Legend of the Magic Crystals

Legend tells of three crystals: blue(teleportation), yellow(knowledge and power) and red(longlivety). However, it was foretold that only one person would be able to reunite the crystals and when that day comes, there would be peace throughout the land.

In one small town, isolated from the rest of the world is where the story begins. Pandonium sets out on a journey to retrieve the red crystal and use its magic to cure Z of his amnesia.


30. Chapter Twenty-Nine - The Only Heir

As the two of them steps into the battleground while holding hands, the last of the humans got shot by an arrow so powerful, it pierces straight through his skull. His body falls to the ground joining the many bodies that lies there. Some of which belongs to the elves but the rest of them, the humans. There were celebration cheers all around until more and more of them sighted the pair walking through the battleground.


There were hesitant gasps, a commotion of shouting follows thereafter, most of it vulgar and none of them, all that forgiving with their words. Finally, as Calico emerge from amongst them, everyone grew silent.


"What is the meaning of this?" Calico questions Eternia demandingly. The sudden silence giving the situation a more intense feeling.


"Cal! What's wrong?" an elf appears from within the crowd. An agile elf by the looks of her slender body with a sharp angered voice. "Eww... Who are these two?" she questions rudely with distaste showing on her features. Her face was comparatively small with a sharp chin, small eyes, nose and a small mouth.


"That would be my neice." Calico says sighing, turning towards Eternia. "What are you doing here?" Calico continues with a slight temper.


"I could ask you the same thing." Eternia lash out. "I suppose this is your consort then." she pointed in the direction of the new elf who had just join them by jerking her head slightly.


"Yes." she answers sharply without giving Calico any time to introduce them. "You must be Eternia. Pity, Calico never mentioned much about you. In fact, he never mentioned you at all." she spite, studying Eternia's reaction.


"Strange. Seeing that Calico never say much about you either." Eternia challenge back. "Who are you?"


"I am Elivyotia and I would heed you to remember it well. Come Calico, we still have work to do." she says strictly before turning on her heels and walking away. The crowd opens a path for her to walk, heading back to the castle.


"Eternia, let's return to the castle. We have much to discuss." Calico says, facing Eternia.


"Yes uncle. There is indeed much to discuss, isn't there." Eternia agrees. "He's coming too." Eternia quickly adds when she sees Calico eyeing Pandonium suspiciously.


"Fine." he answers sharply. "Just make sure he doesn't cause us any trouble." he says just before walking off in the direction which Elivyotia headed towards. The both of them, not far behind with mix feelings in their heart. To Pandonium, it was the same feeling which he have tried to forget the last time he was here and seeing Calico again, recalling what he did, especially to Eternia, boils his blood. For Eternia, it didn't feel like she is returning home and seeing this new consort, Elivyotia, with an attitude like that, is not making things that much easier for her.


"Leave us." Eternia commands once they were in a room. When all the elven soldiers stares shifts to Calico, he just nods in agreement. This room was in a part of the palace that none of them had visited the last time they were here. No, that's not entirely true. Rave had been here on one or two occasions when he got drunk but he probably wouldn't be able to recall any of it. "That includes you as well." she continues facing Elivyotia not breaking eye contact.


"Why you, insolent..." Elivyotia starts.


"El, forgive my niece for being so impudent. Allow me to educate her in the process of it." Calico cuts in.


"I will leave you to it then. Once you are done with her, look for me in the study." Elivyotia says before taking her leave. Calico stands confidently until the door closes behind her and the sound of her footsteps vanishes, did he breathe a sigh of relief.


"Why are you here? Last I heard, you were on some quest to collect the legendary crystals so what are you doing here? Unless, you are here to reclaim the throne. That's it, isn't it?" Calico asks reaching out to grab a hold of Eternia's arms but before he could do so, Pandonium gets in between them to stop him. He checks himself before taking a step back. "Sorry." he apologize.


"What? No! It appears you do not know what is happening out there. The situation have change rather drastically. It appears that there is a fourth crystal and its powers are quite formidable." Eternia explains.


"A fourth crystal?! Are you sure that this one isn't just some normal piece of rock?" Calico questions.


"Not so loud." Eternia hushes him looking towards the door. After listening for some time, she continues: "As you may know, not all the creatures believe in the legend. Thus, it would only make sense that not many creatures would know about the existance of the fourth crystal."


"Regarding your question, it is the three crystals that led us to this fourth crystal after all so we are quite sure it is a crystal." Pandonium answers.


"The fourth crystal however, is not something to be meddled with by anyone. That crystal alone can bring an end to the world as we know it which brings us to the question of why we have come here. We need your help." Eternia finishes.


"You don't need my help. You need the elven warriors. Just say the word and the entire army will be at your command." Calico tells her.


"They don't trust me. They trust you. Besides, I was never meant to lead. I need you. Please, uncle." Eternia pleads.


"What is it you want me to do?" Calico ask.


"We need to lead an assault team towards... drat. We were not able to track down where they are holding up. I think they were headed towards Stratos. We might be able to get a clue from there." Pandonium tells him.


"Give me your hand for a moment." Calico requests, stretching out both his hands to grab Eternia's. Pandonium instantly block him from getting any closer to her. Only when Eternia reassures him, did he make way for Calico. As the two elves held hands, their hands glows with a bright blue color similar to that of the sky from their upper arms beneath their coverings to their fingertips filled with strange symbols consisting of a mixture of lines and circles. After both of them speak in synchronization with words that were mostly strange to them, the light vanishes from their arms and Eternia fell to the ground. Pandonium instantly rushes forward to help her up. Calico notices this but remain silent.


"Wh... What happened?" Eternia ask holding on to her head. "What did you do to me?" Eternia demands, looking down at her own arms before rubbing them. The weird light with the strange symbols were gone. "Don't tell me you did that." Eternia accuses angrily.


"Yes. I am sorry." Calico apologize. "You know it had to be done and this was the only time possible to do it."


"No. Take it back. I don't want it and Elivyotia isn't going to like this." Eternia cries out.


"She will just have to deal with it. You are the true heir to it after all and you know it can't be undone once its been passed on. Besides, we have more important things to take care off now so stop complaining." Calico lectures.


"Fine. Just know that this will not be the last you hear of this." Eternia shouts before scowling as she storms out of the room with Pandonium by her side leaving Calico to his own thoughts.


"What was that about?" Pandonium ask curiously.


"Please don't remind me about that! I want to forget everything that just happened. Ugh! I don't believe it. I just don't believe it!" Eternia shouts again. 

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