Wrong Number

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  • Published: 26 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 10 Nov 2017
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Angel Harper admits to herself that she does have a crush on the school's player: Jake Bentley. Angel's best friend, Claire Adams, gives the player's number to her and told her to start texting him to spark up a relationship. What Angel doesn't know is that she had made the mistake of a lifetime.

Accidents do happen but this accident of Angel Harper will change her life forever.


1. Chapter 1

“So…do you like him?”

“I don’t know…”

“Aww come on!”

“Please, Claire, let me be, it’s math class right now” I pleaded and pointed my fingers at the blackboard which was decorated with math problems. “You know how much this subject means to me”

“Geek,” my best friend teased while sticking her tongue out.

“Boy magnet” I replied then stuck my tongue out as well.

“Thank you” she said happily and grinning from ear to ear and leaned in closer to me, “I can’t wait to see Luk-”

“Drop it,” I snapped at her then for the first time ever she followed my orders.

I sighed deeply then returned my attention to the blackboard. I started copying down the problems and answering it as fast as I can. Once I boxed my final answer for number 10 I stood up and handed it over to my math teacher, Ms. Regina.

“Always the first, Angel” she said then smiled then took my paper from my hands and placed it on her desk.

“Thank you,” I replied giving her a warm smile.

I turned around and walked happily back to my seat, ignoring the shocked looks from my classmates as I passed them. Don’t these people know that I’m a math genius? Once I sat down on my seat I bent down about to grab my bag until I heard Claire whisper something to me that made me chuckle.

“Help me,” she whispered pleadingly giving me her best puppy dog eyes that never worked on me.

I sighed and stole a glance at her paper, she hardly wrote anything for number 1, actually…she didn’t write anything at all. I shook my head, oh Claire. I grabbed my scratch paper under my table that was filled with solutions and answers for all the numbers and handed it secretly over to her. She scanned the paper first then what seemed like forever she realized that this was her cheat sheet, she looked up at me and her face was glowing like a child who received his Christmas present.

“Thanks!” she whispered loudly.

I stuck my tongue out at her and left the classroom making sure to say ‘goodbye’ to Ms. Regina before I left. I walked over to my locker, which was right beside Claire’s. There was still a smile glued on my face as I walked to it. I put the code and opened it, too hard actually; it collided with Claire’s locker causing a loud BANG to the used-to-be quiet hallways. The bang echoed the halls and I bet everyone heard it. I had absolutely no idea why I opened my locker so hard; I mean I am having a good day so far. I thrust all the school stuff I didn’t need inside my locker and grabbed what I needed and threw it inside my bag. Thankfully on Thursdays, Math is the last period so I leave school with a smile on my face because Ms. Regina said if I finished early then I can leave immediately. Yes, I like math, don’t judge but it’s actually fun. I shut my locker door again and spun around heading for the doors but then I collided with something maybe someone…

If it weren’t for his strong arms I would’ve fallen on my butt. I squealed and shut my eyes then opened it seconds later, being greeted with beautiful warm brown eyes. His perfume attacked me and I fought the urge to lean in and rest my head on the crook of his neck and just smell him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and he leant forward, his face inches from mine. He was unbelievably close and I didn’t mind at all. I stared into his beautiful brown eyes and he stared back at my tedious green eyes. He offered me a sweet smile that made stomach do major back flips. We stayed in this position for far too long because I heard the doors of the classrooms open and gasps everywhere. My eyes widened when I realized that the whole hallway was jam-packed but no one was moving; all eyes on us. He pulled me up and he was absolutely tall and I only realized this now after being in the same school with him ever since kindergarten. I was still paralyzed and I was as stiff as a rock. He leant forward again and I held my breath. His hot breath fanned my face and it heated my whole body up.

“Watch yourself,” he whispered on my ear.

He stood back up and winked at me then walked past me. I turned around and watched him walk away casually like nothing had happened and all eyes followed him. I was still stiff when he left. I still can feel his hot breath tickling my ear. And that’s when I thought to myself I do like him.

 And in that very second the whisperings began.

“What was that?”

“Was that really Jake?”

“Why her? She’s just a nerd”

I rolled my eyes and stalked away going to the glass doors of the school. They’re just jealous little girlie girls who do sex as a sport. I smiled at myself when I passed by a scowling Britney who obviously liked Jake but never got a chance with him because Jake got tired of Britney and quoting Jake himself, “She is too clingy”.

Walking to my rusty old car was no big problem because it sucked so much it actually stood out against all the other fancy cars. It was an old Beetle; I even had a very hard time opening the door and closing it. And the engine sucked a lot, sometimes it took me more than 5 minutes to start the engine.

I could hear people’s laughs as I slammed the door of my car for the 3rd time.

 “I will seriously kill my mom,” I muttered to myself. 

I started the engine and luckily for today it roared immediately. Oh thank God. I pulled backwards, looking at the mirror trying to avoid the laughing students. I then shot forward ignoring the continuous laughs of my fellow batch mates and the devil’s wife, Britney. Once I was out of the gates of hell I had a peaceful ride going home. I also stopped by Starbucks to get my usual drink, I didn’t even have to order; they already know what I wanted: Chocolate Chip Cream Frappe, no whip cream. Yes, I know you are all wondering ‘who on earth doesn’t put whip cream?’ well that’s me, Angel Harper, an awkward girl who has never ever kissed a guy.

Once I reached the porch of my house, I parked outside the fence and literally threw open the door of the driver’s side because if I hadn’t I’d be stuck in my car for eternity. I didn’t even bother locking my car because I know that no one in his or her right minds would steal a very old beat-up Beetle and I wouldn’t mind if they did cause that meant that I would get a new car. I smirked at the thought then walked up to the front door, fished out the keys from my back pocket and opened it. I was greeted with the usual smell of vanilla and furniture. Vanilla because my mom loved to bake a lot and furniture because, well, we have lots of old antique furniture. I did my usual routine when I was inside my room, took a shower, listen to music, watch TV, do homework, use laptop and blah blah blah. But something disturbed my daily routine when I was joyfully watching New Girl on TV. I felt a familiar vibration on the other end of the bed. I ignored it at first, hoping that whoever was calling would give up and never call again but unfortunately, my plan had failed. I leaned to the left, still not taking my eyes off the TV, grabbed my violently vibrating phone and without even checking the caller ID I pressed ‘Answer’.

“Yo,” I said lazily lowering the volume of the TV, I leant on the headboard of the bed and stretched out my legs in the laziest position I could ever think of and threw my bag of Doritos in away from me.

“Angel Harper” said the familiar voice of my ever so annoying best friend, Claire.

“What?” I snapped, “You know what time it is right?”

I didn’t like it when my friends disturbed my daily routine so I clearly warn them every time that they should never disturb me, ever. And if they do they will see what’s coming at them the next day, a furious Angel Harper that will probably rip the teeth off whoever disturbed her.

“Yes, I do Angel,” she said then sighed heavily; she seemed extremely frustrated. “And I’m gravely sorry to disturb you but I am your best friend so I have every right to do so”

I calmed down a bit, relaxing my shoulders and forced a smile even though I was pretty sure no one could see it.

“But anyways,” she said then her mood changed in a millisecond; from extremely frustrated to extremely excited and I wondered how on earth did she do that. Probably a fish can change his emotions faster than me…wait, did fish even have emotions? “Tell me all the juicy details!”

She actually squealed on the phone, I had to remove the phone about half a foot away from my ear to prevent it from bleeding to death. Once I was sure that there was no more screaming, I brought the phone back to my ear leaving half an inch distance between it.

“What do you mean?” I stammered even though I perfectly knew what she meant.

She was obviously referring to that glorious moment of me being in Jake’s arms.

“It’s everywhere, Angel! Everywhere! I can’t believe how fast rumors can spread!” she said excitedly and I bet my head she’s jumping up and down. Ugh I hated it how Claire was so obsessed with gossip.

“And you are extremely happy because?” I asked in a cold tone.

“You like him!” she shouted.

Those were the words I feared the most. My friends knowing that I had a crush on Jake Bentley, the hottest guy in the world, was the last thing I wanted because they would tease the hell out of me and now I was considering of turning into a fish with no emotions than my annoying friends teasing me everday about me liking a guy that I absolutely have no chance with.

“L-like who?” I said in a high pitched tone trying to act all innocent but obviously I failed.

“Don’t be a silly bum!” she said then I bet my fingers she’s pouting.

This is the power of best friends, knowing what they’re doing even though you can’t see them.

“Jake freaking Bentley!” she said then screamed again.

“God! Stop screaming Claire!” I said backing the phone away from my ear.

Once she stopped I placed it back and this time pressed it hard against my ear.

“You guys need to start talking,” she said seriously.

Oh dear mother of pancakes and potatoes.

“What do you mean?”

“You should start texting, you know, getting to know each other, the usual stuff,”

“You are being stupid right now” I said then rolled my eyes.

“No, you are being stupid right now since you’re not considering my suggestion”

“Your suggestion is crazy,” 
“Just like you,”

“Don’t even star-”

“Don’t act all scary to me Angel” she snapped. “Now listen up”

“Fine,” I muttered then crossed my arms and frowned.

“I have his number and I want you guys to start talking, you are meant to be!” she squealed again,

“Please, you need to start Angel, I can picture your wedding in my head” she said in a dreamy tone.


“No. Buts. Angel”

“Yes mother” I teased.

I can tell she was grinning.

“Good, child, now I have business with Luke” she said then squealed again.

“Use protection,” I said in a high pitched motherly tone.

“Oh look who’s the mother now!” she said then giggled.

“Hey, Claire, tell your friend to hurry” said a slurry voice from behind that was surely Luke’s.

“God, Claire, tell your boyfriend to keep his ding dong in his pants or I will have his head for breakfast” I said then rolled my eyes.

“Coming babe!” Claire shouted back to him. “Bye Angel!”

“Bye,” and that’s when I hung up.

Once I hung up my phone my mind started racing like a horse.

Shit. Shit. I’m going to have Jake Bentley’s number. God, this is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. What if he doesn’t like me? I mean I’m just a loser anyways.

And my heart stopped beating when I felt the familiar ‘ping’ of my Blackberry stating that someone texted me. I brought the screen close to my face and clicked the message. And there it said: Hey, Angel, here’s the number: and then Jake’s precious number. God, I sound like a maniac. I just stared at those beautiful numbers and didn’t know what the hell to do with it. I stared at the numbers for a whole 5 minutes and I feel like I turned into Voldemort because I couldn’t breathe properly.

It’s just a freaking number! Go text it you ass!

Maybe I should text him later…

I looked at the clock and it was already 7pm, wasn’t that late already? I bet Jake has a curfew. But honestly, he’s high school not grade school, what kind of hot badass guy has a curfew at 7pm? 7pm?! Honestly, my mind is going nuts. I feel like I’m obsessing over him oh wait I am. I felt once again the vibration on my palms and my annoying but extremely amazing best friend texted me.

Angel, if you want him go text him now or I’m going to have your head for breakfast.

I scowled at my phone and didn’t bother to reply. After reading that very demanding text I decided I really should text him. I typed down his number stumbling my fingers occasionally and started brainstorming for the best text message the world has ever seen.

It took me about 10 minutes to come up with a decent text that will not make me sound like a creeper, maniac, rapist or an old perverted man. It took me numerous times, clearing the text field and typing over again. I know that what I came up with was extremely stupid but at least I tried. So here’s what I came up with:

Hi Jake! It’s Angel. Just wondering, how was your day? Sorry for bumping into you a while ago. It was really embarrassing how you were holding me like that, but I forgive you!! (: Call me maybe?

And then I pressed sent. And that’s when I realized on how stupid that text was. I stopped breathing and everything in the world didn’t matter anymore but the stupid text.I also realized that I have offended him. I should probably die now. I read it over and over again. I fought the urge to run to wherever Jake was and delete the message from his phone, deleting its existence. Making sure that it’s gone from the world forever. And I finally realized on how childish I was, call me maybe? What am I? 10?! I immediately deleted it and stared at the screen; my eyes bulging, I’m hugging my legs and I’m literally rocking back and forth on my comfortable bed. My heart was beating so fast I wouldn’t mind ripping it out of my body.






I never felt so embarrassed in my whole entire life. And hell, I know my whole school hates that Call Me Maybe song that that chick, Carly Rae Jepsen made. I know that that song made everyone furious and wanted to throw whoever was singing it out of the window. And Jake, being the most popular guy of the school hated it the most. What on earth will he think of me now?

And that’s when I felt a vibration on my palm. Shit.

My heart stopped beating and all that mattered was my phone that was violently vibrating on the palm of my hand. I screwed my eyes closed. I then looked at my wall and stared at it absentmindedly. After a few minutes of debating with myself, I looked back at my phone and opened the text message, getting all excited and scared at the same time. I read the text with wide eyes and that’s when I got confused. It took me about 10 minutes to realize the situation and when it hit me in the head my whole system was filled with rage, anger and I just wanted to burn down my whole house and die with it…

Screw you Claire Adams.

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