inside my bag. I was moving really fast and I felt the goosebumps rise up my spine as I felt his eyes on the back my head. I bit my lip and closed my eyes because he’s literally going to make me pee my pants.


“Stop biting your lip, Angel dearest” he said out of no where.


I jumped once again and turned around, thinking he’s behind me but actually he was on my left side the whole time. My heart literally skipped a beat as I realized how close his body was on mine. I definitely feel bothered right now and all I wanted to do was run away. A shiver ran down my body and I immediately released my bottom lip from my teeth. I completely forgot that guys get turned on when girls bite their lip…Dang Angel.


“What do you want, Ryan?” I asked him, my voice shaking as I stared absentmindedly at the floor.


Suddenly I felt a cold finger on my chin and he lifted my chin up and I found myself face to face with Ryan. His nose inches from mine and his lips…so close. I could hear his heavy breathing on my lips and the smell of cigarettes bothered me so much. I was too weak and paralyzed to even push him away from me. I stared into his deep black eyes and my I clenched my fists. He is definitely invading my private space zone and I have never been this close with a guy ever. I shut my eyes tight as I saw him move his face an inch…getting closer to mine. I knew exactly what he was going to do and honestly I didn’t like it. I tried to move my head left and right but his hand was firm on my chin. I closed my eyes tighter and realized that my first kiss was going to be with some guy that I have been afraid of ever since I could remember. I could feel his breathing coming in even closer and closer and I have never been terrified so much in my life.


“RYAN! What do you think you are doing to Ms. Harper?”


In a nanosecond, Ryan pushed me away from him and I didn’t know I was holding my breath the whole entire time. I breathed out and held the door of my locker tightly. Thank fucking lord. I opened my eyes and saw the vice principal standing feet away from us, with his arms crossed and a stern look on his face. My eyes moved to Ryan and all he was doing was smiling at Mr. Roberts and he also had a very smug look on his face that I so wanted to wipe off his face. I grabbed my bag which I didn’t realize was on the floor and put it on my shoulders. I shut my locker door shut and walked over to Mr. Roberts and gave him a wry smile. He smiled back at me kindly and gave Ryan another death look.


“You may leave, Ms. Harper” said Mr. Roberts in a kind voice.


I smiled gratefully and walked out the doors of my school happily. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. If it weren’t for Mr. Roberts who knew what would have happened... I looked at my watch and it was already 4:55pm. Gosh, I can’t wait to get back home and just sleep all these problems away. I smiled like an idiot at the thought of my bed and I reuniting tonight. That’s when realized dawned upon me…


Meet me in the park at 5pm.


My eyes immediately widened and I ran to my car.




The Park. 5:10pm.



I stepped outside of the car and walked slowly to the park which was surprisingly not filled with children running around or couples making out. Did Jake scare them off or something? I shrugged my shoulders and walked quickly to the entrance of the park, wanting all of this to be over already. As I entered the park and walked straight on the corner of my eye I saw something move, I immediately turned my head to the right and saw nothing. I squinted my eyes more because I’m perfectly sure I saw something…or someone. After minutes and minutes of staring I realized that no one was really there so I just shrugged my shoulders again and kept walking. I walked and walked and walked and that’s when I realized that Jake didn’t specifically tell me where to meet him. I gritted my teeth in anger and wanted so badly to just punch my face. Damn you Jake I will definitely murder you soon. Maybe I should just go home? I thought for a moment and decided, yeah, maybe I should just go home.


“Well too bad for you Jake,” I said to myself.


I turned around and suddenly I found myself sitting down on the ground, my butt aching of pain and both my hands on the ground. I immiediately looked up and the first thing I saw was a smirking Jake Bentley towering over me. I rolled my eyes and pulled my hand out, motioning him to pull me up. After smiling for another half a minute he grabbed my hand and pulled me up. Once I got up I immediately patted all the dirt away from my pants and then looked straight at Jake. His face was…glowering like he’s extremely happy. I raised an eyebrow and wondered why on earth is he so happy right now. Is he happy that I’m here? Hah, no. There is definitely something different in the way Jake is looking at me right now.


“Angel, you came” he said, his voice a little more kinder than it usually is.


I gave him a wry smile. “Yeah, of course”


“Why are you smiling like that?” he asked then he suddenly frowned.


“Oh, nothing,” I said awkwardly, shifting from foot to foot, “So why’d you want me here?”


He looked me deep in the eyes and I saw something there…something that I have never seen before in Jake. What the bloody hell is going on? The silence of the park made everything more awkward and all I wanted to do right now is bring the whole population of the world here so that it wouldn’t be so darn quiet.


“Because, Angel, I…” he said, his voice getting a little bit shaky and unsure.


I gave him a confused look and suddenly he looked nervous…why? Since when was Jake ever nervous? Seriously, this day is totally messed up.


“You…?” I asked desperately wanting all of this to be over.


He looked around, not meeting my eyes with his and I observed his body language and he couldn’t stop moving up and down on the balls of his feet. For what felt like forever he finally looked up at me and that’s when I saw the normal Jake again.


“Help with math homework, tomorrow, your house, 8pm. Okay?” he said so quickly I don’t think I quite caught what he said.


“Um okay,” I said awkwardly.


What the hell was that about?


“Okay, I have to go; bye” he said quickly again without even looking me in the eye.


And in a matter of seconds, he just turned around and walked out of the park like none of that craziness has just happened. When he finally left, out of my sight, I didn’t realize I was holding my breath again. I breathed out and scratched my head angrily. My life is totally messed up right now. I wanted to scream so badly…actually I can scream right now, no one’s in the park. I sighed heavily and decided that I will scream right now. Who knew that all of this stuff will happen to me? Just last week I was having a normal life till all of this happened. Goodness gracious. I opened my mouth wide and was about to scream when my phone suddenly vibrated. I gritted my teeth in anger and pulled my phone out of my pocket. I didn’t want to turn on my phone while I was driving here but I had to text my mom. I saw that I had a text message from Chris. Since I had nothing else to do in life I opened it. Better to gather up all my problems now and fix them immediately than fix it one by one.


Forgive me, Angel? Please…I’m sorry.


Hell to the no, Chris. Hell to the no.


Me: No, Chris. What you said was far too much.


Him: Forgive me and I’ll leave you alone.


Me: The answer is clear. NO.


Him: Please. Angel. I didn’t mean to! You know I didn’t


Me: No, you did mean it.


Him: Angelina. Maria. Harper. I did not fucking mean it, understand? I swear to the Gods of heaven and earth I do not mean it.


Me: No


And that’s when he stopped replying. Has he finally given up? I sighed heavily and thought for a second, yeah he did finally give up. God, I can’t wait to go home and sleep my problems away. I put my phone back in my pocket. I closed my eyes slowly and just listened to the leaves rusting because it has always been a calming sound to me ever since. There’s that feeling again…like the one with Ryan. Eyes on the back of my head...but no one is here. No one. I’m pretty sure. Unless Jake came back… I ignored my thoughts and just listened to the trees… After a while I’m pretty sure that someone is behind me. Jake I swear once I’m done having my peaceful time once I turn around and see your face I will break it. Once again my phone vibrated and my I balled my fists in annoyance. Chris, I will kill you too I swear. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and read his text message to me and after I read it I felt my face turn 50 shades of red.


Him: I don’t mean it. Don’t be stubborn


Me: leave me alone, don’t be stubborn


I thrusted my phone back in my pocket. Jake if you wont stop staring at my head I will murder you. I gritted my teeth and was about to turn around till I heard a voice behind and I am 100% sure that that voice does not belong to Jake but rather a deep, husky and familiar voice.


“Stubborn girl,” 

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