Legend of the Magic Crystals

Legend tells of three crystals: blue(teleportation), yellow(knowledge and power) and red(longlivety). However, it was foretold that only one person would be able to reunite the crystals and when that day comes, there would be peace throughout the land.

In one small town, isolated from the rest of the world is where the story begins. Pandonium sets out on a journey to retrieve the red crystal and use its magic to cure Z of his amnesia.


28. Chapter Twenty-Seven - The Chase

"What do you want from us? Huh?" Ariana questions. Her looks making her look like someone no one would hold a fight against. They had stopped when they exited the temple and into the clearing around the edges of the forest.


"The black crystal. If you may. We need that to stop this war." Pandonium answers.


"Did the old man tell you that?" Ike ask as he starts laughing almost hysterically.


"What's so funny about that? If you're not going to use the black crystal for good, you may as well not have it." Pandonium comments.


"So you think we're the bad guys now? But are we really the enemy here? Zymie knew about the crystals for a long time and he had wanted to get his hands on them. He's probably still after them and is just using you to get the crystal. After all, that's how he came to your town in the very first place.Who set you out on the journey after the crystals? It was him wasn't it?" Ike ask confidently. Pandonium pounders on the matter while they flee from them.


"Pan, they're getting away." Eternia exclaims. "Let's just get the crystal first and ask questions later." she says taking off after them yet again join by Pandonium and Rave.


"Stop following us already." Ariana shouts back at them, running through the forest. Tree branches and leaves scratching their faces and bodies alike. Not stopping for a single moment. The three of them right on their tail.


"Ascena, you're back." a voice coming somewhere from their right among the trees.


"My brothers. Rid us of our pursuers." Ascena's voice echoes through the forest. Pandonium came to an abrupt stop, Eternia crashing into him, unable to stop in time. Rave, not as close, is able to stop without hurting anyone any further. Directly in their way, Hati and Skoll and behind them the four, dissappearing from view.


"I remember you two. You are our one meal that managed to escape. Don't count on that happening again this time." Hati growls approaching them cautiously with skoll.


"We don't want to kill you but we will if we have to." Eternia threatens with hesitation.


"Kill us then. If you can that is." Skoll taunts baring his fangs at them.


"They can't kill us before, they can't as hell kill us now. Just so you know, we wouldn't let anyone go. Ever." Hati declares.


"Oh no. I only wanted to threaten them into backing down but I may have make things that much more worse for us. Sorry." Eternia whispers to them apologetically.


The wolves still edging closer to them with every passing second and at this moment with that kind of distance between them, the wolves could just lunge at them with no time for them to react to it but the wolves edge closer still, displaying their rows of sharp teeth.


The white wolf lunges towards Pandonium in one swift movement pinning him to the ground. Pandonium had managed to blocked with his sword which part of the blade now lies in the wolf's mouth, the wolf still persistent enough to try and force its fangs down onto where Pandonium's head is as Pandonium tries to push the creature off from the top of him. Its drool dripping all over his face. As soon as Skoll has Pandonium pinned, Hati quickly comes between them so that if they were to rescue him, they would have to get past the wolf first. Unable to move, Pandonium remains on the ground as they fight with sheer strength, pushing each other, neither holding back.


Eternia aims her bow and manages a shot at Skoll however, her efforts came to naught when Hati grabs the arrow in it's mouth before it could reach its intended target, snapping it easily in his jaws. The black wolf jumps back steadying himself as he looks at Eternia. Rave no longer within his line of sight. Hati takes quick glances, left and right but is unable to spot Rave anywhere. Eternia shoots another arrow, this time directly at Hati. Hati prepares himself for the arrow but decided against it as he tries to dodge the arrow before realizing that he can't move. The arrow goes straight into his front left paw and he wince at the pain of it.


"You don't like that do you? But its only going to get worse from here." Rave says as he uses his demon powers to reach into Hati's body, grabbing his heart with one hand, the other he uses on Skoll. Squeezing the heart and life out of them.


"Rave! Stop it!" a voice from behind them brings Rave back to his senses, releasing them at once. Hati and Skoll retreats backwards but not before giving a whimpering cry. "What do you think you're doing? They're our allies." Zymie demands.


"Where's Isengar?" Pandonium questions right after Zymie finishes, threatening with his sword pointed towards him. He was back on his feet as soon as the wolf got off from him.


"What's the meaning of this?" Zymie demands.


"Where?" Pandonium ask with more seriousness in his tone, unwavering. Standing firmly, looking directly into his uncle's eyes.


"He's at the infirmary, recovering. What is this about?" Zymie ask annoyed that none of his questions are getting any answers. "We should not be wasting time arguing here. Our enemies are getting away with the crystal." Zymie answers rushing through the forest following the crashing sounds the wolves were making. Pandonium chase after him, not by choice but he couldn't allow the crystal to be taken by either party. Rave and Eternia by his sides as they follow Zymie out into a clearing. The wolves just ahead of them, Skoll, already out of sight. Hati however, with his injury, slowing him down. Needless to say, they catch up to him easily. The forest opened up to a paved road with bunches of trees at certain points by the side of the paved road. "Relax, we don't want to hurt you." Zymie convinces, being the first to reach the wolf.


"You already did." Hati growls backing up away from them. "What more do you want from me?"


"We need your help to sniff out the humans from earlier." Zymie explains. Hati thought about it for a moment.


"Would you prefer the hard way?" Rave threatens with one hand balled up, the other putting pressure on it, creating cracking sounds as he does so. Doing the same with his other hand. A malicious smile slowly creeping to his lips.


"Okay, fine. I'll do it but know that I am doing this against my will." Hati says taking a whiff of the air around him before heading towards Lacrosse city. Rave's smile vanishes to a crack as he punches a tree, the only thing nearest to him. None of them looking back as the tree cracks and collapse onto the ground with a huge 'thud' sound. Small little creatures residing within the forest scurries away at the sound of it. 

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