Legend of the Magic Crystals

Legend tells of three crystals: blue(teleportation), yellow(knowledge and power) and red(longlivety). However, it was foretold that only one person would be able to reunite the crystals and when that day comes, there would be peace throughout the land.

In one small town, isolated from the rest of the world is where the story begins. Pandonium sets out on a journey to retrieve the red crystal and use its magic to cure Z of his amnesia.


24. Chapter Twenty-Three - The Four

Zathril strolls over to where Pandonium is. His entire face covered with blood looking up at where Zathril stands. Zathril raises his mace; his flail had reverted back to being a mace, looking at Pandonium before sending the mace plunging down towards him.


He froze midway. His mace inches away from killing the guy in front of him. It was either him or them. A question of survival so why couldn't he kill them now? Also, for the crystals. 


His body moving against his own freewill. Someone is forcing him to move. Turning him but to where? He'll soon find out. Finally stopping coming face to face with a human some distance away. An archer by the looks of his attire with a bow in hand, arrow poise, pointed in his general direction with a quiver of arrows on his back.


"Give us the red crystal and we may spare you your life." a female voice coming from his right. He would turn towards where the voice came from if he could but he can't thus he remains facing the archer.


"You will have to kill me first." he says slowly making sure they hear every single word.


"That's what I had intended to do in the first place." she answers finally revealing herself in front of him. Her facial expression, serious with crimson red hair flowing behind her, tied up in a single ponytail that reaches slightly above her hips matching the red mantle that she is wearing and the whip she holds in each hand.


He feels something tightens in his chest to the point of hurting him. The pain tolerable until it begins to move upwards. He screams in agony. The pain, unbearable. It was unlike anything he have ever felt before in his entire life. Even his worst off battles were nothing compared to this. Whatever that was there, was looking for a way out, inflicting even more pain into him as it rips out his armours creating a hole. The red crystal. How ironic for a stone that is use for healing, to bring pain instead.


The red crystal floating slowly away out of his reach and viewpoint. The pain in his chest have yet to subside, even with the red crystal no longer doing anything to him, when the female that stands in front of him takes out a hidden knife and thrust it deep into his chest where his heart is. Immense pain shoots through his body. He collapse.


The first thing Pandonium sees when he opens his eyes is a huge set of purple colour eyes staring right at him. The pair of eyes retracts itself giving him some space at the same time revealing itself to be a female with long pink hair tied up by two clips, one on each side of her head, wearing a set of white robes. One that a magician would normally wear making her look adorable.


"Feeling any better? Hee!" she gave a short laugh in a cute voice tilting her head to one side. "Ooh, I'm Ariana by the way. That man over there, he is Ike." she introduces herself and a man with blonde hair and green eyes equip with a bow and a quiver of arrows.


"Um... Yeah. Thanks. My name is Pandonium." Pandonium answers sitting up while rubbing his neck which have gone a bit sore, staying in one position for too long. "Where is Eternia?" he ask looking around hastily before spotting her with the rest of them behind him some distance away.  


"Are we done here?" another female walks up to them in a serious manner. Even her words have a certain seriousness about them. Navy blue eyes with crimson red hair flying with the gentle breeze of the wind.


"Hi Vinyl. Oh oh, Vinyl, Pandonium. Pandonium, Vinyl, I think. Did I get that right?" Ariana ask giving a look of uncertainty facing Pandonium. Pandonium, not once looking away from Eternia until he feels something tugging at his top. He looks back to see the same lovable girl with pink hair making a face. "It's not nice to ignore someone who has just save you especially one who is as cute as me." Ariana says with a pout on her face.


"Sorry." Pandonium apologize. "Its just that..."


"You keep looking at that girl. Do you like her?" she ask taking Pandonium by surprise.


"What?! No. Its nothing like that. We're just childhood friends that's all." Pandonium answers quickly.


"Well, aren't you quick to defend? Perhaps there is something between you two. Don't let her hear you say that or she may be heartbroken." Ike says joining the conversation.


"What? No, I told you it isn't like that." Pandonium blushes as he tries to cover it up.


"I'm just kidding with you. Name's Ike and you must be Pandonium. Your group gave us quite the introduction." he says.


"Someone's in love." Ariana sings in a melodious voice. "Oh Kai. You should speak up more often or else no one will know that you're actually here. This is Kaizer. Kai, Pandonium." she introduces before going nearer to Pandonium and whispering into his ear: "He's a little on the silent side but he's a good person." Ariana says with a smile as she takes a few steps back. Fully covered by a black cloak, nothing was left unhidden. A hood covering the entire face so as not to spare even an inch of the wearer's details.


"Hmm... Your group's back. Down to some serious business." Ike says gearing himself up as Eternia along with Isengar and Rave joins up with them. All of them seems to be well without a single scratch on them. "Have your discussions come to an end? Do we have an accord then?"


"What accord?" Pandonium pulling Eternia to one side whispering.


"The deal is to send them back into the future, our time, in exchange for the red crystal." Eternia explains.


"Okay. So why the discussion?"  Pabdonium ask.


"There are two outcomes to this. One is they are from the future so if we send them back, and they escape with the crystal, we might not get the crystal." Eternia answers.


"Why not just trap them once we reach our own time so they won't be able to get away?" Pandonium ask.


"Hmm. That might actually work. I wonder why I didn't think about that before?" Eternia says.


"So the first is settled. What's the second?" Pandonium questions.


"The second is a little more complicated. If they are from this time and they go into our time in other words, their future, they could seriously mess things up. But judging from their attire, it looks like they may be from our time after all." Eternia answers however, she doesn't seem convince of her own words.


"Alright. Let's do this." Pandonium says confidently walking towards them.


"Yay. We can finally get home." Ariana shouts happily while jumping around.


All of them gathers with Rave directing his hand with the crystal towards where Pandonium is standing with his crystal in hand. A path of yellow light connects both their crystals and a blue glow of light grows bigger and bigger from the blue crystal engulfing all of them before disappearing.


"Fine. You held up your end of the bargain. Here's the crystal." Ike says tossing the crystal to them which Pandonium catches in one hand once they are safely in their own time. They are in a farmhouse, most likely the same as the one they had travelled back in time from. All the crystals begins glowing brightly. The light created by the crystals is too glaring for them that everyone either have their eyes shut or are looking away from it.


"Eek! What's with the light?" Ariana shouts.


Finally, the light grows faint. The three crystals gathers to form a triangle and in the middle, a picture of a map with markings on it. One of the markings standing out amongst the rest in the centre indicated with one word, crystal. 

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