Legend of the Magic Crystals

Legend tells of three crystals: blue(teleportation), yellow(knowledge and power) and red(longlivety). However, it was foretold that only one person would be able to reunite the crystals and when that day comes, there would be peace throughout the land.

In one small town, isolated from the rest of the world is where the story begins. Pandonium sets out on a journey to retrieve the red crystal and use its magic to cure Z of his amnesia.


23. Chapter Twenty-Two - 3, 2, 1, FIGHT!

The sky in an array of colours with the meadows in the background swaying with the slight breeze of the wind. The howling of the wind, the only sound to be heard for miles around.


Rave is the first to make a move throwing a rock towards Zathril which he hits away using his mace with ease. Pain searing through Rave's body, he collapse onto the ground.


Isengar tightens his grip on the axe as Zathril takes a shot at them with his crossbow as he closes the gap between them. With arrows to occupy them, they couldn't see Zathril coming at them with his mace holding it up above his head as he runs towards them. Isengar could only hit away all the arrows with Pandonium and Eternia. Zathril's face comes into focus with the last of the arrows.


One moment, countless arrows were flying towards them and the next, a mace making its way towards them. Pandonium is only able to block the mace from hitting into them with his sword in the nick of time. A second later and he would probably have gotten a gushing wound on the side of his head. Isengar jumps towards the left rolling, avoiding the mace. With Zathril being occupied by Pandonium, he creeps towards Zathril's right side with his axe in hand. His footsteps practically soundless. Zathril just within his reach and it doesn't seem like he have notice that Isengar is there. Lifting his axe, he swings it into Zathril's legs.


Zathril jumps backwards almost like he have anticipated that attack into an almost squatting position, but with his feet that far apart, it would have been the same, avoiding his attack at the same time, with Eternia on the other side shooting arrow, they fly towards his direction. With no time to react to it, most of the arrows strikes deep into his chest area, the rest grazing his sides. He holds on to one particular arrows protruding from where his heart is as he drew short rapid breaths.


Eternia jumps backwards with Zathril appearing from the countless arrows attack. She runs towards the left and seeing a chance, she strikes with aimed shots towards Zathril's arm and lower left side where no body armour coverings can be seen. Zathril jumps backwards at the last moment with Isengar on the receiving end. Swinging his axe at the empty space leaves him vulnerable and open to attacks. Most of the arrows piercing into his chest, the rest barely grazing his sides. Isengar falls to the ground holding an arrow that has been shot into his body where his heart is, breathing rapidly.


Zathril now safe from both attacks, raises his mace above Isengar but before he can throw it down, an arrow plunge itself deep into his left arm. He releases the mace upon the impact letting it fall onto Isengar. Pandonium rushes forward and hits the mace away before it can do any damage to Isengar. Zathril on the other hand, turns towards Eternia and starts shooting with his crossbow. Eternia runs around to avoid the arrows sending some of her own his way. It was an exchange of arrows flying all around them, avoiding and shooting.


With Zathril being occupied by Eternia, Pandonium tries to get close by getting behind him. However, whenever he is close enough to strike, Zathril would vanish from his sights. This continues for quite some time. In the midst of it, Zathril removes his whip from the belt and starts throwing it around. If the arrows didn't get her, the whip did. After a few successive hits, Zathril is finally able to coil the whip around Eternia, immobilizing her. She falls to the ground with the whip coiled tightly around her so that she would not be able to move a single muscle, leaving her helpless.


Bound by the whip, Eternia remains on the ground, moving only her eyes. With Eternia down, it is left with Pandonium to deal with Zathril. He approaches Zathril from the back with the sharp edge of his blade pointing towards his enemy. Just before contact, he vanishes very much similar as to what happened earlier.


"I knew I couldn't just leave you alone." Zathril's voice coming from behind him. He makes a bout turn so fast that he almost lost balance facing Zathril directly. Zathril had picked up his mace from the ground, holding it in his right hand but letting his arm lay limp so that he looks relax instead of being all tense.


"Enough talk." Pandonium says running towards Zathril with sword in hand. Zathril too, starts running towards Pandonium, both their weapons poise at each other, ready to strike at anytime. Before any collision happen, Pandonium vanishes right before Zathril's eyes bringing a stop to Zathril's movements as he looks around for any traces of Pandonium frantically.


"What are you afraid of? Show yourself!" Zathril shouts looking left and right for any signs of Pandonium. Without a clear target to attack, his senses are on high alert preparing for anything to appear.


The wind ruffles the hairs on his head as he feels the soothing breeze of it trying to tune in to any noise or movement in his surroundings though there is none. His enemy is out here somewhere. Hiding, probably. Running, maybe. There would be no honour in leaving friends behind. Hold on, friends. Perhaps he can use this to his advantage.


"Show yourself or your friends gets it." he declares walking towards the nearest person he can see. Eternia. No reply. Not meeting his demands, Zathril walks up to Eternia, mace raise high before throwing it down hard onto her.


He had only intended to transport himself behind Zathril and strike him from the back but found himself in a place clouded with fog. Thick fog. 4 figures stands in front of him, their faces unclear. An archer, 2 magicians and a whip user by the looks of their arms. He was there for a brief moment before everything dissappears and he returns to where he was before. It happened so fast that he wasn't sure if the image had been real or just a figment of his imagination but if he were to see them again, he have no doubt that he would recognize them immediately. What a brief moment that was but he couldn't care more about that now. A much more pressing issue requires his attention. Zathril now striding over to where Eternia lies still unable to move, mace in hand. The distance between them was too great and he fear he wouldn't make it in time. There is only one thing he can do and that is to use his blue crystal shard in his sword. Hoping he doesn't dissappearor a repeat wouldn't happen. Either he makes it or he doesn't. He'll probably make it. A clear line drawn in between. Maybe. He vanishes.


He makes it. Barely. Zathril have already raise his mace and is about to throw it down onto Eternia. He holds up his sword allowing the mace to collide with the broadside of his blade. Their weapons resisting each other. The wind, died down. Their rapid breaths being the only source of sound.


"You're not the only one with neat tricks." he says pushing a button on his mace. A click sound. The head and the body of the mace slowly seperates themselves and what holds them in between are metal chains so that it looks more to be a flail than a mace. The unpleasant sound of metal scraping against metal pierce through the air. The piercing sound stops when the chains stop moving with the head of the flail hanging over the blade of the sword as they continue to force their weapons onto each other.


Zathril jumps up and kicks the head of the flail with both legs sending it straight into Pandonium's face. The impact causing him to stagger back a little before dropping onto the ground. His vision blurs. He couldn't focus on the figure walking towards him. Approaching, approaching... Now directly in front of Pandonium, mace raising, no longer a flail. Pandonium tries to defend himself but every part of his body is screaming for him to do otherwise. All of them screaming. None of them listening. Unable to move and with only a blur vision to aid him, he could do nothing but watch with dizziness as Zathril swings his mace down. It's spikes sharp as ever. 

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