Tommy in Doggish Land



1. Tommy in Doggish Land


     “Tommy in Doggish Land”

It was a hot day and Tommy the dog set out to find some food. Unfortunately, there was none in the garbage cans or outside the houses.

It was more than 3-4 days since Tommy had had good food. Tommy was getting weak day by day. It was time that he decided to vacate the neighbourhood.

He set out with the very little he had. A blanket, some old wet biscuits and his favourite book. He walked a few distances and reached the end of the neighbourhood.

It was turning dark. Tommy ate some of his ‘food’ and went to sleep.

It was a little over mid night when he heard footsteps. He got up and shouted “Who is it?” The footsteps came closer to him. Then came a voice.

“Relax. I won’t hurt you.” It was a girl dog. She switched on her torch and cheerfully, “Lily. That’s my name. What’s yours?” “Tommy” he replied.

“Oh! Tommy you look like you’ve been starving for ages. Why don’t you come with me to Doggish Land?!”

“Dog what?” said Tommy.

“Doggish Land- the only place where dogs live independently!” she said in a loud tone.

Even before Tommy could reply, she dragged Tommy to a large, dark cave. They walked in and saw a light. Near the light were two German shepherds who greeted them. Tommy greeted them back.

As they entered, Lily said “There are more than a hundred dogs in here. Tommy stood in the middle of what seemed like a market, observing the place. There were many dogs dressed in the nicest of clothes walking everywhere. There were big malls, studios, restaurants, theatres and houses- just for dogs!

“Come on. It’s going to be dinner time. I want you to meet someone.” She said and took him to a restaurant.

She took him to a dog and introduced him as Brady-her friend. Then a Labrador came and took their order. Within no time, Tommy was staring at a lavish feast.

“Cheese sandwich, pizza, cupcakes, pastries, apple tarts, lollipops and lemonade! They are all my favourites” exclaimed Tommy who couldn’t believe his eyes and nose.

“We’re glad you liked it.” said Brady and Lily.

“How about we go to the bank next? Tommy can open an account and take loan.” suggested Brady.

“Yeah. That’s a nice idea” said Tommy.

They had the food till there heart’s content. They paid the bill and set off for the bank.

When they entered, Lily and Brady did all the talking with the manager whereas Tommy began exploring the place.

He saw some Great Danes stealing money secretively. Tommy jumped and caught them. Finally, the police came and thanked Tommy as they arrested the goons. Tommy became a hero. All of them started cheering for him!!

          THE END






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