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  • Published: 26 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 10 Jan 2017
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Angel Harper admits to herself that she does have a crush on the school's player: Jake Bentley. Angel's best friend, Claire Adams, gives the player's number to her and told her to start texting him to spark up a relationship. What Angel doesn't know is that she had made the mistake of a lifetime.

Accidents do happen but this accident of Angel Harper will change her life forever.


10. Chapter 10

A/N:  I FINALLY UPDATED!! YAY! IM SO SORRY AGAIN <3 I love all of you! Thank you for all your amazing comments, they really motivated me so keep doing them so that i won't be a lazy ass monkey! Enjoy ;)


Chapter 10

A smile crept up my face as I read the message twice then suddenly, for no reason, all my anger wept away. Am I that weak? I decided to not reply and just wait… Wait for what? I thought for a moment then after a few minutes I gave up. He truly is the most bipolar guy I have ever met. The sudden sound of a car screeching outside my window caught my attention and out of reflex I threw my phone at the window. I screamed like an old lady once it hit the window and fell to the floor, hopelessly. Scared for life, I ran towards my phone, praying desperately that there's no cracks or that it wasn't broken. I bent down dramatically and carried the phone with my hands. I examined it closely, making sure that every inch of the phone is in tacked and that there is not a single scratch. After minutes and minutes of examining I have concluded that my phone is still perfect with no flaws. I let out a loud sigh and ran my fingers through my hair.


"Angel, dear, why is your door locked?" said the voice of my mother outside the door.


I let out an exasperated sigh and got up from my bent down position. I placed my phone on my study desk and walked like a zombie towards the door. I opened it slowly and there appeared my mom; wearing her favorite sheer blue blouse with black pants and her favorite brown boots. I gave her a tight smile and she returned it. I then started to close the door slowly giving her a hint that I'm really not in the mood to converse with her at the moment. She stared at me like I was crazy as I closed the door even more and right when I was about to shut it she slammed her hand on the door and pushed it open. I gave an exasperated sigh and my hand moved away from the door knob. I moved my hands on my hips and stood tall, trying so hard to intimidate her. I'm really not in the mood to talk to her right now. 


"What is up, Angel dear?" my mom said with a hard look on her face. "Is there something you're hiding from me?"


"What?" I asked in a high pitched tone. "What are you talking about, mother?"


"You never call me mother..." she said with a menacing tone. "Something's wrong, hmm?"


I gave out a heavy sigh and placed both my hands on her shoulders.


"Everything is absolutely perfect, mom, I assure you" I breathed out heavily in an annoyed tone.


She raised her eyebrows at me then after reassuring that I wasn't lying, she backed away with her hands raised up in a surrendering position. I smiled at her widely, grabbed the door knob and slammed the door shut. I took a deep breath then leaned my forehead on the door. I was gripping the door knob hard, waiting for the loud sounds of her footsteps to start walking away from my door. For what felt like forever, I heard her footsteps walk away from my room and start to fade as she made her way to her room and slammed her door shut. I ran straight towards my phone and grabbed it. Should I reply to him or not? I thought for minutes and minutes just staring out the window....Fine.


Me: Whatever you say, whale


And seconds after the message was sent my phone vibrated on my hands which caused me to jump. Gosh, he's such a robot.


Him: :) sorry again about a while ago...I really didn't mean to....


Should I forgive him?


How stupid can you get, Angel?!


His words and his voice still rings in my head and just by the thought of it...breaks my heart. Should I forgive him this easily? Should I be the usual weak Angel and just let him in? People do call me stupid, like the popular girls and boys but never has it ever made me feel this bad in my whole life. Why is it that when Chris says something mean about me or insults me…it’s like my whole life has died? Does he affect me that much? No one has ever affected me this much in my whole life. The tone of his voice when he said it was just too much. Should I ever still be talking to this guy? He’s a complete stranger…a mistake! I’ve fallen for him even though I have never even seen him. I’ve fallen for him even though I’ve only spoken to him once and in that time he called me “stupid”.

I scrolled through my contacts and called the one person who will definitely help me. I jumped on my bed and waited desperately for the person to pick up the phone. I started rocking back and forth and that’s when Chris’ angry voice came back to my head. Goosebumps ran down my back as I recalled his words…


“ANGEL!” shouted my best friend on the phone.


I breathed out a sigh of relief. “Eric,”


“Hello my baby girl” he whispered in a seductive tone.


“Stop using your rapist voice, Eric, it will never work” I said then rolled my eyes.


Typical Eric…


“It works on all the girls except for you, baby girl”


“I know, I know, it brings all the girls to the yard, whatever” I said in an annoyed tone. “Anyways, I need your help”


“Of course! Anything for my wonderful bestie” he said happily. “What does thee need help with?”


I took a deep breath. I’m pretty sure that once I tell Eric what happened, he would go all out mad and tell me that he’s going to track Chris down and cut his head off and maybe, even his balls. I thought for a moment if I should tell him or not…I mean Eric is my best friend…I tell him everything. I took another deep breath and crossed my fingers hoping that he wouldn’t go all crazy again like last time when I told him the story of my old crush saying that he called me ugly. Things turned out ugly the next day in school with my old crush’s face literally crushed and Eric getting a suspension. Here goes nothing.


“I have to tell you something about Chris-“




“BUT, do not kill him” I breathed out annoyed because he cut me off.



Goosebumps ran down my back at the thought of Chris kissing me. He would never kiss me. I mean, he already thinks I’m stupid.


“Holy ducking hell. Angel, baby, what did he do to you?” he said through gritted teeth.


“Eric, calm down-“


“How can I calm down if you’re not okay?!” he shouted, exasperated and I bet my life he was getting ready his dagger and his shotgun.


“I wont tell you what happened if you don’t calm down” I ordered.


I ran a hand through my hair as I realized that calling my most protective best friend in the world for advice because a guy just called me stupid. I guess I really am stupid. Well thanks Chris. I rolled my eyes then decided to just go with it. My grip on my phone started to get harder and I felt my face go red as my anger increased danger level.


“Eric. Calm. The. Fuck. Down.” I said angrily.


After I said those 5 menacing words, silence filled the conversation and the only thing I could hear was his breathing. For what felt like a bagillion years, he stopped hyperventilating and then he took a deep breath.


“Fine, what happened?” he asked nicely but in a fake tone.


“Chris called me out of nowhere and we had a conversation about some random stuff. Then I said that I wanted to see him soon then he was all like ‘you wouldn’t want to see a person like me’. Then I said that I trusted him then he suddenly shouted ‘Why the fuck do you trust a stranger?!’ but that’s not the worst part…” I breathed out then I paused for a brief second before telling him the rest.


I shut my eyes slowly and fought back the tears that were trying to fall down my eyes. Just recalling my conversation with Chris hurts enough… I am such a weakling! How can one insulting word hurt me like I’ve been shot by a gun?


“How can that be not the worst part?” Eric asked in a concerned tone.


“He said something…” I whispered.


“What did he say?”


“How stupid can you get, Angel?!” I said with my cracked voice.


I tried to match his tone but right after I said the last words, I broke down…crying. He may be one of the sweetest guys I’ve met but he always may be the opposite. Right now, I have accepted the fact that I can never make a guy mine. I can never make someone fall in love with me. This is all going too fast for me. I remember just months ago, I was studying and talking to Claire late at night and pulling all nighters with Eric but never ever would I have imagined to have fallen for a complete stranger.


“He didn’t….” Eric hissed.


I took a deep breath. I seriously am not in the mood for Eric’s rants right now.


“Eric, not now please” I said, tiredly. “Just help me,”


He hesitated for a second but then breathed out angrily. “Fine, what do you need help with?”


I opened my eyes and looked at the mirror that was standing right across my bed. I stared at my own reflection and realized how horrible my face looked right now. Crying makes me ugly, gah, I’m already ugly enough. I stared at my puffy red face…Chris did all of this, not you, Angel.


“I need to ask you a question,” I said to my best friend while staring at my depressing reflection.


“Of course you may,”


I swear to God; I have never cried this much in my whole life. Look at yourself, Angel, you look like a mess and it was all because of one boy. Do you ever want to cry again because of one small thing? You were strong before but he made you weak.


“Should I forgive him?” I asked my best friend and myself.



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