Legend of the Magic Crystals

Legend tells of three crystals: blue(teleportation), yellow(knowledge and power) and red(longlivety). However, it was foretold that only one person would be able to reunite the crystals and when that day comes, there would be peace throughout the land.

In one small town, isolated from the rest of the world is where the story begins. Pandonium sets out on a journey to retrieve the red crystal and use its magic to cure Z of his amnesia.


22. Chapter Twenty-One - Zathril

A minute passes. The dragon's roars, clear as day. Their eyes held shut expecting the worst to come but nothing followed only the immense heat caused by the dragon's flames. They look up where an ominous purple-black huge smoke casting a ghostly figure that looks like the top half of a creature consisting of a head with horns sticking out from the top and arms with almost skeletal hands. Its face distorted from the smoke leaving his identity a mystery. The dragon's flames unable to penetrate pass the thick smoke are being kept at bay away from them.


A green dragon release flames straight at his right hand. With a wave of it's right hand, it sweeps pass the entire horde of dragons surrounding them and hitting the green dragon with so hard a force that it flew backwards and fell to the ground lying there motionless. The dragons surprise by the sudden huge spirit-like figure were caught immobilized by it and as the hand swept past them, they flew off away from the direction of the hand. Unable to contemplate what's happening and partly out of fear, they flew off in different direction creating a mess of the entire place.


When the panic has subsided, that is to say after all the dragons have left, the huge figure turn towards them, facing them. Whatever they are feeling now was probably just how the dragons were feeling just mere seconds ago before they were scattered off. Fear, the greatest emotion at work here.


Fear caught them in place before reality sinks in. The figure remains clutching his right hand as the thick smoke slowly dissipates, leaving a familiar face staring straight at them. Rave.


"I'm fine. Just need a few days to rest my hand so don't expect any help to come from me." Rave lifting up his right hand to show that it has turned red most likely from the fire of the green dragon.


Alfield in this timezone has just started on expanding its fields of plantation with only humans to do it. No machinery or any other creatures to do it for them. There is only one route between Alfield and Stratos. Another route would probably be constructed within the next 3-4 years from this timezone taking about five days on foot to reach Alfield in its current state and by the third day or at least that's what it looks to them, perhaps more, they run into Zathril. Their scenery for all three days had been the same: meadows after meadows of grass with nothing to occupy it. If it hadn't been for the glowing red light at Zathril's chest where the heart is, they wouldn't have known that it was him.


His description somewhat matches with what little information history has provided for them. His armours contradicting with his weapons. The armours which he has on him, were made from the cheapest of materials mostly wood but holding a crystal with that kind of power, he would survive any hits even without the use of armours. His weapons however, requires the highs of materials. A crossbow attach to his left arm and a whip on the left side of his belt.


He walks towards them wary of them as this is probably the first group which he has come across consisting of different creatures. As they walk closer approaching each other, Zathril, comes more into focus. He looks rugged and pretty much worn out and he probably haven't slept in days which would explain the deep eye bags forming up. His unkempt facial hair containing bits and pieces of what looks like the leftovers of his entire life's food with tanned skin and a tone of muscles that remains visible around his upper arms and legs where there were no armours.


"Zathril?" Pandonium ask as they reach within earshot of each other.


"What's it to you?" Zathril answers sharply. His voice sounds younger than his looks apart from it being a little coarse.


"I'm Pandonium. This is Eternia." Pandonium introduces pointing towards Eternia. "Rave." Rave just dismisses it with a wave of his hand. "And Isengar." Isengar looks up to where Zathril is, staring straight at him for a few minutes before returning his attention to the salamander stroking its back as it remains asleep in Isengar's hands. "You see, the funny thing is, we need that red crystal that you have in your possession."


"All right, if that's what you want. Although it wasn't in the least bit amusing. What do you have to offer or trade?" Zathril asks taking a good look at each of them stopping at Rave. "What are you hiding in your hands?"


"I'm not hiding anything. My hand got scorched earlier while dealing with a dragon." Rave answers showing Zathril his right hand that had been singed causing the hand to turn an almost charcoal colour embedded in the palm, the yellow crystal.


"How about we trade crystal for crystal? What say you?" Zathril asks catching sight of the yellow crystal.


"No." Rave answers without hesitation.


"Fine then. I'll have the salamander but I want him to do the trade." Zathril pointing a finger in Rave's direction. "Just a thought though, how many crystals are there?" Zathril wonders to them.


"Something's up. Don't do the trade." Eternia whispers to Rave.


"I know. I'm not so gullible as to fall for that. You seem to be concern about my safety. That might bring sadness to him." Rave whispers back indicating with his eyes that he meant Pandonium at the same time, amuse by it. A smile appearing before fading away almost instantly from his face. "The salamander." he demands from Isengar not allowing Eternia to have a chance to rebut. His left hand stretching out towards where Isengar remains. "Don't worry bud. I've got a plan." he says softly. Isengar passes him the salamander rather reluctantly.


"Well, according to history, there's supposedly 3 crystals." Pandonium answers.


"Shall we begin?" Rave ask in what seems to be his most polite voice or it could be that he is just being sarcastic. Either way, he is able to cut Pandonium short which was what he had intended to do.


They walk up to each other slowly. Cautious of each other's actions. Zathril, the first to speak as they finally approach one another.


"You first." Zathril says waiting for Rave.


"Same time." Rave answers not convince.


"We do this my way or not at all." he answers leaving Rave without a choice. Salamander still in hand, Rave stretch it out towards Zathril. However, Zathril was never interested in the salamander. His main target is the yellow crystal. Rave's hand remains outstretch towards him. Salamander in palm.


Grabbing Rave's hand, he slap away the salamander causing it to hit head first into the ground as he tries to pry the crystal embedded within his hand.


"Rai!" Isengar shouts, quickly running forward to where the salamander lay. Pandonium and Eternia taking a glance at each other before chasing after him. As soon as Pandonium is near enough, he takes a swing with his sword at where Zathril stands cutting Zathril off from Rave. "You will pay for hurting him." Isengar shouts. "With your life." Eternia, on her knees beside him.


"No one steals from me. No one!" Rave also shouting with anger and rage in his voice.


"A pity I couldn't get it out otherwise it would have been mine." Zathril says casually as though he had done nothing wrong.


Rave stretch out his hand, his palm embedded with the yellow crystal facing Zathril. Pain shoots through his arm and body forcing him to clutch and withdraw his right hand.


"I would kill you if I could. Count yourself lucky."


Zathril takes out a mace from his right side which have been hidden up until now as he takes slow strides around them. Pandonium with his sword drawn prepares himself for an attack. Isengar also on his feet with axe in hand, held upright and Eternia bow loaded with arrows, ready to strike at any moment. Rave in the middle of all of them unable to join this fight. 

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